The red and white Toyota Yaris tore across the Warner Brothers lot at a speed that most people wouldn't have been able to handle. But the man behind the wheel drove with the righteous anger of one who has been severely mistreated.

With a cloud of dust and smoke, the Yaris screeched to a halt outside the offices labeled "Chuck". The driver's door flew open, and a tall, lanky, and INCREDIBLY angry man stood up out of the vehicle. Slamming the door shut, he marched toward the offices, his namebadge flipping about in the wind, his necktie flung carelessly over his shoulder.

Wrenching open the front door, he barreled directly past the weakly protesting secretary and burst through the door marked "Executive Producer". Two men sat inside – one at a desk, facing the door; the other, his back to the door. He spun around as both men stared in shock at the man who had just barged into the office.

"Uh… Chuck," the one behind the desk said. "We – uh, this is unexp-"

"Stick a sock in it, Schwartz," Chuck Bartowski replied angrily. "I have something to say, and you are damn well gonna listen, you got that?"

Schwartz nodded meekly.

"Alright, here's how it is. That thing on Monday night you called an 'episode'? I call that a forty-minute 'beat Chuck session'." Chuck paused. "You're a dick, Schwartz." Then he looked at the other man, and raised his middle finger. "Sit on it and rotate, Fedak."

Chuck took a breath and a step back. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go tell Sarah how I REALLY feel about her."

Fedak began to rise. "That's not an option, Chuck, she'll just shoot you do-"

"Bull," Chuck spat. "I've got Captain Awesome backstopping me, so I think I'll be quite all right. Meanwhile, the two of you can suck a big one."

He stormed out of the office. As soon as he was gone, Schwartz dove for the phone. "Casey? We have a problem!"

The door burst open again, to reveal a grimly smiling John Casey. "Yes, you most certainly do."