Outlandish gates opened and out stepped two figures. The two figures turned to the guards of the gates and one showed a badge to them. The guards let the two pass, and the two shunpoed away. When they were out of ear shot. One of the guards turned to the other.

"How old do you think that girl was?" The other shrugged.

The two figures hurried towards a building with a kanji number one on it. When the two got there they separated. One getting invited into the meeting room. The other waiting outside the door.

Yamamoto sighed as he waited for the other captains to come to the meeting. Of course Soi Fon, Byakuya, Ukitake, Unohana, Hitsugaya, Komomaru, and Kurotsuchi. Finally after ten minutes, Kenpachi, and Kyoruku graced the others with their presence.

Soon the meeting began, they talked about politics and regular war problems with Aizen and his minions. When there was a knock on the door. Yamamoto narrowed his eyes at the familiar spiritual pressure.

"Come in Kurosaki Ichigo." he said. The doors opened and the familiar orange haired teenager stepped into the room.

"Sorry to cause you problems, but I needed to speak to you and I need to return to the world of the living today." Ichigo scratched the back of his head.

"Hey Ichigo, come for a fight?" grinned the blood lust captain.

Ichigo stepped away from him a little and shook his head no. "Afraid not Kenpachi, actually its more of a…serious matter."

Some of the captains narrowed their eyes. 'Serious matter?' They asked themselves. "What is it Kurosaki Ichigo?" asked Yamamoto.

"You see, I am no longer going to be the only substitute shinigami. Another person has gained shinigami powers like I and needs training. Urahara has trained them with the basis but I want this person to have more knowledge on the soul society itself. I guess you could say I want them to have better knowledge than I do. So I was wondering if it is possible that this person helps with the squads and is…trained under some of you, if that is alright with you." the teenager said. Some of the captains raised their eyebrows. Some stood silently trying to figure out if it was a good idea.

Yamamoto contemplated with himself. 'Whoever this person is could be a great help in the upcoming war. Plus if the learned the rules and other things that the current substitute doesn't know, they can teach it to the boy. It could be a great help.'

"We will take in the person." Yamamoto declared. He than looked at his fellow captains. "Does anyone object?" Some shook their heads. While others were silent also agreeing with him. "Very well, Kurosaki bring the person in."

Ichigo nodded. "I'll send her in. I have to go back to the living world now, so I'll have her give you any information you would need." Yamamoto nodded. Ichigo quickly left the room. The door was left open and all the captains saw him talk to a

girl. They couldn't really get a good look because Ichigo was in the way. They saw the two conversing. The girl shook her head and gently kicked Ichigo in the knee. Ichigo nodded to the girl and then left.

"Come in child." Yamamoto ordered when they saw the girl question if she should go in. The girl nodded and picked up a bag and another bag that held a…ball, and walked in.

The captians all stared. She was at least the same size as Toshiro. Her eyes were a dark grey and her hair was short and black. She wore an ordinary uniform. On the back of her hips she had two zanpakuto that lay horizantal to each other.

"Your name child?" asked Yamamoto.

"Karin Kurosaki, sir." she answered. Some captains widened their eyes.

"I see, so you are Ichigos…sister?"

"Yes…unfortunately." she muttered the last part under her breath. Yamamoto nodded.

"Welcome to the soul society than young Kurosaki."

"Karin, please. I hate such formalities." He nodded again.

"It seems you and your brother are alike."

Karin looked down. "I regret that." some other captains chuckled.

"What fighting techniques are you good at?" asked Ukitake.

She looked up again and faced him. "I fight like my brother -sadly- but I have better control of my rietsu. I'm not sure about my demon arts. Never tried it. Hand to hand combat I'm good at -also like my brother- I'm somewhat okay with healing, but than again so is Ichigo. Though he doesn't show it."

"You like fighting?" asked Kenpachi.

Karin grinned at him. "Love it!" He grinned back.

"Hopefully your not so much like your brother." muttered Mayori.

Karin smirked. "Actually people say I'm worse."

After she said that all the captains -minus Kenpachi- all thought the same thing. 'Great.'

"How are you worse?" asked a curious Kyoruku.

