Chapter 9- Second Period -

Hidan's PoV

Second period. Hidan looked around his stupid Geography classroom; Tobi had decided to happily take the seat next to him. The teacher was lecturing on about how much noise pollution there was nowadays and that you can only hear real silence when all the power is off and everyone shuts up.

Due to previous idiotic action Hidan had been forced to sit up at the front so he could be monitored closely by the teacher…you have one fucking swearing fit and suddenly you are a terror to the entire classroom…

This was getting annoying, this teacher could talk and talk, not that Hidan or anyone else was in the room really cared all to much seeing as all his long winded stories kept them from doing any actual work during the entire period. But this time it was a little different and a little bit more then a little ironic.

As the teacher was explaining how silent everything had been and how brilliant the sky was when there was a three day black out a couple years ago, that Hidan wasn't here for and couldn't help but be happy about. Then something actually partially exciting happened.

All the lights went out in a blink of an eye and all anyone in the classroom and probably in the classroom in the next room over. And Hidan turned his head slowly to glare at Tobi who was shaking slightly. "SHUT YOUR FUCKING TRAP YOU LITTLE SHIT!"

He yelled, ashamed at how any guy could let out a scream like that, especially at this age, he was pretty sure it was a thing called puberty that stopped boys from screaming like little girls, but obviously that hadn't happened for this stupid moron.

"HIDAN! Watch your mouth…" the teacher scolded then he looked around the classroom with a smile, "This is exactly what I was talking about, if everyone is quiet…you can all hear the silence." Then he was silent and most of the class was as well.

Hidan sighed, he was sick of getting yelled at for swearing, couldn't they all just figure out it was something he did and didn't plan on stopping anytime soon? And he also had to hold back saying that you can't hear nothing…that made no sense…but he figured if he did he would get those eww looks from all the preps and nerds and the teacher would yell at him again. He glanced over at Tobi and smirked as he saw that he had put his feet up on the chair and was clutching his legs close to him and shaking in fear…what a little fucking pussy. Hidan really had to try and not laugh.

The whole trying to stay silent thing ended up being pretty damn stupid. They all sat there or 10 minutes listening to other classrooms shouting and laughing and having a good ol' time. Hidan constantly raised his hand but the teacher always gave him looks and motioned from him to lower his hand, his eyes saying all he needed to. No, there is NO WAY in HELL I'm letting you out of this classroom when the lights are out…Hidan grumbled to himself and got shushed by the teacher, he couldn't be that bad of a student…oh well.

Finally the teacher jumped into another insanely long story and Hidan jumped to his feet, pounding the top of the desk, "Can I PLEASE go to the fucking bathroom!?" He yelled getting a few looks and getting a few girls to giggle as though he was the funniest thing alive. The fan girls got annoying, he knew he was beautiful but he didn't want all these little bastards squealing every time they saw him like he was some sort of celebrity.

The teacher just glared at him, "I don't know if you CAN go, and I don't really care, though it would be nice if you STOPPED swearing in my class room, Hidan…"

"You annoy me so much…" Hidan said with a sigh, he noticed the teacher was going to say something else so he beat him to it, "MAY I go to the fu-…the bathroom?" Hidan said rolling his eyes and almost sitting back down.

"Sure…but if you aren't back in 3 minutes I'm going to send out a search party." The teacher said with a faint smile.

Hidan rolled his eyes and walked towards the door, "I'm not making any god damn promises…send out a damn search party and they might not come back…" he said more to himself, but he couldn't help but kinda hope that the teacher heard him as well, even though he didn't look over to his shoulder to see how the teacher would have reacted anyway.

The hall was almost pitch black; it would have been if it weren't for the couple emergency backup lights and all the light filtering from the windows in the stairwell.
Hidan decided to take a little detour and went to the washroom downstairs. It was even darker on the second floor because there were even less windows, it was actually pretty nice.

He walked into the bathroom and could have burst into laughter as the door closed and he couldn't see his hand in front of his face. But he didn't burst into laughter instead he just let out a couple short insane sounding giggles. As he started to devise evil plots in his mind of all the hilarity that could occur in a pitch black bathroom. Then the door opened again and he pressed himself behind the door so he wouldn't be seen while the door was still open.

