Okay, so I decided to go ahead and write the sequal to my story About You Now. It was just so fun writing that, and besides, I had a pretty good idea about what I wanted to happen in this story. So, once again, this shouldn't be that long of a story, four chapters, probably at the most. And now for the good old disclaimer. I don't own iCarly, I only own the story idea. Enjoy!

Chapter One: Rain Clouds

The final school bell rang, releasing the students to freedom until the next day.

Sam walked out of the math room holding her head like she had a massive headache. Instinctively, she ambled over to Carly's locker.

Carly looked up when she saw Sam. "Hey."

Sam leaned against the blue, metal lockers and moaned. "Math should be illegal."

"It should," Carly said nodding. "Did he give you a truckload of homework too?"

"Yes," she said groaning. Sam stood up a little straighter. "So are we still on for movie night, tonight?"

Carly's smile faded quickly to more of an "oops" expression. She laughed nervously. "Uh, yeah, about that…"

"Hi," Freddie said walking up, seeming to be in an extra good mood.

"Freddie's kind of taking me out to dinner tonight…" Carly continued. She flashed Freddie a smile of acknowledgement.

"Didn't you guys go out last night too? To some movie?" Sam asked. She tried to not seem annoyed.

"Yeah, but it was kind of… bad…" Carly said laughing.

"Why?" Sam asked looking at Freddie in an accusing way.

Freddie frowned at the memory. "Someone walking in front of us spilled popcorn and soda all over me. Twice."

Sam started cracking up. "How could they do it twice?"

"Well, after they spilled it on me the first time, they went to get more, and proceeded to do it again!" Freddie said.

"It actually wasn't that bad… I mean, up until that point we were having a good time," Carly said mostly to make Freddie feel better.

"So… Why tonight?"

"Sam, I'm so sorry, but I totally forgot about tonight, so when Freddie asked if I wanted to go on another date to make up for last night, I said yes without thinking." Carly put on an apologetic face. She looked at Freddie questioningly.

"Uh, you guys can do your movie night, if you want to. It was already planned out before-" Freddie started to say understandingly before he was cut off.

"Forget it; we'll do it some other time. Go ahead on your second date. I think there's something on TV tonight anyway, so go have fun," Sam said.

"Are you sure?" Carly asked while Freddie took her lime green bag out of her hands and slung it over his shoulder.

"Yup. Have fun." Sam smiled as genuinely as she could. I'm not losing my best friend. I'm not losing my best friend. I'm not losing my best friend. It's just one cancelled movie night. No big deal. We've been friends forever, and we're not going to stop being friends because of Freddie and her dating. No big deal. No big deal. No big deal. Sam tried to console herself.

One week later…

Sam kicked open the door to her apartment building and walked up to the elevator. She rolled her eyes in annoyance and frustration at the "Out of Order" sign that hung there almost twenty-four/seven. She pounded up the two flights of stairs to the third floor. After unlocking all five of the locks on the dark red front door, Sam walked into the apartment feeling like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh with a raincloud hanging over her head.

Miss Puckett looked up from a flamingo pink hardcover book called "How to Start Caring More about Yourself" and smiled. She uncrossed her twig-like legs and sat up straight on their beat up navy blue couch, patting the space next to her. "Hi, Sammie. How was school?"

Sam ignored the invitation to sit next to her mother and dumped her backpack on the floor next to their dusty TV and floor length mirror. "Hi," she said without an ounce of enthusiasm in her voice.

A little too used to her daughter's tone, Miss Puckett brought her book back up to her face and continued reading. "I didn't get anything for dinner because I thought you said you were having dinner at Carly's tonight."

Sam jerked open the door to their fridge and felt her stomach growl at the sight of bare shelves and nothing else except for a can of Diet Coke. "Nope. Carly's going to one of Freddie's fencing matches tonight, and then she's having dinner with Freddie and his mom. And Spencer has a date with the girl from the video rental place." Sam spun around to look at her mother. "I assumed that there would be something other than a half empty can of Diet Coke in the fridge."

"Sammie, you know I don't go shopping for food unless I think you'll be eating dinner here for more than two nights that week," her mother commented. She turned the page, never taking her eyes off the girly print in her book.

Sam rolled her eyes. "And the mother of the year award goes to… Miss Jolene Puckett!" She pretended to point a microphone at her mom's mouth. "Does CPS know about you?" Sam joked.

Her mom swatted her hand away, almost slicing her with one of her super long fake nails painted Cha-Ching Cherry. "Don't you have homework to do or any other friends who you can eat dinner with?"

Sam responded by leaving for her room and slamming the door in a way that made their landlords mad.

Sam flung herself on her bed belly-up. She glanced over at her desk that had the only framed picture in the house sitting on it. It was a picture of thirteen year olds, Carly and Sam with their arms around each other laughing. Carly had had Freddie take the picture last year and then she framed it and gave it to Sam for Christmas.

Seeing the picture of her and her so called best friend Carly reminded her of the latest ditching she'd gotten from the new couple. It was the third time in two weeks and it was starting to become a problem.

The second time it happened, Sam hadn't even brought up the fact that her and Carly had already had plans that day because she assumed that it wouldn't happen again. And yet, here she was, alone and with an empty stomach on a Thursday night.

Sam knew that it was time to confront Carly about this, but something kept holding her back. Was it the fact that Carly was so happy now that her and Freddie were finally a couple? Was it that Sam didn't like confrontations? What? Don't be ridiculous! This is Sam Puckett we're talking about, remember?

She knew that it was because she just wanted Carly to be happy, even if it did mean a few cancelled dates. Contrary to popular belief, Sam was a good friend with a good heart.

One more cancellation though, and she was either going to talk to Carly about it, or lock Freddie in a closet for the day so she could have at least one day with Carly all to herself. She was leaning towards the second choice, but decided to go with the choice that Carly wouldn't freak out on her over.

Tomorrow… I'll talk to Carly tomorrow, and everything will go back to normal… Besides, I'm sure Carls isn't meaning to spend all of her time with Freddie. Including the times that I had "reserved." Carly Shay is too nice of a person to intentionally blow someone off for a boy. Especially a computer dork of a boy.

Okay, there's chapter one. And if you felt a little sorry for Sam in this chapter, get ready to break out the tissues in the later chapters. Okay, it doesn't get that sad, but it should make you feel really sorry for poor Sam, having such an awful mother. Well, now that I've said too much, once again, it's time to sign off. Oh, wait! One more quick thing! Has anyone else ever noticed that during iCarly's season one opening song, when they match up all of the clips with the song, how when it says "some things are made to be" they show a clip of Carly and Freddie together? Just curious if anyone noticed... Okay, enough random rambling for me. Please keep reviewing! I love the feedback!