When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the sun shining through a strange window. I smiled, remembering why I was there, and began to stretch, sitting up. Renesmee was already dressed, flitting about the room with a map and a pen. She paused when she noticed that I was awake.

"Morning, honey!" she trilled. "I was planning our day. I think we'll just get a quick breakfast, and then we can visit the museum around the corner, that looked interesting, and then we should go to the docks-" I held up my hand.

"Nessie, this isn't a field trip," I said, putting her hand in mine. "This is our honeymoon. We don't have to do all this touristy stuff." She smiled slightly.

"Well…okay," she laughed. "But I do want to go to the docks." I grinned, standing up and twirling her around.

"You know what?" I asked, dancing with her half-heartedly. "Tonight, I'm going to take you to the best restaurant in Greece," I promised. "And there will be candles, and big, fancy statues, and you can order whatever you like," I told her. She smiled, standing on her toes to kiss me.

"You change," she commanded a few minutes later. "I'll go save us a table in the café. Meet me there." She danced from the room airily, and I stared after her until the door swung shut.

Later, I stood in the café, searching for my new wife. It was extremely crowded, and it looked like every table was filled. It was hard to see, anyway, because people were swarming around the buffet counters and making their way to their tables. I glanced towards the front of the dining hall, but she wasn't there either. "Renesmee?" I called softly, knowing that she could hear me if she were there.

Suddenly, my nostrils flared, and I caught a scent that made me know something was wrong: bloodsuckers. Not the sickly sweet, sort of milky scent of the Cullens, or the amazing, sugary perfume of Nessie. I knew that this was no vegetarian.

Searching wildly, all the while muttering Renesmee's name urgently, it began to dawn on me that I shouldn't be standing there, in the middle of all those humans, who even then were throwing strange glances my way. I sprinted outside, following the bloody smell of those reeking leeches. Then, I saw them. These were no ordinary parasites- these were the ones that had haunted my nightmares for years, that had made me clutch Nessie to my chest and remember how lucky it was that she was alive.

"Lousy Italians," I muttered bitterly, chasing them as their black cloaks whipped around the corners of ramshackle buildings. Without consciously realizing it, I had phased. I could feel the rough, uneven gravel under my paws, and the awful stench intensified. As I followed them, I started to pick up the smell of a small figure, fidgeting in the villain's arms. He was slightly slower than the other one- the weight of Nessie was keeping him behind. I growled, speeding up as the dust flew behind me.

Suddenly, they were in a car- a sleek black Corvette with tinted windows. I took no time to admire it, but phased quickly and jumped I the closest car I could find- an old red Toyota Camry. I revved the engine, quickly slipping into the clothes I must have subconsciously tied on to my ankle. My eyes were glued to the black speed demon as my pursuit continued for the core of my existence, who had, to my disgust, finally been captured by the vicious vampires who had always hated her.