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Substitute Chapter 7

~3rd Person~

"HA! I won!" Karin exclaimed as she kicked the soccer ball past Toshiros legs. He turned and glared at her as she ran around the field in a victory lap.

"No you didn't! The score is 15-14, so I won."

Karin stopped and glared at him. "No! That last goal was my 16th goal! I had fourteen but made two more!"

"No!" Toshiro argued. "You made one more goal-" The fight went on. The two were very competitive so they sometimes lost count of the goals they made. They were so engrossed into the game that they forgot to keep count and sometimes added on goals.

"Well obviously you would have beat me if you were a good soccer player, but not really" Toshiro taunted.

Karin gasped. "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" Karin stomped up to him and glared at him. "I am a great soccer player. If YOU" Karin jabbed a finger into his chest. "were a good soccer player, than you'd have actually had a chance against me, but sadly… well not really…you arn't." Karin smirked and folded her arms.

He glared back at her and took a step forward. "I could beat you with my eyes closed."

"I could beat you with my eyes closed and one of my feet cut off!"

"I could beat you with my eyes closed, one of my feet cut off, and with a hollow chasing after me!"

"Oh yeah! Let's just see who could beat who. You make a team, and I'll make a team, we'll play on Saturday! That sound good to you Captain?" Karin smirked.

"heh, it's a deal!" The two shook hands and left without saying goodbye to the other.

~ Karin ~

I walked towards the sixth division. i didn't know who I would have to help me beat Toshiro, but I figured Renji would help me. As I walked I looked up into the sky… and memories came to my mind. I quickly shook my head, and forced the memories away.

"Idiot…" I muttered. I walked past the entrance to the sixth division. People ignored her, since they were already used to her walking around the division. Karin hurried to the captains office, hoping Renji was there, and hoping that Byae5uya would allow him to leave. She was running now, the sooner she finds her players, the faster she can teach them to win!

Suddenly as I ran I almost bumped into a familiar face. A boy with black hair with beads in his hair and a familiar tattoo on his forehead. Before we could collide he spun on his foot as I did and we both went into different directions. We both turned to apologize and then I just realized what just happened. HE DODGED! Not only did I dodge but so did he! I FOUND A NEW PLAYER!

"YOU!" I pointed at him. I now recognized him as Rikichi. He gulped and started to apologize.

"I'm so sorry! So terribly sorry!" he started to bow. "I was in a hurry and-" I cut him off.

"Do you know how to play soccer?"

"S-soccer?" He stuttered the question. He looked at me with a confused expression. "What do you mean."

I smirked, "I have a proposition for you Rikichi."

"W… what kind of proposition… and what's soccer?"

I dead panned. "Um… people play it in the districts. You kick a ball around and try to get it in a goal…"

"OH! Soccer! Right! Um… what do you want with me though… and soccer…"

My smirk got bigger. "I need a team for this Saturday, I'm playing against Toshiro and his own team… and you… will play on my team…." as I thought about it I realized I would probably need to be nice. "please…" I said as an afterthought.

He stared at me with wide eyes. "I-I CANT DO THAT?"

I narrowed my eyes at him, "and why not?"

"Because Captain Toshiro is… A CAPTAIN! I can't go against a captain!"

My eye twitched. "WHY NOT?"



Rikichi shook his head furiously. "NO!" He then tried to run away. Run being the key word; I ran after him and jumped in front of him knocking him down.

"You'll have to work on that," I said in an uncaring voice. I then leaned down and glared at him. "Oh, and if you don't play on my soccer team… than I'll just tell Renji that you let the butterflies out… I wonder how he'll react to that…"

Rikichi paled and gluped. "Okay, Okay, I'll play on your team."

I grinned. "Okay! One down six to go…"

I ran into the office, slamming the door open as I did. Renji jumped and glared at me, while Byakuya merely glared. "RENJI!" I yelled, "I need your help!"

"Kurosaki, how many times must I tell you that you cannot enter my office in such a manner?" Byakuya said calmly, but I could tell he was irritated.

"Sorry Sir, but as I was saying I need Renji's help." I said.

"With what?" Renji sighed.

"Well," I walked up to Renji's desk. "Toshiro and I got into a fight and we both agreed to have a soccer match to see who is better at soccer and I need you to be on my team." I smiled.

Renji just stared at me for a moment. "No.."

I glared. "Yes."










"Do it Abarai!" Byakuya suddenly snapped. We both gapped at him as he furiously wrote his reports. "And get out of my office, your both annoying!" Renji stood and we both started for the door.

"Abarai, where do you think your going?" he asked.

Renji turned and started to stutter.