He quickly recognized the person that walked in and he smirked as the door closed and the footsteps of the short man that had entered walked towards one of the urinals. Hidan was about to burst into laughter, he really shouldn't be allowed into rooms like this alone, he was glad that no one else thought that…yet…

He walked as quietly as he could towards the person, nothing happened. Hidan's eyes had adjusted as much as they would to the darkness and he could see general shapes now.

He reached forwards and put his hands on the other persons shoulder and started massaging them. He would have fallen to the ground laughing as the other person tensed up completely and their heart started to race.

Hidan moved and wrapped his arms around the other mans small thin frame rubbing one hand along his collar bone. He was kinda surprised he hadn't moved…but it kinda made the whole thing funnier.

Hidan leaned down and bit the shorter mans earlobe and finally the shorter man lost it.

"WHO THE FUCKING HELL-!?" He yelled turning and flailing; Hidan ducked and backed up to avoid being smacked in the face.

"Oh, please…watch your language Sasori…" Hidan said almost breaking down into laughter there, "You know I'm just kidding." He said with a short laugh. He could see the short red heads chest heaving as he stared wide eyed in Hidan's general direction.

"What the FUCK Hidan!?" Sasori yelled.

"Didn't I just tell you to watch your god damn language, I was just kidding, I didn't MEAN anything…I was just trying to fuck with ya…" it took him a while to realize how wrong that came out, "Uh…wait no…not like that…" he had felt Sasori tense even more even though the other man was standing pretty much on the other side of the room. "I meant more like uh…scre-…no wait…that one sounds pretty bad to…uh" he rubbed his chin as he tried to think of a way to word it that wouldn't sound perverted…

"No! I don't wanna hear your excuses…! You are just a creep, Hidan…" And with that Sasori stormed out of the room. As soon as the door closed behind him Hidan fell to the ground, laughing his fucking ass off, he didn't know that Sasori could talk that much…those had to be like his first complete sentences ever…Okay…so maybe it hadn't been his first complete sentences…but they HAD been his most exuberant display…and it was pretty damn funny…

After a few more moments of laughing, trying to calm himself down Hidan made his way out of the room and back upstairs to his classroom. He walked in silently and took his seat.

"Hidan…come here please?" The teacher said.

"Oh great…" Hidan said rolling his eyes and standing up, taking the few paces that brought him to the teachers' desk, "What do you want now…?" Hidan asked looking to the side and avoiding the teachers gaze.

"How long were you gone?"

"I dunno…a long time…I got a little sidetracked…" Hidan replied with a shrug and a smirk.

"Ya you were gone for almost half an hour…How long did I say you should be?"

"Something like a very unreasonable three minutes…"

"It wasn't unreasonable, you didn't have to take half an hour…the bathroom is right outside."

"Ya…well I went to the one downstairs."

"It still shouldn't have taken you that long, Hidan…"

"Ya well I don't care, I would tell you what I was doing, but I have a feeling I'd get in a bit of crap for it…so it's a secret between me the bathroom and Sasori…" With that he burst out laughing, especially when he saw the teachers grossed out expression, what a pervert, immediately thinking of the worst possible thing…Hidan went and sat down, glad that there were on 5 minutes left in the class…

Deidara's PoV

Second period was always Deidara's favorite. He walked into the classroom and took his seat in-between Sasori and

Konan, smiling at each of them in turn. He had no idea what they were doing today, and had to admit he didn't give a crap…at least he didn't until the teacher walked in with her regular smile her droopy eyes and a ball of clay in her hand.

Deidara's eyes opened wide and he gaped at her. They were sculpting! There was a whole fucking unit on it! This day was already amazing. He closed his mouth and smiled. As the teacher started explaining what they would be doing. They were going to sculpt animals today.

Once the clay was in front of him Deidara got right into it, completely absorbed in what he was doing, nothing could go wrong, he even managed to ignore Konan constantly asking him how the hell he could do this so easily. He would just smirk and not reply.

Then all of a sudden Deidara wished the curtains (the art teacher thought curtains would look nicer then ordinary blinds) weren't closed as all the lights in the classroom and out in the hall turned off.

Oh the embarrassment as Deidara let out a scream like a little girl and threw his arms around Sasori holding him close. He hadn't noticed Konan had done pretty much the same thing and had her arms wrapped around Deidara's waist and her head in his long hair.

