Well, Gibbs pondered to himself, Tim McGee was done feeling sorry for himself. It had been two days since Tony had had the seizure, and the fever had barely gone down. DiNozzo had yet to regain consciousness. Tim McGee had yet to leave his side. He was furious with the senior agent.

"Seriously, DiNozzo, get your ass out of that bed in the next couple of days or you're gonna regret it," he growled, and Gibbs felt his eyebrows raise. McGee was hardly a violent man, but the past couple of days had lead to more grumbled threats and snarled curses, startling all of them. If Tony heard, he gave no indication of it, still thrashing restlessly, sweat-drenched and hot.

"McGee." Gibbs spoke quietly, uncertain what the man would do if he was startled. He had never seen Tim this way and found himself a bit wary of him. "You need to get some rest." McGee looked at him, a darkness and intensity in his gaze that Gibbs was unaccustomed to seeing.

"I'm fine, Gibbs," he said firmly, and the set in his voice made it clear that he was not backing down in any way, shape, or form. Gibbs sighed, rubbed a hand wearily over the space between between his eyebrows. Normally, he wouldn't tolerate that kind of blatant insolence, but considering the circumstances and how only a few days ago McGee was practically catatonic… He finally conceded and walked to the doorway of Tony's room, leaning against the doorframe. A sudden laugh surprised him and he turned to see Ducky chuckling.

"What?" He demanded, missing the humor in the situation completely.

"He's acting exactly like you, Jethro," Ducky said, shaking his head. "You're like a mother bear when one of your people goes down, snapping at everyone who gets near you. It's actually quite uncanny." Gibbs glared at him.

"Well, I don't like it. If I wasn't so worried about DiNozzo…" He allowed his voice to trail off and sighed. "You think he's gonna get better, Duck?" He didn't meet Ducky's eyes, but he knew that the doctor was probably wearing an expression of shock. He wondered if the wear and tear of the last week was showing as badly as he suspected.

"Jethro," he started, not really certain how to start. A string of curses wafted out of the door to Tony's room, and Ducky smiled sadly. "If he doesn't improve in the next few days, then the antibiotics are useless. I'm hopefuly, Jethro, it is Tony after all, and he has proven to be a man of some stamina, but I'm not going to make any promises." Gibbs nodded and looked at the floor. His phone rang suddenly, startling him.

"Gibbs," he muttered, his standard answer, and was immediately bombarded with Abby's frantic voice demanding an update on Tony's condition. He could hear Ziva in the background, saying something soothing, and smiled as he realized that they were together. "No change, Abs, but McGee is about to kill something. What are you two doing?" Abby quickly explained that they were watching some of Tony's favorite movies, she hadn't seen The Defiant Ones and she figured she really should so that Ziva knows what Tony was talking about, you know, when he was chained to White, and then she thought that maybe a Bond movie, Sean Connery since he's Tony's favorite and- Gibbs' head hurt.

"Abby," he muttered. She stopped talking.

"Gibbs, he's going to be all right," Abby said finally, and he could hear Ziva echo the statement.

"I know," Gibbs answered, though he didn't, and Abby sighed.

"Tell Timmy not to hurt anyone," she said finally.

"He's not listening to me right now, Abs."

"Okay, then don't let him hurt anyone. I'm counting on you, Gibbs. He's pretty messed up right now." Gibbs briefly wondered if Abby knew more about McGee than he did, something he didn't think was outlandish. They were tight, and if the panicked agent was going to talk to anyone, it would be Abby.

"Okay, Abby. I won't. You and Ziva take care, okay? I'll call you if anything changes." He turned his attention back to Ducky, who smiled tiredly at him.

"I'm going home for the night, Jethro. These old bones can't handle long nights like this anymore, though there was a time when I stayed up later than all the other lads." Gibbs nodded, clapping a hand on the doctor's shoulder, watched as he shuffled down the hallway. Damn, it looks like he's aged ten years in the past week. He imagined that he looked much the same.

"Gibbs! Boss! Holy crap!" It was McGee, his voice echoing through the hospital, making Gibbs wince as he thought about the reactions of the hospital staff. He ran into the room, staring wide-eyed at McGee who was pointing excitedly at Tony. Gibbs couldn't see any difference.

"He opened his eyes! He opened his eyes and said my name! He knew who I was, it wasn't delirium!" Gibbs stared at the still agent who hadn't moved since he'd entered the room and felt a pang of sadness as McGee continued to babble. He would be crushed when…Son of a bitch. Tony's eyes were cracked open slightly and he managed a wan smile at Gibbs.

"'Ey, boss," he murmured through chapped lips. Gibbs found himself grinning as Tim crowed triumphantly about being right.

"Good thing you're up, DiNozzo," he murmured. "McGee was about to commit murder." Tim had the decency to blush.

"I wasn't," he muttered, but Gibbs found himself suspecting that the thought had probably crossed his agent's mind as McGee looked at the floor. Seeing the way Tony and Tim kept kind of avoiding eye contact with each other, he figured they could use some time to themselves.

"I'm gonna go get a coffee," he announced, leaving the room.

The silence was only awkward for a minute.

"Glad you're here, Probie," Tony said quietly.

"Me too," McGee answered. This time, the quiet that wrapped itself around them was comforting. There was an unspoken understanding between the men. Tim broke the silence again, looking thoughtfully at Tony.

"What movie did that remind you of?" He asked, and DiNozzo grinned.

"The Bourne Supremacy, Probie. Matt Damon, Karl Urban-"

"I know what it is, Tony, I've seen it." DiNozzo stared at him, not even trying to mask his surprise. Tim shook his head. "I do watch movies sometimes. It's been known to happen."

"Okay, okay. Anyway, you know that car chase scene?" Tony nodded in satisfaction. "That one." McGee rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, real similar. Except that we weren't in a chase, we weren't in a tunnel, and you aren't an assassin. In fact, I don't really see it, Tony." DiNozzo groaned.

"Way to crush a man's dreams, McLoser." Tim grinned.

"Hey, that's what I'm here for." Tony allowed his eyes to close as he felt, finally, a natural, restful sleep wash over him. Just before he went under, he cracked an eyelid.

"Oh, and Probie? Next time, I drive."

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