"Uh… sir you said to get our of-"

"I was talking to Kurosaki, I believe you have paperwork to finish." I looked up and gave a shrug at Renji. Renji sighed and went back to his desk.

"SEE YA!" I called and walked out of the office.

I hurried to the tenth division, I knew Matsumoto would agree to be on my team as long as I agreed to help her hide her sake. So therefore, I just have to get to her before Toshiro does. So… I need bait.

I hurried to the storage area in the twelfth company and 'borrowed' a cardboard box… after I removed some questionable needles. Then I got my old Kendo stick and some rope, and then I got a sake bottle from Kyoraku… after he told me to not drink it all in one place.

I quickly set up the box with the sake underneath and the kendo sword holding up the box and held the other side of the string which was attached to the sword. Old school I know, but it works well. I grinned and hid behind a bush waiting for Matsumoto. I sat eagerly for her to come this way.

I fell asleep…. I know I know, it was stupid but.. It was so warm out and I didn't get any sleep and borrowing from the twelfth division was hard! Gino walked by and tugged on the string to wake me up, I thought it was Matsumoto so I yelled and pulled on the string.

"GOTCHA!" the box fell on nothing as I stared like a crazed lady. I blinked and then turned to look at who tugged on the string. Gino stood there smirking at me.

"Having fun?"

I shook my head. "Not really…" He just laughed and held a hand out to help me up. I smiled gratefully and took it, he pulled me up and I just sighed. "I was trying to get Matsumoto to play on my soccer team. I'm playing against Toshiro this Saturday and I need a team."

"Ah, the soccer match, yeah I think your to late when it comes to Matsumoto playing on your team." Gino chuckled.


Ginos chuckles turned into laughs, "Haha yeah Captain found all of Matsumotos sake bottles and said that if she didn't join his team than he would dump all of her sake down the sink."

I narrowed my eyes, "He plays dirty!"

Gino laughed and nodded his head towards my make shift trap, "And you don't?"

I nodded my head, "Good point. Anyways are you on Toshiro's team?"

Gino shook his head, "No,"

I tilted my head, now confused. "But you know how Matsumoto is on his team, how is that?"

"Word spreads fast around this division." Gino smiled.

"oh well… you're going to be on my team!" I smiled. Time to use one of his own squad against him. Toshiro wont even know what's coming for him! I grinned.

"uh.." Gino sweat dropped. "I'm not sure that is a good idea…." I reached up and grabbed his shirt and started to shake him back and forth.

"YOU WILL BE ON MY TEAM WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!" I yelled. Gino shook my hands off of him and glared.

"I don't think that's how you get people to be on your team!"

I pouted and stared at him. "Please…"

Gino tilted his head as if he was thinking about it. "Okay." he shrugged as if he didn't have anything else to do. Which I'm sure he didn't.

"THANKS GINO! Now if you excuse me, I have to meet Toshi for some icecream. I owe him….sadly." Gino laughed and waved me off.


Matsumoto was late… again, but this time it came to my advantage that she was. I had been able to find all of her hidden sake bottles and then had them sitting on the windowsill, if she said no to me than I'd just knock them off the window sill. (I 3 BOB! RAPE! GirlX901: DON'T TALK ABOUT MY TOSHIRO IN THAT WAY! Kittymistress: …. You mean Karins man. GirlX901:… right)

Finally she came in after two hours, when she saw the sake bottles behind me, she realized that she was in trouble.

"C-captain I can explain those sake bottles you see-"

"Save it Matsumoto I know what they are." I said to her as I leaned back in my chair. "I have a proposition for you."

"P-propostion Captain?" She stuttered and looked nervously at her precious sake bottles.

"Yes, you see Karin and I made a bet of sorts, and this Saturday we are going to have a game of soccer, and I need a team. I figure that YOU will be on my team."

"Well… Captain Karin is my friend…"

I smiled and took my sword out of my sheath. Her eyes got wide as I moved it towards the sake bottles. "If you don't help me I'll destroy these."


"That's what I thought…" I smirked and got back to work as Matsumoto hurried to gather her sake bottles. She was putting them on her desk and trying to hide the paperwork I placed on the desk earlier.

"HEY WHITEY!" a voice yelled from behind me, I jumped from my seat and turned to see Yachiru on the window seal.

"What do you want Lieutenant Kusajishi?" I sighed as I calmed myself.

"Well I was looking for Mini-Ichi but I can't see her here so I guess I'll look somewhere else.."

"NO! Wait, um Kusajishi, would you like some candy?" I asked as I opened my desk drawer that had all the candy Ukitake had given me.


