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Namine's blonde hair was drawn over one shoulder, giving her an air of innocence. Her blue eyes stayed focused on her white paper as she drew figures carefully. Already, she had drawn the outlines, and general shapes of three people: two male, one female. She started on one of the males, the shortest one, first, drawing his hair in spikes, which made him resemble a particular blond Nobody. She forced herself not to think about him—him, who, by now, was in a bloody virtual town, where he would stay until his memory came back, and he would be forced to leave this world (it wasn't even a world, really) because he was Sora's Nobody and he was bloody needed for Sora to become complete again and it was all so stupid because he deserved to live while Sora did not—and attempted to keep her mind perfectly blank, lest she thought again of something she would rather not remember.

She drew his eyes, his mouth. They gave him a determined expression, a corner of his mouth drawn slightly upwards in a confident smirk, as if he knew what he was up against, and knew that he—and his comrades—would win. She drew his clothes, so similar to what the particular blond Nobody wore, that she could not help but to think about him. He had smirked this way before, too, before he knew the truth, before Xion—no. She could not think about her, not now.

She focused on his accessories, now. His bracelet, one very much like the one Roxas wore now, in the virtual town where he resided temporarily, as he unknowingly waited for his death.

She drew his shoes, and shifted to the other man. She drew his hair carefully, painstakingly slow, so she would not make a single mistake. She drew his eyes, then his mouth, curled upwards in a small smile, as if he knew what the other male knew. She drew the rest of him as she did his hair, because the last figure would bring on an assault of memories she didn't want to remember.

Eventually, she had finished with him.

Restoration at 12%, said a computerized voice.

In just a few more days, Roxas would not be in any realm at all; instead, he would be in Sora's heart, where no one could reach him.

Namine shook her head once, and began on the woman. She tried once more to keep her mind blank, but, as she worked on the face, Xion's own face came to mind, her jaw set in a determined line as she tried not to cry at her horrible, terrible fate—


She mustn't think about that.

She finished the woman.

She would not color them, because then, the memories would come back stronger, and she did not want that, because it was too much, and far too soon to attempt such a thing, such an impossible thing—

She flipped the page, and started on another sheet. She drew Sora, Kairi, and Riku at the top, only to their torsos. Then, she drew Xion, Roxas, and herself under them. Finally, she drew the Chasers beneath them, and she reached for her crayons.

There was not an explanation for this.

The only thing she could think of was I don't want to forget them.

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