Sasori seemed unphased as he continued to work on what he was doing beforehand letting out a short soft sigh.

"Don't worry…it just seems the wind blew out the power…you can all continue with what you are doing…" the teacher said in a cheery voice that could piss everyone off.
Deidara was shaking as he clung on to Sasori.

"D-Deidara…can you change places with Sasori, please?" Konan asked, obviously not wanting to be sitting next to someone who was just as scared as she was.

"Are you two really this scared of the dark?" Sasori asked glancing at both of them as he switched spots with Deidara and both of the wrapped there arms around him as they both nodded making Sasori sigh.

"Sorry we both had traumatic experiences in the dark, un…" Deidara said.

"Of course you did…"Sasori said with yet another sigh.

"WE DID!" Konan exclaimed shoving her face into Sasori's side.

Sasori was silent as if asking them to elaborate on this.

"We were stalked and almost raped, un…" Deidara said quietly.

"I have trouble believing that." Sasori replied.

Both of them ignored his rude remark, which surprised Sasori.

"We were walking to my house from Konan's and we were followed, un! So we took a shortcut through an alley and they followed as there too…so we started to run until we got to my house, un…then a few minutes later then rung the doorbell! It was terrifying, un!" Deidara explained shivering even though Sasori still seemed to not buy their story.

"Well will you two please let go of me…" Sasori said in response to the story.

Both of them let go but scooched their chairs over so they were both pretty much pressed against Sasori on either side, both of them still very tense.

Sasori continued to work as the other two cowered in fear next to him. It was really annoying if anything but the two of them couldn't help it.

Sasori stood up, "Teacher, may I go to the bathroom…?" he asked, ignoring the pleading and worried looks he got from Deidara and Konan.

"Sure, Sasori, go ahead." The teacher said.

Deidara jumped to his feet as Sasori started to walk out of the room, "Can I go too!?" he practically yelled.

"When Sasori gets back…" The teacher replied and Deidara was sure she could see her stupid smile illuminating her part of the classroom, mocking him.

Deidara sat back down with a sigh and moved into Sasori's chair so he could be next to Konan.

Time was going by so slowly, though with every moment Sasori was gone, though still on edge, Deidara was started to get used to the dark, and he could tell that Konan was too, she had seemed to relax slightly. But still Deidara couldn't help but wonder where the hell Sasori was…it didn't take nearly this long to go to the washroom.

He gasped and tensed up again as he cupped his hands over his mouth. Konan tensed up as well, "Wh-What is it, Deidara?"

"I think something might have happened to Sasori, un!" he said in a truly panic stricken voice and his visible eye glassed over as though he was going to burst into tears.

Konan gasped and covered her mouth as well, "Ohmigod!" She exclaimed, "What are we going to do!? He could be really hurt!" She said as though she was going to cry as well.

Deidara stood up again, "Ms. I really have to go to the bathroom. Can I please go?" he said loudly, people in the class looked at him and smirked, some of them laughed, it probably did sound pretty funny, but Deidara just wanted to make sure his boyfriend was alright.

"Deidara, I already said you have to wait until our dear Sasori is back, then you can go…and although I approve of your enthusiasm, you should raise your hand or walk over to me I you would like to ask to use the bathroom." The teacher replied with a sigh, not even noticing that Sasori STILL wasn't back even though he had been gone for 20minutes already.

The door squeaked and Deidara jumped as he turned and looked to see Sasori walking back into the classroom. "Ohmigod! Sasori!" he ran over to him and through his arms around the short redhead. Deidara couldn't see how red his face was as well or how heavily he was breathing. "I thought something had happened to you, un!" Deidara exclaimed.

Sasori let out an almost inaudible little laugh, that Deidara didn't notice, "I'm fine, you idiot, just let go of me, people are looking at us…" He said with a sigh, Deidara reluctantly agreed but that didn't stop him from standing so close to him that their arms brushed as they went back and took their seats again.

"Why did you take so long Sasori?" Konan questioned as the shorter of the two sat down next to her.

Sasori hesitated before saying, "I ran into someone I knew…"

The teacher was looking at Deidara and she seemed to be smirking, the dark seemed to bring out another side of this lady…or maybe this was just how she was going to act towards Deidara for the rest of the semester. "Deidara, hun, do you still have to go to the washroom?" she asked so the class could hear and some of the other students giggled.