"On one condition!" I said as I closed the drawer suddenly with a slam. "You play on my soccer team this Saturday." Yachiru tilted her head to the side and then shrugged. "OKAY! I'll bring Kenny too!"

I smirked. "Okay then it's all yours." I opened the drawer back up and she attacked in a whirlwind. Suddenly all I saw was reports slowly floating to the ground and the drawer empty along with my office. Matsumoto had used Yachiru's interruption as a diversion for her escape.

"… MATSUMOTO!" I yelled as the room turned cold.

~3rd Person~

~Soccer Game~

The two teams glared at each other…. Well most did. Others just looked around and wondered why they were there. On Toshiros team there was Matsumoto, Yachiru, Yumichika, Sentaro, Kenpachi, and Izuru. On Karins team there was Renji, Ikkaku, Kiyone, Rikichi, Shuuhei, and Gino. Most were dragged into the game between the two… actually only Kiyone and Sentaro joined willingly.

Karin and Toshiro glared at each other. When they had Ice cream the other day Toshiro said that a human could not beat him at soccer, and then she continued to call him a midget. Eventually they began to want to destroy each other at the game.

"Today is the day that I prove that a human can beat a midget at soccer!" Karin yelled as she put her ball on the ground. Gino, Rikichi, Ikkaku, and Shuuhei cheered as well as half of the crowd that had gathered for the game. Toshiro glared at Gino and he just shrugged as he grinned.

"Actually I believe today is the day that I proove that a human cannot play soccer as well as a soul reaper!" Toshiro snarled and then the other half of the crowd cheered as well as Sentaro, Yachiru, and Matsumoto.

The two teams then began the game. When Ukitake blew the whistle Karin ran forward and kicked the ball as hard as she could, Renji then kicked it and began jogging it down to the goal, suddenly there was a shadow above him and he blinked up to see Kenpachi bringing his sword down on Renji.

"AHHH!" Renji yelled as he jumped out of the way. Suddenly there was a huge crater in the earth. Everyone who was playing -except for the pink haired little girl- widened their eyes and gaped at the fight crazed man. Ukitake didn't blow the whistle and Karin and Toshiro were still playing. All the other players minus Yachiru and Kenpachi looked at the four as if they were crazy.

"WAIT A MINUTE TIME OUT!" Renji yelled as he waved his hands. Ukitake blew the whistle and everyone stopped. "We're allowed to use our swords?"

Karin and Toshiro shrugged, "Yeah we figured since we're all soul reapers we could use our powers." Karin explained. Then she nodded to Ukitake to begin the game again. He blew the whistle and the group was off again.

Yamamoto realized that his lieutenant had not returned with the reports he needed. Also he did not see any of his squad members durning the day, when they would usually come and do their work. That and no captains had come to complain… and Soi Fon had not come with a new conspiracy theory. He sighed and stood up grabbling his cane and walked out of his office to look for his squad.

All players had dirt, blood, and sweat on them. The game was 5-5, and each team. They had been through 15 balls, and the field no longer looks like a field. Karin was kicking the ball towards the goal when she sees Yachiru coming at her, suddenly the ball is taken from her, as she trips over Yachirus small size and falls to the ground. Yachiru gets the ball and immediately starts to use her speed to get it into the goal.


Ikkaku jumped up from his spot by the goal where he was sleeping -er…was knocked out by a certain pink haired girl- and immediately tackled the ball before Yachiru could kick it into the goal. Ikkaku jumped to his feet and kicked the ball so hard it flew nearly to the other goal. Karin saw it and ran at Renji.

"RENJI! NOW!" Renji cried anime tears as he bent over so Karin could jump on his back. Karin jumped up and was flying through the air towards the ball. She did a flip and brought her foot down on the ball and kicked it into the goal! Yumichika fainted as the ball nearly came next to his face.


Karin grinned and did a fist pump in the air as the teams all got ready for the last five minutes. Behind her Toshiro smiled as he stared at Karin. So she was learning from him? The goal was just like the kick he did when he first met Karin and her friends.

The whistle blew again and the members of the two teams continued to fight for the ball. Izuru had the ball and was starting to kick it towards the goal when Gino swiped in and stole the ball. Izuru then fell over his two feet and into a crater created by Kenpachi. Sentaro then 'bumped' into Gino and took the ball, kicking it towards his goal. After much struggle, he got it into the goal! It was 6-6 now and the crowed was cheering. The next one to make a goal is the winner.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!" yelled a furious voice. Everyone in the crowd went silent. Everyone on the field went quiet as Head Captain Yamamoto walked onto the ruined field. Karin and Toshiro looked at each other and each had one thought.

'Oh Shit!'


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