When consciousness returned to me, the first thing that I took notice of was the bright light streaming through my eyelids. I could tell that I was lying on a flat, slightly wet surface. Water frequently sprayed me lightly, but I kept my eyes shut. I heard the roaring of an engine, and the quiet sounds of someone else moving around. Then I wondered why I wasn't dead.

My eyes snapped open to reveal a clear blue sky. I swiveled my head around to get a better look of where I was. It was a white motorboat, sprinkled with sea foam and water. I was spread out on what seemed to be a faux leather bench seat. Seawater and foam dusted my skin. I sat up abruptly, and most of it rolled to the floor. Dots danced in front of my eyes with my sudden movement. I yawned and stretched groggily. Then, it occurred to me to find out who was driving the boat. I turned slowly. Someone leaned over the steering wheel with their back to me. I couldn't tell who it was.

Suddenly, I gasped. I realized that I'd been holding my breath, which, admittedly, I could do for a long time, but not forever. I assumed it was because I'd been underwater, and thinking that I was dying. Then, I took a big whiff and discovered the real reason that I hadn't been breathing. It smelled terrible! It burned my nose, and made me yearn for fresh air.

So, the boat driver was a vampire. Kidnapping me? Like I didn't know how to swim? "It didn't look like you knew how to swim last night," said a familiar voice, shocking me. The bloodsucker turned around and smiled cheerlessly. "Hello, Jacob. I hope you've been enjoying your honeymoon." Edward's sarcasm was too forced to make me grin. I sighed.

"Edward, they have Nessie," I told him, burning with the need to get her back.

"I know," he said coldly. I stared at him. He looked straight ahead at the horizon.

"That's not why you're here." I didn't need to ask. If someone as far away from him as I was could read this thought, it was obviously true.

"It would be," he said sadly. "And I want to save her." He wasn't making sense. "My priorities are there already, Jacob, be assured that I am not making this choice." I didn't understand him at all. Was he saying that he didn't want to rescue her? "Of course I want to get her back, Jacob, she's my daughter," he said. "I would have come out here anyway, but I came because I had to-"

"What?" I asked angrily. "You're just out here because of some, what? Some business meeting? Bella wanted Italian food?"

"Don't," he warned through his teeth. He was still and completely rigid. I saw something on his face- pain. When I mentioned Bella. He couldn't stand it.

"You're helping me take back Nessie," I said flatly. He nodded.

"That's not the only reason I'm out here, though," he repeated, begging me to understand.

"What do you mean?" I asked exasperatedly. He turned around and looked straight at me. His eyes were cold.

"They have her, Jacob," he said, his voice wavering and vulnerable. "They took Bella."