I'm in the process of wrapping up a longer Gabby fic, but the ending just isn't working out with me. However, in trying to figure that out, I came up with this. It's a two-shot. Enjoy.


Abby danced around her bedroom as she searched for the match of the shoe she held in her hand. It was the evening before her birthday and Gibbs would be arriving any minute. They had followed this tradition of him taking her out to dinner the night before her birthday since the year they had met. Each year the location was a surprise, Gibbs would give her an idea of what to wear, if she should dress up or not. Each year the location changed; a fancy restaurant one year, the bowling alley the next, a picnic in the park the year after that. Abby dug the black heel out from under her bed. He had told her they were going somewhere casual, so she had opted for red shirt, dark-wash jeans and her black heels. The heels were to spice things up a bit. Once she had finished getting ready, touching Abby grabbed her purse and went to sit on the front step to wait for Gibbs.


Gibbs leaned forward to tie his shoes. Once finished, he sat up and reached for his watch which he had left on his bed-side table while he showered. He was just about ready. He had to admit, he was looking forward to taking Abby out to dinner. Work had been more than crazy lately; one case after another involving some horrific crime had taken its toll on him. He was ready for a change of pace. The place he had chosen to take Abby was a small Greek place owned by a friend of a friend, and although it was a casual place, they had agreed to set up a special table for Abby, with lots of black roses, candles, and serve Caf-Pow with her dessert. Gibbs couldn't think of ever having gone to so much trouble for a woman, let alone one he wasn't even dating. Gibbs grabbed his wallet and slid it into his back pocket before grabbing his jacket and his car keys. As he walked towards his car, he wondered if Abby looked forward to her birthday each year as much as he did.


Abby glanced down at her watch. That morning, in a rush, Gibbs had told her he would pick her up at seven o'clock. That meant that Gibbs would pull up to her house at six fifty-nine and ring her door bell at seven. He had always been like that. She didn't know how he did it, she figured he must arrive early and pull over on the next street over and wait until the precise time. Abby watched the hand on her watch click from six fifty-eight to six fifty-nine and then looked up expecting to see Gibbs car pull onto her street. She frowned when her watched showed two past seven and Gibbs still hadn't shown up. Oh well, he was busier than usual today. Maybe he's just running late. He'll be here soon. At quarter past seven Abby dug her cell phone out to make sure she hadn't missed a call from him saying that he was running behind. At seven thirty Abby moved back inside. She paced until quarter to eight before dialing his number. She didn't want to pester him, or make him feel bad if he had forgotten, but it was so unlike him to just not show up. She first called his house number. The phone rang and rang. He didn't have an answering machine at home, so after six rings she hung up. She paced a few more minutes before dialing his cell phone. It went right to voice mail, a sign that his phone had been turned off. Gibbs never turned off his phone, ever, unless he was on a plane, but Abby was fairly certain he wasn't flying anywhere. When she got his voice mail, Abby felt a twinge in the pit of her stomach.

Something isn't right. Think Abigail, think. What would Sister Rosa do?

Abby grabbed her purse and keys and went to her car.


Gibbs was reaching to grasp the door handle of his sedan when something crashed down on his head, dropping him to the cement. His world went black.

Donny Smith was an angry man. Five years ago, Special Agent Gibbs and his team had put his father away for the murder of their next-door neighbor, a Navy commander. His father had never been the same after the death of his mother, but jail had seemingly pushed him over the edge, and mentally he retreated from the world. Donny hadn't spoken to his father, the man he knew his father to be, since the final day of the trial. He had understood that what his father had done was wrong, but his father was sorry, he didn't deserve to go to jail. Something in the last few months had made Donny snap. His first thought was to go after the entire team, but then decided that just agent Gibbs would do. It had been agent Gibbs who had figured out his father was guilty. His team had missed the most crucial evidence. He would leave them alone.

Donny grabbed Gibbs under his arms and dragged him back towards the front door. He got him into the living room and shut the door, locking it behind him. He sat on the sofa and waited a few minutes as Gibbs stirred, starting to regain consciousness.

"Well, well, well agent Gibbs. Wake-y, wake-y time." Donny peered down at the agent. He wanted to have a little chat, before he finished what he started.

Gibbs let out a groan as his sight began to clear. His head hurt, he wasn't sure why. He could see a face peering down at him, but he didn't recognize it. "Who…"

"Special Agent Gibbs, I'm hurt. Although, I was only fourteen the last time you saw me, so maybe I've grown a bit and that's why you don't recognize me." When Gibbs didn't answer, Donny continued. "You put my dad away for killing that Navel officer. You have no idea what jail has done to him. I don't even know him anymore. You took away my dad. You took away my DAD!" Donny stood and lashed out Gibbs, his foot connecting with Gibbs' stomach.

