Okay folks, here is my next story. This one is called The Lost Son. It was nominiated and was a finalist for favorite flashback fanfic in the 2008 awards. It is an A/U story as there is a third brother. I know, I know you hate third sibling stories and I usually do too, because in all the ones I have started to read the third sibling is the focus of the story. That is not the case here and Daniel was quite well received when I originally posted this. I hope you will give it a chance. Thanks very much.


John and Dean are a bit uh...well...not so nice in the first and second chapters. That will change, I promise.


Summary: After an argument, harsh and somewhat cruel words are spoken that drive Sam to run away. His journey is exactly what you would expect for the youngest Winchester. There will be mention of and appearances by Bobby, Caleb, and Pastor Jim. I hope you enjoy.

The only characters that belong to me are Daniel Winchester and Alisa Chambers, and the other ones that come along to move the story along. The rest belong to Kripke and the CW (aw shucks!!!!!).

Sam Winchester (age 16)
Dean Winchester (age 20)
Daniel Winchester (age 21)
John Winchester (do we really know his age?)
Caleb, Bobby, Pastor Jim

And away we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



16 year old Sam Winchester hurried down the hall of Carlson High School on his way to his locker. Dean would be waiting for him and with Dean's mood of late, Sam didn't want to keep him waiting. Sam reached his locker and after removing the books he would need for homework, he closed the door and turned to head back down the hall, coming face to face with Alisa Chambers. He backed up a step and shyly lowered his head, peering at the girl through his long, shaggy bangs.

"Hi Sam," Alisa said, a small nervous smile on her lips.

"Um...hi Alisa. How...how are you?" Sam stammered as his heart pounded heavily in his chest.

"I'm good. How was school today?" Alisa said as she took a step closer to Sam.

"Uh...it was okay. How about you?" Sam replied, lifting his head slightly.

"Oh, it was okay I guess. Had a test in English. I swear, Mrs. McGinnis doesn't have a life outside torturing us with her tests!" Alisa exclaimed.

"Yeah, I heard she's tough. Um...well Alisa, I gotta get going," Sam said as he inched sideways down the hall.

"Oh...can I ask you something first Sam?"

"Um...sure. Do you need help with your homework or something?"

Alisa giggled nervously then continued. "No, nothing like that. I...uh...I was just wondering if you would like to take me to the dance Friday night?"

"Me? Really? I...um..." Sam sputtered.

"Yeah. I was hoping you would ask me, but you didn't so..."

"Sorry. I wanted to but...I didn't think you would say yes."

"Really? Why wouldn't I say yes?"

"Well, you're pretty popular and...well...I know everyone thinks I'm a geek and all."

"I don't think you're a geek. Besides, that's just jealous boys saying that. They're jealous of you 'cause all the girls like you."

Sam's jaw dropped and his eyes widened. "What!? Are you serious? No they don't!"

"Geez Sam, are you blind? The girls are all gonna be so envious when they see us together at the dance. Oh...if you go with me that is. So...do you wanna go?"

"Uh...yeah. I'd love to go!"

"Oh Sam! That's great! I'll talk to you some more tomorrow. My number is 555-6823. Call me later. Bye!" Alisa gushed, then reached in and kissed Sam on the cheek before rushing away down the hall.

Sam lifted his hand and gently fingered his cheek where Alisa had kissed him, his face lightly flushed. He stared after the girl then slowly started down the hall toward the front doors. A large, dimpled smile lit up his face as he stepped out into the bright afternoon sunshine. His eyes scanned the parking lot and he soon caught sight of the Impala.

Sam rushed across the lawn to the black car, pulled the passenger door open and plopped into the front seat. He lifted his backpack over the seat and tossed it into the backseat. He glanced at Dean when he sensed his brother staring at him. Dean eyed Sam over the top of his sunglasses, his eyebrow lifted in a questioning manner.

"What?" Sam asked innocently.

"Where the hell were you Sam? Didn't I specifically tell you this morning to be right out today? I have plans and you seem to think I'm only around to drop you off and pick you up!" Dean fumed as he started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

"Sorry Dean. I got stopped on my way out. I'm only a few minutes late for shit's sake!" Sam shot back.

"Watch your mouth Sam! And I don't give a shit if you're only one second late, when I say get right out after school, I expect you to do as I say!"

"I'm sorry, okay?"

"Whatever. So, who was so important to make you keep me waiting anyway?"

"Alisa Chambers," Sam said coyly.

"Huh. Isn't she the girl you've been drooling over ever since you started here?"

"I haven't been drooling Dean! And yeah, that's her."

"What did she want? Help with her homework?" Dean asked sarcastically.

"No Dean. Actually, she asked me to the dance on Friday night and I said yes."

"Sweet! Too bad you can't go," Dean quipped.

Sam jerked his head toward Dean, his eyes wide. "What do you mean? Why can't I go?"

"Because Sam, we're leaving right after you get out of school on Friday. We have a hunt and Dad wants to be on the road by 4 pm."

"Dean! I don't have to go do I? All I ever do is sit in the car anyway."

"You're going Sam! I am going on this hunt. I am not staying home and babysitting your bratty ass!"

"You don't have to babysit me Dean. I can stay home by myself."

"Yeah, like Dad's gonna go for that. I mean, the last time we left you alone went so well!"

"That wasn't my fault Dean and you know it."

"Yeah Sammy. You're a trouble magnet and Dad is never going to let you stay by yourself again."

"Maybe Dan will stay then. He doesn't seem to mind being around me."

"Dad needs both Dan and me. You're going, so just forget about the dance Sam."

"I'll talk to Dad. He'll let me stay."

"Whatever Sam."

Sam sank down in his seat, the upcoming conversation, or more aptly, argument, running through his mind.


Well, that's it for now. Not very long, but it gets the story going. Please let me know what you think. More tomorrow.