Deidara glanced around, kinda weirded out because the teacher called him 'hun' then he finally replied, "Uh…no…I'm fine, un…" He felt his face get kinda hot as his cheeks turned red and was very glad that no one could see him in the dark.

"Okay, Deidara…" the teacher said, "Continue with your work, everyone."

Deidara sighed and looked back down at the complete sculpture on his desk. He was completely fine in the dark now that Sasori was back…but still hoped the lights would come back on soon…Thankfully the bell rang in only a few minutes and it was hilarious to see how few people finished the assignment during the class.

"Okay, for tomorrow I want everyone to find inspiration for a new sculpture." The teacher said as everyone started to file out of the classroom and down that hall.

Itachi's PoV

Itachi walked into his English class with Kisame, who as always was waiting outside of the classroom for Itachi. They had always done that if they ever had any classes together.

They sat in there seats. On the first day of school they had taken seats next to each other and thankfully the teacher hadn't rearranged the seating plan yet.

Kakuzu and Pein were also in this class and they sat next to each other on the other side of the room.

Everything was going boring and normal, they had all been told to write a short paper on anything that concerned them and then the lights went out. A few of the girls let out short squeaks and screams of fright, but other then that the room stayed silent and everyone continued to work on what they had been before.

Itachi glanced over at his blue friend occasionally to see him looking around and smirking at other people sitting around them. The Uchiha rolled his eyes and let out a short almost inaudible sigh, Kisame was obviously thinking up some stupid plot.

Kisame didn't move though, as much as it seemed like he wanted to.

They continued to work well into the period then Itachi quickly felt the presence next to him disappear and saw that Kisame had disappeared from his seat next to him. Itachi shook his head wondering what Kisame was plotting.

Itachi looked around the room. He saw Pein and Kakuzu talking quietly in the darkness; he briefly wondered what they could be talking about but decided that if he asked…well…that asking or jumping to conclusions wouldn't be such a good idea… Other then that…Itachi couldn't see Kisame anywhere and decided that Kisame must have gone to the bathroom…but for some reason the Uchiha felt as though Kisame WAS still in the room…

Itachi shook his head and went back to working on his paper.

He heard nothing that could have possibly had anything to do with Kisame for a while…there could only really be twenty minutes left of the class. When a scream rang through the classroom.

Everyone looked up at one of the girls sitting near the front of the classroom; her face was practically growing red as she looked around at everyone looking at her with cocked eyebrows, "Something brushed against my leg…"

Everyone started looking around the room, suddenly with slightly worried and terrified faces, everyone except, of course, Itachi, Pein and Kakuzu.

Someone else screamed and pointed at what looked like a sharks fin rising between the desks before disappearing below the tops to the desks again. Everyone started in a panicked murmur. As most of them lifted there feet onto their chairs to avoid getting them eaten off.

Itachi rolled his eyes as he finally realized where Kisame was.

"HOLY-! PEIN!" some guy on the other side of the room from Pein yelled as he pointed at the fin reappearing beside Pein and Kakuzu's desk.

Pein sighed and brought his fist hard down on the fin. Which groaned and there was a thud as it hit the floor. The pierced man went back to working on his paper. Kakuzu stood up though and faced the classroom, "The fact that all of you have gone to this school much more then us and still don't realize when one of your own classmates is pulling a prank is beyond the reasonable reach of my mind…it was none other then Kisame lurking between the desks…now if you would all please continue working in silence, it would be greatly appreciated." Then he sat down.

"Itachi…come pick up your friend." Pein said in his smooth nonchalant voice. Itachi stood up and was pretty sure he heard some of the girls sigh lovingly at the sound of Pein's voice drifting across the classroom…

Itachi drifted soundlessly to where Pein and Kakuzu were sitting and saw Kisame in a daze on the floor beside Pein. Itachi sighed as he bent down and picked up his blue friend.

"Uuugh…that's going to leave a mark…" Kisame managed to mumbled as Itachi showed his strength and hauled Kisame over to their desk and sat him down. But it was only moments after that that the bell rang and they were all excused from class for lunch. Kisame needing quiet a bit of help standing up, saying his head was pounding.

Itachi couldn't help but start thinking…what the hell was the story behind those two as he watched Pein and Kakuzu's back disappearing through the door.

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