Gibbs curled in a ball to try and protect himself, but it was no use. When Donny didn't have a clear shot to kick him, he resorted to his fists, pounding against Gibbs' face, and then his sides, hitting his kidneys with force. Donny felt his power drain and he collapsed back on the sofa and watched Gibbs writhe in pain, silently.


Abby pulled onto Gibbs' street and noticed his car was still parked in front. As she slowly pulled closer her headlights picked up something shiny on the street next to his car. Abby pulled ahead of Gibbs car, parking in front of the neighbor's house. Abby left her purse in the passenger's seat, but dug out her phone and slipped it into her pocket along with her keys.

Abby stood by the trunk of her car and looked up at Gibbs' house. The lights were off, including those in the basement. He wasn't working on his boat. Abby went a few paces further and searched through the darkness for what she had seen in her head light. The street light was out, so she felt along the cement with her fingers until she touched a set of keys. Abby pulled out her cell phone and flipped it open. With the light of the screen she could see it was Gibbs' keys, instantly recognizing the key chain she had bought him, a heart with 'world's best boss' engraved on one side and the statue of liberty on the other. She had found it at some tacky souvenir shop when she had taken her brother sightseeing. Abby felt her gut turn. He had either been forced into a different car, or he was back inside.

Abby thought she heard yelling so she ran towards the house, ducking down below the living room windows; she didn't want to be seen.

"… you took away my DAD!" Abby could hear faintly through the closed windows. Abby tried to peek in through the windows, but they were set high and she couldn't quite see. Even with her heels on she needed another six, maybe seven inches to get a clear look into the room. Abby looked around, but saw nothing she could move to the window to step on. She stared out at Gibbs car, when an idea struck her. Quietly she hurried to Gibbs car and slipped his key into lock of his truck. The lock clicked and she felt the truck pop open. Luckily there wasn't much in there, so it only took a few moments to pull back the fabric to reveal the spare tire.

The adrenaline coursing through her veins made the tire feel as light as a feather as she lifted it from his truck. She set it on the lawn and rolled it up to the window. Laying it down gently, she balanced one foot on the rubber before putting her weight on it. It didn't quite get her the height that she needed, but she was able to dig her fingers into the window sill and pull herself up the remaining inch that she needed.

Abby's eyes were adjusted to the darkness, but still it seemed even darker in his living room. It wasn't until she saw movement that she realized he was in there. She could hardly make out Gibbs on the floor in the corner by the sofa, but she could see a man sitting and staring down at him. Her hand was at her pocket, reaching for her phone when she saw the man start to kick Gibbs again. She let out a tiny gasp and jumped down from the tire. She crouched down and dialed Tony.

"Yo Abby, what's up?"

"Get to Gibbs, and bring back up!"


"Gibbs is hurt, someone is inside his house, kicking him."

"How do you know?"

"Because I just peeked in his window!"

Tony stumbled for words, but finally got out a coherent sentence. "Ok, Abby I'll call the others and we're on our way. Get in your car and drive down the street. Gibbs will kill us if anything happens to you. We'll be there in 15 minutes."

"Ok." Abby hung up. She hugged her knees tightly and thought for a moment. Like hell I'll wait, he doesn't have 15 minutes.

I need to get in there, without this guy knowing. Abby stood and rushed around to the back door. It was locked. Go figure, the only time his doors are locked and I need to get in.

Abby walked slowly back towards the front of the house, willing herself to figure out how to get in. Think this through, Abigail, think it through. Even if you did get in, you need a weapon, otherwise you are useless. A weapon… a weapon. Abby stood by his basement window. The light from the next door neighbor's porch reflected off something in the window sill. She crouched down and looked to see what it was. An empty bottle of bourbon, if she had a bottle, that could be used as a weapon, but there would be no way she could get in through the door, get to the basement and get the bottle before this mystery man had her.

Abby needed to get into that basement. She felt along the window, her fingers were sticky with sweat and she was able to use it as traction to wiggle the glass. The window was locked, but it wasn't tight. If she could just wiggle it enough… Abby smiled when she felt the glass skip over the old-fashion lock. She had snuck in after missing curfew enough in her teenage days. The window was small, but it didn't take long for her to wriggle through the opening and drop to the floor. She switched on the light and saw that there were plenty of items she could wield as a weapon. She knew Gibbs had a gun, but it was locked away and she didn't have the time to pick the lock. Abby picked up a hammer and stuck the handle in her right back pocket. She stuck a screwdriver in her left back pocket, and grabbed a long piece of pipe to carry in her hand. She was about to start up the stairs when a roll of duct-tape caught her eye. That always comes in handy.

Abby knew which steps creaked and she also knew that if you opened the basement door more than a foot it the hinges would squeak. She opened the door an inch and listened. She could hear the man mumbling about how Gibbs would pay for what he did to his father. Abby pushed the door open a little further until she was able to snake her body out. Abby tip-toed across the floor until she stood just around the corner from the living room, now she could hear the soft grunts coming from Gibbs as he was being kicked.

