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Ok so here's the deal. Brittany Stone has a secret that no one knows. An old past that she hasn't told anyone about. What will happen when her new family stays with a part of her past? Will it be just what she needs or will she sink further into herself? EXB (yes Brittany is Bella) Brittany is really Bella but she thought that it would be better to not go by Bella Swan in her new life. Her and her new family decide to move to Forks to live with The Cullen's. Bella keeps on going on as Brittany but watch as she changes back from the depression she was in, how long can she keep up her charade?

Chapter One: And the game begins.

Why oh why must I have the worst luck in the world? Did god hate me that much? Maybe my parents had it in for me for not telling them I was turned into a blood drinking monster.

"Brittany." Liz called from behind me. It took me a minute to realize that was me.

"Yea?" I asked staring at the house I had grown used to.

"We're going now." She put her hand on my shoulder and lead me to the car. She got in the passenger seat beside her husband Liam. I squished in the back beside Rachel and Connor my brother and sister. Wherever we went me and Connor were biological siblings and Rachel was adopted. That's why I was Brittany Marie Stone and he was Connor Lee Stone but she was Rachel Lynn Robinson. Connor and I had the same dark brown hair but I was special. Not special in the family, I mean special in our world. I was a vampire along with everyone else in my family but not, I was different. I was basically the same as every other vampire but my eyes were the same chocolate brown that they used to be, I still slept at night and I could live off blood or food. My skin was pale but not nearly as pale as everyone else, I was beautiful but I had human features. I was a half and half. Was there anyone like me? Not that I know of, although I was told my smell changed, blood still coursed through my veins and my heart went double time. I could blush and though my skin was hard as stone and I could run and jump like a vampire, I was warm. Not Jake hot but warmer than an average human.

"We're going to be staying with another family for a while so I want you guys to be nice. Connor, no dumb pranks, Rachel, I don't care if they have no clothes in there closet you will not dress them or insult there fashion taste and Brittany, maybe you could actually talk to them?" Liz questioned. Okay, so I wasn't exactly social but who cares?

"Are they… like us?" I asked, I don't think I could actually stay with people who killed humans.

"Yes, they're a family of vegetarians. Like us. The kids will be going to Forks High School with you guys." Oh joy, as if I didn't already hate school enough.

"How many of them are there?" I asked curiously.

"Seven. Five kids. Could you imagine Liam, I can hardly handle three." Liz chuckled. "You'll like the leader, he's a very nice man, he's a doctor you know." As I said, why does my life have to suck? Why can't, whoever has it up for me, just hit with lightning and get it over with?

"Are you serious? The Cullen's? We're with the Cullen's?" I complained. No, my family didn't know about my old life. After Victoria bit me, I ran. She wanted to kill me but the wolves came. The Cullen's thought I was dead. Along with everyone else who knew me. Then again that was 120 years ago. (I know times would have changed and a lot of things would be different but I'm no Alice and I have no clue what those changes are going to be like so nothing really evolved in those time.)

"You know the Cullen's?" Liz asked.

"I heard of them. I heard that there real pain's in the-"

"We're here!" Sang Liam. I stared at the stupid white mansion with it's stupid glass walls and all of it's stupidness.

"Yippee." I groaned as I got out of the car and headed to the door. I knocked as the rest of my family gathered at the door step. Carlisle answered the door and smiled at Liam.

"Carlisle, it's been too long." He smiled and shook his hand pulling him into a hug. Too long? More like not long enough. We walked into the entry way as the rest of the Cullen's started to gather around to greet us. I sighed and looked up. No one had changed, surprise surprise. Well physically, they could all be mass murderers or they could go around stomping all over peoples hearts. Oh wait they did that already. I chuckled out loud, big mistake, all eyes were on me.

"That's Brittany, Connor, Rachel and Liz." Liam pointed out.

"Is she a vampire?" Carlisle asked, clearly intrigued by my unique eyes.

"Yep." I replied myself. That's when I heard the smooth velvety voice come closer as he talked.

"Did you get contacts?" Edward asked. Obviously wondering why my eyes were brown and not gold. He probably thought I was crazy to do that when I was living with vampires.

"No, it's the fluorescence." I smirked then walked back outside to get my bags.


"So…" Alice started. The 'kids' were all put in the living room to bond. "Maybe, we should introduce ourselves." Alice looked around at everyone.

