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"Words" = internal link between Arcee and Bumblebee

Words= radio

-Bumblebee's POV-

Arcee's kisses on my cheek plate woke me. I looked over to see her beautiful body still protoformed. I hugged her close to me, silently thanking her for giving me the kind of happiness that everyone searches their whole lives for. She was the one who completed me.

I took her hand and put it over my spark so she knew that I could feel her energy now, that she was part of me, forever. She did the same to me.

I knew when we collided you're the one I have decided
Who's one of my kind

She made the motion to laugh, her shoulders and back bobbing slightly, but now not even static came out. "Collided? Hmm, more like beat the slag out of each other," she sent over our private link.

"How's the voice?" I asked.

She opened her mouth and a pealing sound exploded from her mouth. She clapped her hand over her vocalizer and made the laughing-motion again.

Before Ratchet sent someone to drag us out of Arcee's room and into the med-bay, I pulled her on top of me and played for her:

Hey soul sister, ain't that mister mister on the radio, stereo
The way you move ain't fair you know
Hey soul sister, I don't wanna miss a single thing you do tonight

"So are you saying that last night was good for you? It was great for me! Want to go again once more before someone comes to get us," she asked sincerely.

Just in time, I'm so glad you have a one track mind like me
You gave my life direction
A game show love connection, we can't deny
I'm so obsessed
My heart is bound to beat right out my untrimmed chest
I believe in you, like a virgin, you're Madonna

"Like a virgin. No so much anymore..." she interrupted playfully.

And I'm always gonna wanna blow your mind

Arcee created a sound which I'll have to interpret as 'Promise?' because her vocals were horribly shorted out...all thanks to me.

She began making circuits on my body and crushed her face to mine. She straddled her legs on my waist and I smiled against her lips.

Oh. Whooa
My heart is beating fast but my hands are moving slow
Oh. Whooa
Feels so right you just cant say no

She wrapped herself around me as I prepared myself for whatever she was going to-

She suddenly jolted upright and began clasping on her armor.

So why are you running away?
Why are you running away?
I asked trying to get past my mental musk. Arcee threw some of my armor at me and I fumbled to grab hold.

Not a moment later, someone knocked on the door a few seconds later. "Hey screamos, are you up?" Flareup asked in a good-nature tone.

"You're a good friend, now get the f*ck out of here," Terra, from True Blood's, voice came out from Arcee's mini speakers.

"Hey, are you talking to me or Bee?" Flare asked from the other side of the door as Arcee and scrambled to get our armor plating on.

Flareup came in anyways and in surprise I tripped and tumbled over the width of the berth.

"Smooth move big guy...or at least that's what I've heard," she said coyly to Arcee who gestured crudely at her.

I collected myself off the floor and stood next to Arcee to hear what Flareup had to say.

"So, Ratchet called me earlier today because I seem to be the only femme in this entire fragging base who wasn't having a wonderful night with a mech last evening," she began mock-cheerfully. "Thus he knew I wouldn't be too busy to tell you that he needed to see you as soon as possible because he thinks that he has completed your voice modules. Also, I need to get into my room after my little game of room-tag. Last night, you know when I had to go recharge in Chromia's room? Well, Ironhide came back early from patrol last night and nobody told me," she continued as she pushed past us and went to her closet. "I woke up to see Chromia and Ironhide doing the dirty and I was in soft plating so I didn't want to run out into the open for all to see so I had to get my armor on and by that time they were practically done! So I fled to the medbay where it's usually quiet, but I picked the one night where Ratchet and Moonie felt like being passionate."

Flare began to strip down to her underplating totally unperturbed at me being there. I averted my optics while Arcee continued listening to her indifferently. "Finally I hoped that maybe Sideswipe didn't show up for Firestar, but of course he did!" Flare looked at Arcee as she clasped the last hook on her chassis armor and grimaced at her roomate. "Cover up," she joked and hurled a piece of waist plating at Arcee. "I went to the Rec Room, found Sunstreaker, we couldn't get in the mood for interface, so we just had a long rant session. By the way, I'd stay away from that couch for the next few days, he told me that Sideswipe and Firestar had been there. So, did you two have a good night?" she asked simply, now fully clothed.

I shuttered my optics in surprise. That was a lot to admit. That was one thing about Flareup, she was really nice, but a bit overly-honest sometimes.

Flare tilted her head, studying us. "What did you do to your voice last night, Arcee? You can usually make some kind of sound."

I'm all out of love, so lost without you Arcee stated impishly.

"Ah, don't flatter me. Just kidding, I get what you're saying. Ratchet's not going to be happy. Then again, when is he?"

In the medbay, Arcee and I both backed up against the wall as Ratchet called us (well, only me because he wouldn't call a femme these things) every bad name in Cybertronian and English. He used everything from mother f*cker to interface driven slagger because of Arcee's increased damage to her vocal chords. When he finally calmed down, he examined Arcee again repaired her wires. He mumbled something about that the new module would fix the other wires too.

Halleluiah, halleluiah I cut out from a radio sermon.

He over-forcefully jammed her new module into her neck wires.

"Ow," she said. She smiled and tried to say something else, but Ratchet banged her helm.

"No!" he scolded. "Wait!"

He attached the last few gaskets into the piece and scanned her to make sure her body accepted the addition. "Okay, now speak."

"Ratchet you suck," she said. She jumped up and hugged the medic around the neck, then pounced into my arms. "It's back!" She spun around to see the CMO. "Will this work for Bumblebee too?"

"Hopefully. Sit down Bumblebee."

I sat down eagerly and he began working on my neck wires. Every few minutes, Arcee came over to hold my hand in encouragement, but then Ratchet would bark at me for letting her into his light. Yes, Ratchet, it's my fault.

Two hours later he said the words I'd been hoping to hear for years: "This should work. Speak."

"I love you Arcee."

Arcee used her knew processor to squeal insanely. She jumped into my arms again and began making out with me. I desperately wanted to use my new vocalizer, but this was fun too.

"Okay! Good, it works! Congratulations Bee! But-but, hey listen to me!" Ratchet screamed at us. "You two can kiss but I don't want you interfacing until I scan you two again tomorrow morning! Got it?"

We shook our heads eagerly.

Holding hands, we ran out into the halls to look for someone to talk to. We found Sideswipe and Firestar embracing in front of her room; his hands on her waist and his lips trailing up her neck.

"Get a room you two," I said.

Their heads snapped towards us, hearing the unfamiliar voice and Firestar ran up to hug us both.

"I'm so happy for you two!" she squealed. We locked optics and she stepped back from me with a bashful smile. She wrapped her arms around Sideswipe's waist and smiled contently.

We went around to everyone talking to them! It came so easy instead of having to scroll through an infinite list of songs trying to pick out one that could fit what I was trying to say. After a long day of talking to everyone, Arcee and I retired in our "Room for the Voiceless" because Flareup refused to leave her room, but I didn't blame her.

"What if Ratchet hears us?" Arcee asked since our room was close to his private quarters.

"We'll just have to be quiet then," I said seductively as I climbed on top of her.

That night we aimed for more of a relaxing interface and sparkmerge instead of lusty and loud.

Our sparkmerge felt complete, probably because we were so happy. Who cares what Ratchet says.

I love Arcee.

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"Hey Soul Sister" - Train

"Midnight Romeo" - Push Play

"All Out Of Love"- Air Supply