Abby peeked around the corner, and stepped forward when she saw the man had his back to her. She was able to cross the room without making a sound. She was right behind him when Gibbs opened his eyes. He looked past Donny to see Abby. "Abby?" His voice was weak.

Donny paused, his fist drawn to deliver another blow. "Who?"

Abby brought the pipe down squarely on Donny. She heard a sickening crack when it made contact with his head. He dropped down over Gibbs.

Abby brought his hands behind his back and wrapped duct-tape around them, ten times before she was satisfied that he couldn't get out of it… just in case. She pulled him off of Gibbs and felt for a pulse. His heart was still beating, he was still breathing. She was only a little glad she hadn't killed him, she figured that if she had to kill someone it would be with her forensics, not a piece of pipe. Abby turned on the light to the living room before moving back to Gibbs. His face was bloody, but she suspected that the man who had been beating on him wasn't as strong as he could've been; nothing was obviously broken.


"Shh, Gibbs. The others are on their way. Then we'll get you to the hospital to get checked over."

"I don't…" Gibbs struggled to pull himself into a sitting position, much against Abby's protest. "I don't need to go to the hospital."

"Like hell…" Abby stood. She had planned on getting a wet paper towel to wipe up a bit of the blood, but when she stood she saw Tony, Ziva, and McGee parked across the street, strapping on bullet proof vests.

Abby swung the front door opened and yelled out at them. "Took you long enough, get in here!" Abby left the front door open and went to the kitchen. She was bringing out a wet towel and a glass of water when the agents stepped cautiously inside.

"What the hell happened?" Tony looked at Donny on the floor and then to Gibbs leaning against the sofa.

"You guys took too long, so I went in." Abby crouched down next to Gibbs and wiped the blood from his mouth. Gibbs took a sip of the water, swished and then spit the bloodied water back into the glass. "Can you guys take care of him now? I need to get Gibbs to the hospital." Abby nudged Donny's foot with her own.

"Uh, yeah."

"Ok, Tony and McGee… help me get him to the hearse. He can lay down in the back."

"DiNozzo, if you want to live you'll help me to my own car."

"Yes, boss."

With Tony and McGee on either side, Gibbs walked out to his own car and lowered slowly into the passenger seat. Abby ran to the hearse to grab her purse before digging Gibbs keys from her pocket and getting in the driver's side.

Abby drove carefully and quickly to the ER. She was told there would be a 30 to 40 minute wait, as his injuries didn't seem life-threatening, but Abby pulled out her NCIS I.D. card and made up a threat, something about the President, governmental agencies, and undercover agents. Gibbs was promptly taken back.

The doctors made quick work and she was allowed to see him again. "Well, Ms. Scuito, agent Gibbs was lucky. Nothing is broken, and the cuts seem to be superficial. We've put butterfly strips over the cut on his brow and you can take those off in 36 hours, they probably weren't necessary, but we wanted to err on the side of caution. He has a mild concussion, so we would like to keep him overnight, but he is refusing, so as long as someone will stay with him, we'll discharge him. He said you might be willing."

"Yes, no problem! What do I need to look for?"

"Well, we expect him to have only mild symptoms, likely a headache, a little dizzy perhaps. A little nausea is normal, but bring him back in if he begins to vomit, suffers from any deafness in either or both of his ears or if he seems overly disoriented, or his speech starts to slur. Basically he just needs to rest. But we have this pamphlet on concussions, you can read it over and always call if you've got any questions"

"Ok." Abby took the paper from the doctor.

"Oh and if all goes well, I would recommend he visit his regular doctor in a few days."

"Yes, we work closely with our doctor, so I'm sure he'll stop by tomorrow to check him over."

"Well then it sounds like agent Gibbs is in good hands. You can go in and see him. I'll have a nurse bring his discharge papers."

"Thank you." Abby smiled at the doctor as she stepped past him into the room where Gibbs was resting. His eyes were closed, but she was fairly certain he wasn't asleep. She wanted to touch him, but she wasn't sure what, if any, part of him didn't hurt. She settled for wrapping her hand around his index finger and giving it a slight squeeze.

His eyes flicked open at her touch. "Abbs…"

"Hey Gibbs…"

"We had dinner plans."

Abby could help but laugh. "Yeah, and you stood me up to play cops and robbers with some guy. I'm hurt."


"I know, I know… you didn't mean to. It's ok. I know, sometimes crazy people just get in the way. I mean look at me, I've had my fair share crazy people breaking into my place, the nunnery, my lab. It happens to the best of us. We can have dinner another day, but next we need to get you home."

"Abby, I'm sorry."

"Always the gentleman, you are, but you've got nothing to be sorry for. The nurse will be by soon with your discharge papers and I'll swing by my place and grab a few things. And then I'll take you home."

Gibbs nodded, his head hurt and his body ached.


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