A/N: Sorry for the summary; I have a hard time writing them. This is my first OP fanfic, so we'll see how it goes. Also, I haven't been on this site for a while, and I noticed that the guidelines changed. I'm not sure if this is considered a "short" author's note, but I apologize it is not.

REWD: And now I present my helpers, Zoro and Sanji!

Sanji: Oh fair, sweet REWD-chwan, I am at your service~~3

Zoro: This is such a pain, why do you need our help anyway?

REWD: Meh, I just want it to be light every time a chapter begins (sometimes after… depends on how I feel)

Sanji: Oi, marimo, don't you dare talk to REWD like that.

Zoro: Or what? You'll send the hearts above your head to attack me?

Sanji: What the hell did you say?!

REWD: Sanji, will you go prepare some meat for me?

Sanji: Anything for you, my mellorine~~ (runs off to kitchen)

Zoro: *mutters*perverted cook

REWD: Zoro, if you don't mind, can you start us out?


REWD: …Never mind. Okay, disclaimer time. One Piece and all of its characters belong to Oda, who is a freaking genius. I don't own anything except for my ideas and my laptop. Please enjoy the story *bows*


The darkness of the night hides everything on the land; it is a haven for the pursued, a shelter for the weak. It places fear in the hearts of many, yet provides comfort for those who seek peace. But most of all, it is a shroud that hides the crimes of the immoral.

The full moon was the only light that illuminated the earth below. All was quiet; most were in bed, others were in the streets after their excess consumption of liquor. The only things that stirred were the rats that scurried through the alleys, searching for food in order to survive long enough for reproduction. The moonlight does nothing but penetrate the surface of the darkness in the city. Nothing is seen, nothing is known. Time passes on, oblivious to the activities that occur in the shadows.

At the outskirts of the city, the rats scampered over the streets and into their holes. Someone was awake at this time when the warmth of light is absent. Strolling casually, he went about his own way, ignoring the snoring drunks that littered the floor of the alley. Taking a swig from his bottle, he shot a look of disgust towards those who were knocked out.

Hmph, there isn't a single person who can hold his own these days.

He continued down the alley until he reached the exit of the city. Or maybe it was the entrance? It didn't matter to him, as long as he could get out of the damn capital. Too big, too confusing; he just wanted to be able to relax without having to defend against every thug who tries to rob him when he's asleep. Not that he had anything valuable anyway. The notice board near the exit caused a sudden stop in his steps. He lowered the bottle from his mouth and started to read the board that had one too many staples that held down hundreds of paper. Some random ads and help-wanted pleas covered the post, nothing that would seriously interest the man. No, what caught his attention was the poster that took up the center space, the poster that was surrounded by all the other notices.

Warning: Roaming S.I.s were spotted in the vicinity of the city. Proceed with caution, especially at night. If an S.I. is spotted, please go to the nearest den den mushi and contact the Marine Headquarters.

The man sneered. The marines are kidding themselves. S.I.s are supposed to be unreasonably strong; a normal human would never stand a chance against those demons. After all, are they not supernatural beings who kill others just to pass time? As he chuckled to himself, a figure sneaked behind him with a gun in hand. However, the man in front of the post spoke before the figure had time to reach him.

"Do you have some sort of business with me? If you don't, you better leave now. I'm in a good mood, so I'll let you off easy this time."

The other man was startled, but he regained his composure and raised the gun to the other's head.

"You shouldn't be the one talking, seeing that you're about to die. Now just hand over all of your possessions and I'll let you off easy…"

One second was all that was needed. One moment the man was in front of the notice board, the next moment he was gone. The robber blinked in surprise before feeling the cold, steel blade on the side of his neck. Beads of sweat formed from every pore of the man's body as his body froze in terror. He could not even point his gun towards the man…no, the demon. Never had he felt such trepidation, not even when he played Russian roulette in the gambling clubs, betting his life for a meager amount of drinking money. He heard the ominous whisper that dripped with menace.

"Didn't I warn you, pitiable vermin? You should have run back to your little alley when I warned you before." The sword pressed closer to the robber's neck, causing a whimper to come out. "Possessions I have none, but I will give you something better."

The chilling scream was unheard by anyone. Most were asleep in their beds, others in the streets. And of course, this was at the edge of the city. The man sheathed his sword as he watched the robber fall to the ground. A diagonal cut on the back just started to discharge blood when the body hit the dirt. The man turned around and started to walk away from the wounded that lay moaning near the board. Once he got to the road that leads out of the city, the man stopped. Without looking back, he spoke in a firm voice that the robber heard before he lost consciousness.

"The cut I gave you is not deep. Take this opportunity to realize how important your life can be. Only a man who has seen death can truly learn to live his life to the fullest."

With that the man went down the road, disappearing into the gloom as the clouds surrounded the moon. Darkness had once again claimed the land, but soon dawn will arrive, and with the dawn, the sun.

Yes, darkness is the haven; it welcomes those who are trying to hide. But light, light is the protector. Light will always penetrate through the deepest dark. It will always contain a warmth that is lacking in the dark. Yes, like the rising sun that chases away the night, light prevails over dark.