Sorry, Wrong Channel!

A Crossover fanfic by AJ

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, but the plot is all mine.

Just after the defeat of Menos Grande:

The massive energy wave crashed over Karakura like a typhoon, blowing away all that was before …

Prequel Chapter 3

"I must have this helmet on too tight, Kurosaki … or you do." Uriyu scratched behind one ear with a hind foot, and the other four traded a weird look.

"I'm gonna go home … and see what everybody else has been turned into …" Ichigo sighed, seeing the half-dozen other nearby students still in the school yard. No two had become the same creature. 'Poke'mon!' he reminded himself. His sisters were probably having a field day.

"Sounds like you've got a plan, Ichigo. Anything we can do?" Chad rumbled.

"Not a plan, exactly," the substitute Soul Reaper said with a sigh. "Just an idea … I guess we just need to be ready for anything," he continued, with a sidelong glance at Uriyu and Rukia, who were eying each other uneasily. 'Note to selfdon't leave those two alone together," Ichigo thought, remembering the vitriol Ishida had spouted last night about Soul Reapers. "Later," he told the others, and started off to his family's clinic. With a parting wave of her purple fringe, Rukia drifted behind.

Wrong Channel!

"Dad, you're not listening …" Karin admonished.

"Of course not," Yuzu said. "He's having too much fun." The Kurosaki sisters were watching resignedly as their father capered madly around their clinic's inner courtyard.

Isshin Kurosaki, full of the fresh energy of waking up as a Marowak, was cartwheeling back and forth, letting off piercing roars and throwing the occasional bonemerang at the pillars around him.

"Go, Dad!" Yuzu cheered after a particularly acrobatic display. She and Karin hopped to the sides as he rolled back to a halt between them.

"Ah, it's been years since I felt this good!" Isshin sighed. "C'mon, you two! Your brother'll be home soon enough to spoil our fun; join me!"

"Pass," Karin huffed at her infuriating father.

"Nah, I better get started on dinner," Yuzu the Phanpy smiled, waving her blue trunk absently. "I saw some celery and mushrooms in the pantry. If we've got some water chestnuts and sprouts, I can get a mean stir-fry started."

"I'll get the fire started for ya," her sister told her, a gleam of mischief in the dark-maned Numel's eye and a coil of smoke escaping from her lips as the pair went inside.

"Don't get carried away you two," Isshin chuckled, watching them go. He did a back-roll into a handstand, and started whistling cheerfully.

Wrong Channel!

Rukia was about to flit up the side of the clinic to wait for Ichigo in his room, when a quiet throat cleared in the air behind her. Floating around, Rukia had to squint at the blinding sight of the spirit-energy-laden bird hovering next to her.

"Ni hao," the bird said, in a younger girl's voice. Rukia blinked for a second, then nodded. Not Japanese, but the language of neighboring China. Now she was glad she'd already learned it before being stationed to Karakura, just in case.

"Uh, hello," she responded in kind. "If you're looking for the Kurosaki Clinic, the entrance is around the other side …"

"Actually, I think I'm looking for you," the girl answered. "My name is Hay Lin."