Hello all,

Well here's my latest NCIS fic. This one is pretty much done, just working on the last chapters. Seven are done and it should be maybe ten chapters when complete. I am posting two today and will try and post one every day or so until all are up.

In it you'll find lots of hurt!Tony and some PapaGibbs as well. Based on lots of from "I've Got You", I will be sure to put in some of Tony's recovery as well.

Hope y'all like it. :o)



Chapter One



"Wait Boss, I think that note is in my bag," Tony said. The two were driving back from searching their lead suspect's home and as said suspect chose to live out in absolute nowhere, they had a couple hours of driving time to kill. The snowstorm that popped up rather unexpectedly had only added to that drive time and Gibbs decided to go over some of the finer points of the murder with his lead agent.

Tony reached into the backseat for his ever present backpack as Gibbs continued to drive. The backpack had shifted from the car's swerving on the twisting road and was now nestled up against the passenger door behind him. Grunting to reach back with his left arm, Tony stretched his fingers as far as they would go. In doing so, he also leaned a little too far into Gibbs' personal space.

"DiNozzo." Gibbs said quietly, still looking ahead at the road in front of him.

"Yeah Boss?" Tony's voice was muffled by the fabric of Gibbs' seat.

"You wanna get your face off me?"

"Sorry, Boss."

"It can wait till we get back," Gibbs said with a sigh.

"No, I can get it," Tony replied, not ready to give up yet. The bag had now become a challenge. "Hang on."

With that Tony unclipped his seatbelt and turning himself completely around, planted his knees on his seat and wriggled his upper body into the backseat.

Still paying close attention to the road, Gibbs was only aware at first of the numerous grunts coming from the other side of the car. Deciding to find out what in the world was going on, he looked over and found himself face to face with….

Tony's ass.


Forgetting where he was for a second, Tony's instincts to that call from his boss brought him up to a full and upright position.

Or they would have, if the car's roof hadn't been in his way, causing him to slam his head into the upholstery above.


"What the hell are you doing back there DiNozzo?"

"Getting the notes," Tony reached back down into the compartment he had unzipped right before his head became very familiar with the ceiling. "Gotcha!" he said in triumph, pulling out the paper he'd been seeking.

Gibbs allowed himself an indulgent smile, shaking his head at the antics of his agent. Tony wasn't a kid anymore but sometimes he sure could act like one. He'd never admit it to anyone but the truth was that sometimes Gibbs liked it.


Tony began the task of untwisting himself from his ridiculous position, managing to do so without bumping into Gibbs even once. Being careful not only because it wasn't safe to knock a driver around on a dark snowy night like the one outside, but also because he knew if he did, his boss would have him on desk duty for a week.

The agent had most of his long body back in the front of the car and was just in the midst of turning himself forward when they hit the black ice.

Neither of them had much time to react as the car slid out of control. Gibbs used everything in his power to keep them on the road but it was no use, once their wheels hit the ice they were in an uncontrolled slide. He realized with horror that they were going over the railing and realized with even more horror that Tony, still out of his seatbelt, had nothing to hold him down.

Knowing what was about to happen, Gibbs lost control of his voice, yelling out before he'd even realized he'd done it.