She shrugged. All the captains got sweat drops.

"Um, while I'm staying here. Where exactly will I be…staying?"

"My mansion." said a voice. Karin and everyone else looked shocked at the person.

"Captain Kuchiki?" Yamamoto asked.

"Kurosaki Ichigo allows my sister to stay at his house when staying in the world of the living. I can do the same."

Karin blinked. "Thank…you?"

"Very well. Karin Kurosaki will be staying with you Kuchiki. Tomorrow you are to report to my office Karin and I will give you a schedule on who you will be teaching you."

"Okay." she said. Yamamoto looked clearly at her face. She had a bored expression on. The only time her bored expression was not on was when she smirked or seemed to get excited. 'So much like her brother. But his is always a scowl.'

"You are dismissed." The captains all began to file out. Karin and Byakuya stared at each other for some time before he began walking out and she followed. As they walked out all the captains stood silently and stared at her. Each grading her as if she a test that needed grading. When the two passed Toshiro she stopped and turned.

"Hello, elementary student." she said with a cocky grin. He glared.

"How many times do I have to tell you, I. AM. NOT. AN. ELEMENTARY. STUDENT." he growled.

"Sure look like one to me."


"KARIN!" she sighed with exasperation. "Honestly, will people ever call me by my name. I mean really you will get me and my brother mixed up. Besides I don't like being called so formally, get it through your head Toshiro." she turned to everyone else. "That goes for all of you."

"It's Captain Hitsugaya." growled the child prodigy.

"Sure it is." she said as she began to follow Byakuya again. "Later Toshiro, we really should play soccer again. You know, one on one."

Byakuya raised an unseen eyebrow. 'One on one? Soccer? Again?" He figured he'd find out how the two knew each other later. After all the girl has already had a long day.

Toshiro…not so lucky. "Well Captain Hitsugaya, how do you know Karin-chan so well?" asked the usually drunk captain.

"When her brother was away training with the vizards we met. At the time I didn't know she was Kurosakis little sister. One day I noticed she could sense hollows and decided to see if she could see them too. Soon I saw she was hurt in a soccer game. I helped and after that a menos attacked. She tried to kill it but failed. Than after I had to save her she asked me where her brother is. Than she formally introduced herself. We saw each other a bit more and played soccer a bit. Then I left when my mission was complete. End of story."

"I see. So you met her at a 'soccer' match. What is soccer."

"That ball she carry's with her is a soccer ball. You can't use your hands and you kick it into a goal. She also uses it to kill hollows."

"How interesting. I wonder if she would allow me to do some tests on her." Kurotsuchi wondered. The other captains just shook their heads.

Karin sighed deeply as she looked around her room. Yes, it was big. Yes, it was beautiful. Yes, she was grateful for the room. But really, why does it have to be like THIS!

"You must be home by 10 o'clock during weekdays, and 11 o'clock on weekends." said Byakuyas head servant. Currently Karin was being told the 'rules' of the Kuchiki house. Even though she was a guest Byakuya she still needed rules. Manly because she was, after all, Kurosaki Ichigos little sister. Therefore she is a trouble maker, and she did say she was worse than her brother.

"And last but not least, you are a guest of the Kuchiki household please behave at your top most."

'Ya, not happening.' Karin thought to herself. "I'll try my best." she said with a fake smile. The servant nodded and left the room. Karin sighed again and fell onto her futon. She grabbed a pillow and snuggled into it.

"Okay I'm extremely bored." she muttered into the pillow.

'Why don't we go find a fight, mistress?" asked a familiar voice.

'I'm to lazy.'

'Better yet, get off your lazy ass and go find a fight.'

'I want to but, Ichii-nii will get mad if I fight on my first day here.'

'Since when did you listen to your brother?'

'I don't, I just don't feel like fighting at the moment. I got an idea. Let's go exploring! Who knows maybe we'll find something to vandalize.'

'Sounds like a plan. Just be sure to make so it can't be simply washed away.'

'Didn't plan on it.' I thought as I grinned and picked up my zanpakuto and soccer ball. I than left my room and continued to look around… and perhaps cause trouble.