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Chapter 1

A new place a new me!

I was all packed up and on my way to college. My life was turning around I could feel it. Everyone in Forks knew me as Chief Swan's little girl, and I had long ago gotten tired of being known as that. No guys would look at me twice because of the authority that my father held, thus I really hadn't had any relationships except for Conner and he could be a real jerk when he wanted to thank god I had been able to get rid of him by going away to school. I repressed a sigh as I though of my two best friends Jacob Black and Japer Whitlock. We all grew up together and knew just about everything about each other. They were like my brothers but also hated Conner. Jacob had decided to go to the local community college were he would get a mechanics degree and jasper had made his way to sunny L.A where he would be going to UCLA.

When I had started dating Conner everyone was shocked he was the bad boy and the one that was always in trouble and I was the Chief of polices only daughter. I think I was just trying to prove something when I started dating Conner but I soon found out that it wasn't going to be easy to get rid of him. He was controlling and at times abusive, I had hope that going to u dub who help me get away from him and some how it had worked and he wasn't fallowing me.

I was almost to the place where I would be calling home for the next year. My new dorm. The thought of that took my mind off Conner.

I really hope my roommate is cool. I thought to myself

My worst fear was that my roommate would be some bubble gum pop princess wanna be. I mean I am not some dark princess or anything but I totally don't hold well with bubbly people. They are just too happy and I am so not. I live in my own world filled with angry rock music and black! As I parked my car and got out I surveyed my surroundings. The air smelled really clean and the trees were a bright jade green as the sun sparkled off the water drops on the leaves. One of the best parts of living somewhere where it rained all the time, the plaints were joyous with life. As I got out of my car a very happy person with a high-pitched voice greeted me

"Welcome to the university of Washington my name is Amanda I am an R.A at McMahon hall," she said holding out her hand as if I were to shake it. I just looked at her and soon her hand fell to her side.

"May I have your name?" she said holding a clipboard, I bunch of large envelopes and pen in hand.

"Isabella Swan" I grumbled as she looked for my name on her large list.

" Ah here you are Miss Swan" she had handed me a large envelop of papers. "In there is a map of the campus, your room number a key to your room and your room mates name if you have any questions feel free to ask, I will be around all day to help you find your way."

I turned back to my truck after thanking her and grabbed all of my stuff. It wasn't really a lot. I slung my computer bag and my duffel bag full of every piece of clothing I owned over my shoulder and grabbed the twin comforter set that I had found at hot topic and was off. I looked into the packet that Amanda had given to me as I reached the elevator I pushed the up button after finding out that I was on the 4th floor, room number 41405. I also saw that my roommates name was Alice Cullen I suppressed a sigh, she sounded like a bubbly kind of person. I got in to the elevator and pushed the number 4 button and was soon on my way up. The doors opened and I stepped out, looking around I was in a small common room and there where five doors surrounding the common area two to the right on in the middle and two to the left. My door was the last one on the left and I made my way to it hoping that I had beat my room mate, on the door was a piece of paper with the names I. Swan and A. Cullen I knew I had the right room I put my key in the door and opened it. As I walked across the thresh hold my breath caught in my throat. There was my roommate, Alice Cullen bouncing up and down at the sight of me. I was horrified! She was blond (I don't think it was her natural color) and very tan. She was petite and kind of pixie like. She was very beautiful but bubbly.

"Hi my name is Alice you must be Isabella!" She held out her hand as that Amanda person had done and I took it.

"Bella!" I said "Hi Alice"

"Bella" she repeated

I let go of her hand and moved my way over to the bed that Alice hadn't claimed. I dropped my stuff on in and started unpacking.

"Alice are you in there?" a deep male voice had called from the common room

"Yes Emmett I am in my room stay there and I will come out" Alice turned to me and informed me that the deep voice was her brother Emmett and that he was a sophomore here at the university. "He lives in MaCarty Hall"

"Oh well maybe I will see you guys later" I said hoping that she was leaving so that I could be rid of the bubble gum princess.

"Yeah maybe I will introduce you to my brother soon" she said as she bounded out to meet her brother. Leaving me alone to get unpacked finally. I grabbed my computer and put it on the desk. I loved my laptop it had been a gift from my father for graduation and I was sure glad I had got it. I plug the charger into the wall and went to finish up unpacking. I opened my duffle bag to put my clothing away and found my ihome sitting on top, Charlie (my father) must have put that in there cause I had forgotten it. I was very thankful he had remembered. I plugged it in and started listening to some disturbed. It made me feel a lot calmer. Just then Alice bounded back in wrinkling her nose at the music.

"Hey my brother and I are going to get something to eat want to come?" she asked as I heard Emmett singing along to the song that was pounding out of the speakers of my Ihome. I was impressed that her brother had liked the song. It was one of my favorite songs the game plaid on in the back ground as I considered the invitation.

"No thanks Alice I should unpack" I said gesturing to my duffel bag.

" Ah ok then, have fun Bella" Alice said as she left.

