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She was perfect. He thought as he stroked his hands down her white body lovingly. He could feel every ridge and that told her story, it was an exhilarating feeling. Never in all his days had he seen anything as perfect as she was.

And she was his finally.

How long had he longed for her? To hold her like this and caress her lovingly. There was only one thing left to do however, one last thing to make it all perfect.

Reaching over he wetted his rubbed and then pressed it into her.

And smiled at the big ink print that adorned her.


Now an evil smile appeared on his face as he let out a cackle and dropped the sheet on to the desk. At the top it red 'Johnny K. Gambino at the bottom it the stamp he had just placed.

Even the richest man in Gaia had to file his taxes, and this year old Johnny K. had done it wrong and now he could act.

After all even Gaia's most powerful man couldn't run from the IRS.