Summary: In order to secure a safe future for mutants, Professor Xavier instructs his team to secure the mutant thief Gambit as a team member first, and the only way to cut through his Guild's red tape is through an unbreakable contract. Romy.

Disclaimer: I do not own the X-men nor am I affiliated with Marvel in any way.

Author's Notes: No worries if you haven't had a chance to see the series yet. I'm going to say this story is a bit AU, simply to prevent any spoilers (nothing mind-altering, I assure you). All you really need to know about the series for this story is that Logan is in charge of the X-men, who are fighting to save a future that Professor X is trapped in. He's currently in a comatose state but living in a physical body in the future able to communicate with the present team via the astral plane. The MRD (Mutant Registration Department) and their scientists, politicians and machines are the main antagonists.

As per usual, I write with minimal accents, and I do not speak French, relying mainly on friends and translators.

Re-edited September 2010

Waking up in his room was weird. He was still sleeping when she opened her eyes. The room was still dark. She glanced at her clock; it was late in the morning. She never slept in this long. She was severely disoriented, it was almost noon, and yet it was still dark.

It took her a moment to realize that he had black out curtains on the windows. They were the telltale signs of someone who lived the nightlife. Probably another reason no one ever saw him around. He spent most of his waking time out and about at night and used the daytime for sleeping.

She slipped quietly from their shared covers, and rustled through her bags for her toiletries and some clean clothes. At least she could use the bathroom before he woke up if she was quiet enough.

That idea went up in smoke the minute she made even the smallest noise. He shot up in alarm, startled awake and in a defensive fight position. She'd never seen anyone wake up like that before. He stared wildly at her for a few moments before his body relaxed from its attack position and he remembered who she was, and why she was here.

At least their new sleeping arrangements would take some getting used to for him as well, she thought grimly as she gave him a sour look. She headed towards the bathroom, slamming the door simply because she didn't have to be quiet anymore.

Sitting up in his bed, he stared blankly at the light spilling from beneath the bathroom door. He heard her turn on the shower. It took a moment for his heart to stop racing. Waking up with an adrenaline kick was not his most coveted preference for starting his day.

He wasn't used to sharing a room; it messed with his defense mechanisms. He certainly couldn't wake up every single morning in attack mode. Soon he'd acclimate himself to her and not wake up at all when he heard a noise. Then, heaven forbid, say someone was in his room to attack—he'd be as good as dead.

Several minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom with a cloud of steam, fresh faced and oddly pretty, despite the misery hardened to her features.

"What are you staring at?" she bit angrily, her hand automatically resting on her cocked hip.

"You, ma cherie."

"I told you to stop calling me that."

"And I haven't been listening," he replied back, rolling his eyes. If every morning with her was going to be like this…

The misery she showcased turned neatly into her usual spark of anger.

"Well, you just better start."

He couldn't help but smile. In the morning of a brand new day, she seemed less intimidating to him. Her temper now amused him to no end, along with all her idle threats. She'd be even more furious if she caught him smiling at her. He was glad the room was dark enough to hide his grin if she decided to turn around and face him. She didn't, and promptly left the room, slamming yet another door.

Remy LeBeau fell back onto his bed, still grinning. He could actually get used to waking up like this. Not bad for his first day as a married man.