I fallowed her out slowly not wanting her to know I was fallowing her. As I reached the door way I saw the back of Alice and Emmett leaving. Her brother was enormous! He was tan from what I could see and he had dark curly hair. His deep voice matched his large statchure. He looked like a bear and as he walked out with his arm around Alice they looked kind of funny. She was so tiny and frail looking it looked like if he moved to fast he would crush her, that thought made me laugh and as I turned to go back into my room Emmett turned to look at me. My eyes almost fell out of my head he was so amazing looking. I felt the slow burn of a blush creeping up my face and I could quite understand why. He gave me a big smile flashing his pearly whites and winked. I couldn't help but giggle I sounded like a moronic teenage schoolgirl UGH! I went back into my room dazed and started hanging up my clothing. Finally I had finished unpacking my clothing and had started making my bed. My comforter was a black comforter with jack skellington on it I loved it and it was in stark contrast to Alice's bright pink and green flowery comforter. I could tell Alice and I were going to have a hard time! We were so different I don't know how I am going to make this work. I lay down on my bed to rest my eyes and the next thing I knew I was thinking of Emmett. How it would feel to have his big strong arms around me, and how his lips would feel on mine. I wanted his tongue in my mouth and I could explain why I suddenly had this desire. Its not the kind of person I am, normally I am a shy and reserved person but it felt like a monster wanted to come out and it craved Emmett this guy that I didn't even know!

"Stop it you can't think like that its Alice's brother! UGH! Why did he have to be a roommate's brother! Well I will just have to stay away" I was talking out loud to the empty room trying to get my head out of the gutter when Alice came in with her brother.

"What do you have to stay away from?" she asked me making me jump I hadn't realized she was back.

" Aha" I stuttered "coffee" I said as the first thing popped into my head


Alice and I had just finished dinner and she wanted me to meet her roommate. I don't know why she was so excited about me meeting her but I have learned that humoring Alice is just best. Beside her roommate had good taste in music and seemed cute what little I had seen of her. As we walked in I heard Bella's voice it sounded like she was arguing with someone but as we got to the room I realized she was talking to herself.

"What do you have to stay way from?" Alice had asked and as I looked over at Bella her face went red.

Yes I still got it I could help but think smugly and I smiled at her as she stuttered out a lame reply. She was really cute. She had dark brown hair and when mixed with her pale skin she looked like she belonged at a death rock concert. Bella sat up on her bed as Alice moved to her own bed and I pulled up a chair. I couldn't talk my eyes off Bella she was so beautiful. Her dark brown eyes were captivating. She was a different from Alice as night and day. Her side of the room held lots of dark colors and rock posters. She was sitting on her bed in a pair of skinny dark jeans and dark green t-shirt that had some smart-ass remark on it. My sister on the other hand was wearing a bright yellow skirt and purple cardigan. It was really weird; I don't understand how the admins office always put the two that are complete opposites together!

I heard Alice say something to Bella but I wasn't paying attention. It actually looked like they were starting to get along. Odd. Well this should be interesting.

"So Bella" I heard myself say "where are you from?" She blushed at being addressed by me. That was so cute.

"Well I was born in Forks, Washington but moved to Phoenix with my mom when I was really young and then moved back to Forks when I was 17."


Why was I telling this guy my whole life story? I mean he is cute but there is no way he is actually interested in my boring life or me. Shut up Bella just shut up!

"So do you have a boyfriend?" Emmett asked. I could feel the heat burning my cheeks again.

"Emmett I don't think Bella needs to go into her love life so soon after we have met her." Alice was really sweet but stupid me replied before I knew what I was doing.

"Nope, not anymore! I ditched his ass right after high school thank GOD! What about you Emmett got a girlfriend?" I was pretty sure that my skin was going to be red for the rest of my life after that question!

"Nope" Emmett replied smugly "Why you want a shot at being my girl friend?" well duh I thought who wouldn't! But I couldn't say anything my face just hotter and hotter as the burning in my cheeks increased.

"Emmett! Knock it off, you said you would be nice to my roommate" Alice scolded

"It was an honest question" Emmett replied gruffly then sank back into the chair and kept a stony silence.

Alice continued to bomb bard me with question after question trying to get to know me. And I found that it was actually quite easy to talk to her she was actually really nice. Her brother just sat on the chair the whole night silent finally speaking around 2am. Emmett got up and said he had to get to bed he had a few early classes in the morning. Alice walked him to the door and gave him a hug. I was watching them as he went to leave and like this after noon as he walked out he turned and gave me a rather devilish smile and winked. Maybe is was a trick of the light did he just lick his lips at me?


As I bid Alice good night I couldn't help but play with her roommate a little it was so fun. As I walked out I turned my head slightly and gave Bella an I'll see you later smile and winked. She looked good enough to eat and I couldn't help liking my lips a little as I thought about what Bella would taste like when I finally got a change to tap that. As I walked across campus images of the things I could do to Bella flashed in my head. From the shower to bending her over a chair and ramming my dick in her pussy it all seamed a viable option. I got to my room and went to take a shower; I did have an early day and needed my sleep. As I got into the shower the thought of Bella's tight breast on my bare skin popped into my head and I couldn't help spanking one out in the shower before I went to bed.