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Vampire Laps chapter 2


It was a warm summer night here in the small town of Forks. So the evening and night was also nice and warm. The wife and I sat out on our porch that night. We ate dinner on the patio set and then sprawled out on the lawn chairs to watch the stars.

We lived right next to the public pool and Recreation center building, so this was the only quiet time we got outside; at night. This night was particularly pretty. It was a cloudless night and since we lived out in the middle of nowhere we see a lot of stars. There was a slight breeze keeping the little bit of heat very comfortable. The only problem was the mosquitoes, but my wife brought out a bunch of citronella candles to keep them away. Myrtle and I were talking quietly while gazing at the stars. Apparently our daughter had called today. I guess they made plans for the grandchildren to come for a visit next month.

I heard this whoosh sound go by really fast. It wasn't like wind it was like something flew the air… odd. I looked around for the object, waiting for it to land somewhere. I heaved my butt off the low lawn chair to stand up.

"Where ya going Eugene?" Myrtle asked as I walked onto the lawn.

"I heard a mysterious whooshing noise I came to see what caused it."


I looked all over the lawn. At one point a couple minutes after I had started I heard the sound again, over by the forest. I had whipped my head around but had seen nothing. I gave up on my search and lay back down on my lawn chair. Relaxing my body and muscles; looking up at the stars.

That was when I heard the first noise. It was the sound of splash in a pool.

"HEY!" I heard a young female voice yell loudly.

"Lousy teenagers; breaking in to public property." Well, I did that once too, I will give them a little bit of time…but if they become too loud. It was silent over at the public pool for a while.

"I wonder how they got in there….without alarms going off and stuff." Myrtle asked quietly.

"I don't know. They are teenagers, they have their ways..." I trailed off. "Oh and the public pool doesn't have that great of security."


I heard the female laugh loudly again. And I heard a splash.

"AH! Now it's ON!" I heard a male voice yell. I heard another loud splash.

"UGH!!!!! OK!!! IT IS ON" The female yelled and laughed. I hear another splash. And then the female yelled, "OH!!!! That's NO FAIR!!!!!!"

Their voices got quieter and quieter until I could barely hear them.

*Splash!* Oh great…not more….

There was another quiet moment I could hear the female laughing but it was pretty quiet.

*KER-SPLASH!* that splash must have been a really large one. I could hear the water splat down on the concrete that was surrounding the pool.

"NOW THAT WAS NOT FAIR!!!!" I heard the male voice yell loudly. I may have to go over there soon, this was getting too loud.

I heard the female voice yell, "WAY." Hmm… she was probably saying way too easy.

There was only that sudden outburst though. It was quiet after that. Actually it turned silent, for a long time.

It had been an hour or so, and we still heard nothing. "Well, I guess they must have left. Let's go inside and go to bed." I told Myrtle. I heaved my butt off of the lounge chair and helped my wife up too. We pulled the cushions off the chairs and out them in the plastic box we always kept them in, they weren't rainproof and since we lived in Forks, we have to keep them away when we don't use them. We headed inside and put on our pajamas and got ready for bed. We finally turned the lights out around eleven- thirty.

I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard the female scream very loudly. Oh so that was why they were quiet for so long. These two were naughty teenagers. I jumped out of bed, now angry not only because they disrupted my quiet rainless night. I pulled on my robe and a pair of slippers and walked out of the house. I went through the garage door and grabbed my bat on the way. I was fit for my age and could jog pretty fast over to the public pool complex's door. I opened it as silently as I could. I looked around and saw the glistening of water on the far deep end of the pool. I ran towards it, I looked down into the water and saw two bathing suits, a pair of swim shorts and a tiny bikini. Well great. I guess I am going to find them naked or in towels. Just great.

"I know you're in here! I see your bathing suits at the bottom of the pool!" I drawled trying to get them to just come out of their hiding spot. Man I wanted to go to bed. "Ruddy teenagers and their shenanigans." I muttered under my breath. (A/N: I know ruddy is like British thing…I'm not British I'm American…I just really love that word in a sentence…the word is ruddy if u didn't notice ha-ha… sorry I don't know where this British thing came from…oh right harry potter…hmmm I still don't know…. Ha-ha sorry rambling back on with the story!)

I saw a little bit of water that was by the women's locker room. I headed towards it opening the creaky door. "Come out Come out!" I hissed menacingly, I was getting really angry. I was really tired and just really wanted to go back to bed.

I looked around a little as I looked around one second I swear I heard that whooshing noise again just outside the doorway. And then a slight creak, of the door maybe? I looked around outside the doorway for any sign of the teenagers and walked a little bit farther back looking around quickly.

"DARN YOU! Where did you GO! I KNOW YOU MUST BE IN HERE! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!" I yelled as loud as I could. I was so mad and angry, so tired and exasperated. I ran out of the bathroom to see the two perpetrators lip locking it outside the door to the complex but as soon as the thought registered in my mind the male pulled away quickly. His head quickly looked over at me, so quickly I don't know if he actually did or if it was just my imagination.

"Aw crap! He's coming out! C'mon let's get out of here." He said to the female, she looked over at me again so quickly I wasn't sure of it, and they ran towards the forest laughing hysterically. Ruddy teenagers.

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