"I already know who you guys are." I smiled. "I think I've got you guys pretty much down." I smirked at Edward then looked back to Alice.

"Oh yeah prove it." That silky voice said playfully.

"Okay," I got up and pointed to Alice. "You're Alice Cullen. You're the psychic, who loves to shop and won't let people wear clothes more than once. You're a very optimistic and outgoing person. You like to dress people up and you're in love with him." I pointed to Jasper.

"You're Jasper Hale. You have that weird power to change people's mood, calm down a room full of angry people. You found Alice when you didn't even know you were looking for her. But, of course she knew and then you guys found the Cullen's. You're the newest vegetarian but you're very much in control of yourself now. And you're 'twin' is her." I used my fingers to make quotation marks.

"Rosalie Hale, you're gorgeous and you would give anything to be human. To have your own kids and have things the way there supposed to be. You're also in love with Emmett Cullen," I looked at my insane older brother, ex-brother?

"Emmett Cullen, you enjoy watching people make fools of themselves, mostly tripping all over the place and you like to wrestle grizzly bears, why I'll never know. My opinion is revenge, which you're big on. And that would be your brother." Then I pointed to Edward.

"Where to start? You prefer mountain lions yourself, you play piano, you were changed around 1917 by Carlisle. You can read everyone's mind, beside's my own." That's when Edward noticed. He concentrated really hard. Staring at me with those eyes.

"You all like driving fast and the all American pass-time, baseball. How'd I do?" I asked looking around at shocked faces as I sat back down.

"Err, you know a lot about us. How?" Alice asked.

"I told you, I've got you guys pretty much figured out." I smiled.

"Oh." Was all I got.

"It's alright, I'm good at figuring people out. You guys can still introduce yourselves." I said politely.

"You got something wrong." Edward informed me.

"Is that so?"

"Yeah, I don't play piano. Not since… not for a while." He finished. Any other person would probably say 'Not since when?' But I knew what he meant. This actually upset me quite a bit. I mean Edward not playing piano the only thing that could calm me down when I got worked up was me thinking of my lullaby over and over.

"Oh, well, you just seemed like the musical type." I replied smiling sweetly and then looking to Connor.

"You guys should introduce yourselves." I said to Connor and Rachel.

"I'm Rachel, uh, I'm 16 and I'd just like to say I love you're shoes." She squealed at Alice. I always liked how Rachel was like Alice in a way but she wasn't as chatty and she was slightly shy.

"Really? I thought they were a little too dull." Alice looked at her shoes thoughtfully. I just sat there in my own little world, as they all talked and laughed and did whatever. Later that night when I was sitting down reading Emmett came into the room.

"Hey, Brittany. Brittany?" Oh that was me. I was used to my name and all but I wasn't used to the Cullen's saying it. I had always been Bella to them.

"Oh, hey." I looked up and closed my book. "What's up?"

"Well, I was just wondering how you were doing…" Emmett began.

"Carlisle sent you?" I chuckled.

"Wow, you're good." He smiled and sat down. I missed Emmett and his big bear hugs, the way he always called me little sis even though me and Edward were nowhere near married. "So, really, how's everything going?"

"Good. I'm not too siked for school but I love Forks. It's very familiar." I had many fond memories here in Forks. A lot involving the Cullen's but that didn't matter.


"I lived here once before." I replied. "Lot's of great memories."

"Like what, sitting in the rain, standing in the rain, walking in the rain, hanging out… in the rain." I laughed. So, it rained a lot. I liked the rain. "You remind me of someone."

"Really?" I bit my lip, oh no, how could he be figuring out so early.

"Yea, Bella," I didn't miss the fact that his voice was instantly sad when he said my name. "she was like part of our family but than stuff happened and she died." He said, he looked sad. I knew not all the Cullen's wanted to leave. I also let myself get carried away once or twice thinking that Edward was the only one who truly didn't care.

"You have her eyes. Really, there identical." Emmett smiled at me and I smiled back.

"I'm sorry, about whatever happened." I tried not to think back to that horrific time. "If you ever want to talk, I'm a really good listener."

"Thanks but I don't really like to talk about it, Edward hasn't been the same since we left, I can say that much." Emmett whispered, it sounded more like he was talking to himself than me.

"I bet she wasn't either." Emmett looked up. "The same, I mean. Without him. I bet she went through a tough time just like him." I comforted. The only difference was I knew she wasn't the same and she was still going through that tough time.

