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Author's Note: Jack/Nathan story.

Jack Carter doesn't know why he has never said anything to Nathan, but he actually understands everything that the scientist talks about. It's been a long time since anything at GD has truly surprised him, and he doubts that that will change anytime soon.

When Nathan calls him to explain about the mini black holes that are creating quantum time anomalies, Jack just sighs, nods, and tells Jo to explain it to the crowd that has been gathered around the sheriff's office for the past two days.

Nathan is surprised, but puts the incident out of his mind in favor of focusing on shutting down the black hole-creating experiment. In the end they have to create a second black hole and lock the two masses onto each other, creating a feedback loop that eventually destroys them both. Nathan doesn't even remember where the idea came from, though he assumes that it wasn't from Carter, who had been hanging around all morning.

When Jack calls Nathan to tell him that one of his precious scientists has managed to turn Lake Eureka into a lake of wine, Nathan is hip-deep in computers, trying to stop a virus that someone turned loose on the Eureka network. He doesn't even notice that Jack uses words like 'transmutation' and 'electro-static properties'. It's just another day in Eureka.

When Jack calls Nathan for help in re-writing parts of Sarah's base code, Nathan notices that parts of her code have already been re-written. Nathan asks Sarah who did it, but she refuses to tell.

When Nathan gives Jack a Rubik's cube that had been turned into a sudoku puzzle, it reappears on his desk within 24 hours, solved.

When Jack cracks the security coding locking the injured scientist and the sheriff in the GD elevator in under an hour, Nathan notices.

When Nathan hands jack two paperclips, a pack of chewing gum, a roll of fishing line, and a roll of duct tape, Jack saves the world, again.

When Jack invites Nathan to the lake of wine to watch the sunset, Nathan goes.

When Nathan turns to Jack and presses his lips gently against the sheriff's, Jack whispers "Took you long enough to get it."