"A tough time doesn't last more than a century." Emmett mumbled then got up to leave. So what he was saying was Edward was still going through a tough time? Not making much sense. It almost made it seem like- Bella don't do this to yourself, thinking like that will only hurt you. I was right. Thinking so highly won't help me get out of here alive. Edward didn't want me to be a vampire, if he found out I was a vampire, well that I was me than he would hate me. I know he didn't exactly hate me before but he just didn't love me.

So, I let it slide and read some more. Cuddled into the little love seat ready to fall asleep. When I was almost there I heard people talking.

"What's wrong with Brittany?" Asked Emmett.

"She looks like she's sleeping." Alice said curiously.

"I thought they said she was a vampire." Edward said as I heard footsteps coming over. In a minute I was in his iron arms. His lovely fragrance floating around me.

"What are you doing." Jasper whisper yelled.

"She'll get a kink in her neck if she sleeps on a coach." Edward said brushing a hand lightly across my cheek.

"And you care… why?" Rosalie whispered.

"Carlisle." Edward whispered moving toward the kitchen, being careful not to sway me while he walked. I moved my head against his shoulder getting comfy enough to sleep.

"What is-" Carlisle started in a normal voice

"Shhhh!" Edward, Emmett, Alice and Jasper shushed.

"Is she asleep?" Carlisle asked incredulously.

"I think so. She's breathing and is that a… heart beat?" Edward questioned completely surprised. "She's also warm like warmer than human."

I felt another cold hand sweep across my arm then rest on my wrist.

"She has a pulse." Carlisle whispered.

"She's half human, half vampire." Connor said as he walked through the back door. My family went hunting but I decided I didn't want to today. I would just make something in the kitchen, really other than the super speed and the immortality and the shield thing I was human.

"She's like a human immortal with super speed, strength, sight and hearing." Rachel added. Very true.

"Oh Brittany finally fell asleep? She hasn't slept in two days, I was getting worried." Liz exclaimed.

"I'll bring her upstairs." Edward said as he started walking again. I could feel him hesitate which direction to turn but he finally chose one and I was out like a light.


That night I dream about the first time I met the Stone family. I knew they were vampires, I was at the bottom of the Cullen's driveway debating going up or not. Then vampires drove up. Liam got out of my car and asked me if I knew where the Cullen's went and I said I had no clue. I told them they left and that's all I knew. He next day while I was walking around Victoria got me. Before she could kill me the wolves got her. I went to the Cullen's house to find the Stone family but they didn't recognize my scent. It was weird so when they asked me what my name was I said Brittany. I later found out that I had a shield when I was human and the half change only made it better so I was able to block all powers.

The sun came through the large window at the back of the room. I stretched then looked around. Alice's room? Why was I in Alice's room. I thought back to the day before then it hit me. I groaned then got out of bed walking to the bathroom to shower. Letting the hot water relax me as I scrubbed my hair and body. When I got out my bag was on the bed. I quickly changed into a pair of jeans and a tank top, dried my hair then went downstairs.

For vampires the Cullen's had a lot of food. I walked to the cupboard and got out a bowl and spoon, filling the bowl with cereal and milk. I sat down at th island in the middle of the room.

"What the hell are you doing?" Emmett said as almost everyone piled into the kitchen.

"I'm eating." I furrowed my eyebrows, completely confused as I took another bite. "Is there something wrong with this. It tastes normal." I said biting my lip.

"Why are you eating? We're all vampires you don't have to pretend around us." Jasper said kindly.

"I'm not pretending, you guys have got me completely confused will someone explain?"

"She can survive off human food or blood." Liam said as he joined us in the kitchen. "She prefers food but she will hunt with us occasionally." Rachel added. "She likes the taste if human food."

"Really, that looks disgusting." Emmett said looking down at my coco puffs. "It looks like rabbit shit."

"Watch your mouth young man." Esme waved a finger in front of his face.

"Yeah, Emmett, watch your mouth." Jasper taunted. Emmett went to poke at my cereal.

"Paws off my coco puffs." I mock glared making everyone around us laugh. I looked over to the clock. 5:30? Am?

"When does school start?" I asked.

"In two hour," Alice chirped. The Cullen's had been going to Forks High for about a year. Edward and Alice started out as Freshman but now they were Sophomore's while Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper were Juniors. I was in my Sophomore year, again, and Rachel and Connor were Freshman.

"Oh, I'm going to go get my sh- stuff." I said putting the now empty bowl and spoon in the dishwasher then heading upstairs.

"Hey, Brittany, did you want help getting ready?" Alice asked as she walked into her room.

"Uh, I was just going to wear this." I looked down at my clothes. Jeans and a white tank top. My hair was in floppy bun at the back of my head, I didn't look that horrible.

Alice sighed and walked into her gigantic closet. I absentmindedly followed her in.

"You looks about her size," She muttered as she started rummaging around a section of her closet. "Here, this is perfect!" Alice exclaimed excitedly holding out a hanger. It had low rise dark jeans and a black sweater on it. After having me change into that she grabbed another hanger that had a white coat that went a couple inches below the hips with black buttons up to the collar, a white French style hat and white matching mittens.

"Wow, they fit perfectly, you are her size." Alice said as she moved me to a chair and started curling the bottoms of my hair.

"Who's size?" I asked curiously.

"Bella's" Alice responded sadly I knew it! I knew it! She did have a spot in her closet where she kept clothes for me. I used to always have her come help me find clothes and she would pull out something I had never seen before. This is where she kept them until they were,

"There." She said as she put the hat on my freshly curled hair. Whoa I looked... pretty. I pulled on the coat and mittens adding my red, blue and white plaid scarf before grabbing a black bag Alice set out for me with my school supplies in it and heading downstairs.

"Hey Britt, love the coat and the hat, perfect touch." Rachel chirped as she grabbed her coat.

"Did you wanna take my car?" I asked looking at my midnight blue Mercedes. I pulled the keys off the key rack as we walked out the open door.

"Hey, Brittany, do you mind if I go with you guys?" Alice chirped from behind me scaring the living daylights out of me.

"Of course not Alice." I smiled and walked to the car that would take us to hell.

I took a deep breath before getting out of the car to go into Forks High. I wouldn't have trouble making friends if I tried. I could be a cover girl for teen magazine, I had perfectly clear, smooth and even skin that was always just a little pink in the cheeks. I had bouncy, silky brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. I was beautiful, the whole vampire thing made me beautiful. So, I don't know why I was so nervous. Maybe it was the fact that I was going back after all this time or maybe it was being in the same school with him.

"Brittany, let's go." Rachel chimed from the back snapping me back to reality. I cut the engine and got out of the car. It was early so there wasn't very many people there yet. Carlisle suggested that Alice, Edward and Emmett give us a tour of the high school before classes. So they made us leave forty-five minutes before first period. I got to the office and asked for our schedules and was out of there. I didn't really need the tour but I went on it anyway. We walked around and I found that Forks High didn't change too much. Everything like the lockers and the desks were replaced to newer versions but the structure was still the same. All the buildings kept there original numbers and the classrooms weren't changed around too much either.

"And this is the Biology 11, 12, pre-Bio 10 and chemistry 11 and 12 room." Emmett smiled pointing to the bio lab.

"This is my favourite classroom." I smiled to Rachel and Connor who looked a little confused.

"Why?" Emmett asked with furrowed brows. Right I was Brittany to them and they had no clue that I used to be Bella. Well, I still am but more graceful and less human.

"Just some good memories." I smiled but he looked way confused. "I told you I used to live in Forks." I laughed a bit when I thought of the time Edward pissed me off so I stalked out of the room but tripped and dropped all my books on the way out.

"You went here? So, you didn't really need my amazing tour like skills I just flaunted?" Emmett joked.

"I went here, they didn't, your skills were useful just not to me."

"Wait, Liam told Carlisle he found you like two months after you were changed living in Maine." I guess I looked confused as hell because Edward explained a little more.

"He explained some things when you were asleep." Edward half smiled.

"Oh well, yeah, Liam did find me then and he had just changed Connor a couple weeks before that than Connor found Rachel." I explained not really getting Emmett's point.

"Well, why did you go to school here but they didn't" He questioned.

"I went here before Liam found me," Emmett must have been calculating the time in his head but before he could ask anything else I just put in the last peice of the puzzle. "when I was human." Saved by the bell! I was so happy when the first bell indicating home room rang. I half jogged to class but waited for everyone to get in there before me. I took a deep breathe and let it out walking into the classroom.

"Hi, Mr. Kanner? I'm Brittany Stone. I just moved here." I smiled walking to the front of the room to hand get my slip signed. I could already feel the stares boring into my back. Wow, what a wonderful start to a wonderful day...

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