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Bright skies turned gold under the setting sun, and at their usual meeting place the sound of heavy breathing was starting to drown out kunai clashes.

"That's enough for today." Kakashi ordered looking up from his book to the red- orange clouds. His three students dropped to the cool grass in relief.

"My body hurts all over." Naruto groaned getting up to retrieve his knives.

"I can't wait to get home and take a shower." Sakura sighed, following after him. Sauske collected his things in silence, obviously just as tired as they were, but not willing to admit it. He left quickly with an annoyed look on his face. Sakura and Naruto shrugged putting there bags on their shoulders and preparing to leave.

"Sakura?" Sakura turned around in surprise, Kakashi is usually already gone by the time they leave. He likes to claim he's a busy man.

"Yes Sensei?" She replied hesitantly.

"How old are you this year?" he leaned down to eye level, seeming very interested. Sakura stole a glance at Naruto who shrugged unhelpfully.

"I turned 15 in March, don't you remember?" She felt a little slighted that he would forget how old she was, it had only been four months since they'd celebrated.

Kakashi scratched the back of his head, realizing his folly. "Of course" he laughed, "Just making sure."

His demeanor changed quite suddenly and his hand fell to her shoulder. "Meet me back here later tonight. We'll be starting you're Nin-jitsu training." Sakura's face lit up with pride. She'd been told that she was a Nin-jitsu type, with her chakra control it was obvious, but whenever she'd asked Kakashi to teach her he'd say she wasn't ready for the mental strain. Now she was ready.

"Thank you Sensei! You won't be disappointed!" she gushed before running to meet Sauske, her earlier fatigue forgotten.

"He'll have to be impressed with me now." She thought giddily. Naruto's face fell as he followed more slowly, predicting her thoughts miserably.

Kakashi stayed back, a smirk hidden behind his mask and a different sort of spark in his eyes.

"I hope not." He whispered.

The night was dark, only a small sliver of moon shone down moving in and out from behind thick clouds and the air was heavy with the threat of summer rain. Sakura hummed as she strolled toward the clearing, the grass, starting to wet with dew, soaking her sandaled feet. She was so looking forward to training she ended up leaving earlier then she needed. Expecting to have to wait even longer for Kakashi to finally show up, she allowed herself to stroll rather then hurry there and enjoy the humidity on her skin. To her surprise, as the training area came into view, he was already waiting. Leaning against the center of the three wooden pillars, staring in her direction as if he knew she would be there. For once he didn't have his nose stuck in one of his perverted books, his hands were stuck in his pockets and he had an impatient vibe about him.

Sakura took this as a sign that he was serious about her training and smiled brightly as she ran towards him.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." She apologized, suddenly ashamed that she had taken her time.

"Not a problem, I was early." He commented, clipped and detached. He looked down at her in silence long enough that she started shifting uncomfortably. It was as if his gaze could stretch from that single obsidian eye and run hands over her. She shook it off and flitted her eyes away.

"Can we start Sensei?" she suggested, hoping to leave the awkward and confusing moment behind. She noticed a twitch of a smile under the fabric covering his face.

"Of course. I know I said I would be teaching you Nin-jitsu, but there is something more important I need to teach you tonight." Sakura's face fell, but she didn't interrupt. Just as he thought, she was such a good girl.

He leaned in close, only a few centimeters from her. It had never been an odd thing for him to do, but something about the way he did it tonight, or maybe it was just the moon deciding to break free from the clouds at that moment and shine on his concealed face that made her want to shrink back. Yes, that must be it.

"As a kunoichi, you'll be going on missions that will require more then other ninja…" He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in, so her hips pressed against his. She fell into his lead with a small cry of surprise, caught off guard by the action.

"Think of this as training." He slid his fingers into the band of her leggings, callused knuckles meeting the smooth skin of her hips. Sakura's pupils dilated away the green of her eyes and her jaw slaked.

"No." she whispered. This isn't happening. She pulled back halfheartedly, expecting him to just let go like it was some bad joke.

"Stop." This isn't happening. She struggled harder against him, his grip on her waist only tightening painfully.

"Stop! Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura screamed, confused tears fell in a sudden burst of panic and she punched his chest repeatedly as hard as she could. He pushed her back just slightly and slapped her across the face with a clack that echoed through the emptiness of the forest. She fell to the ground with a yelp into a shivering, frightened heap. This isn't happening! She forced her eyes back up at her great sensei, every muscle in her body screaming for her to run, but she couldn't move. The hands reaching from his stare did more than feel her; they held her, reached inside her and wrenched her heart and her lungs.

He watched her crying on the grass, trying so very hard to grasp what was going on with her innocent little mind. Hooking a finger in his mask, he pulled it away revealing an arrogant, lustful grin. "That was lesson number one." He muttered, taking a step closer.

Sakura's muscles pushed her back on their own, their previous pleas having gone unheard, but she couldn't take her eyes away from his. She realized suddenly what the difference was; they were not the eyes of her kind, loving sensei. These eyes were cold. Evil.

"Please." She begged, the words leaving her of no conscious will of her own. They were being squeezed out by his presence, pressing down on her. "Please don't."

Swiftly, both her wrists were clenched in one of his hands and held down above her head. Kakashi's knees dug into her thighs and his body loomed over hers completely. She finally crushed his image away and turned her face toward the ground. He griped her chin in his other hand forcing her to face him, tightening his hold until her eyes slid open again.

His cheek met hers, disrupting the trail of tears sliding down it as he leaned into her ear. "Don't cry." He whispered, "It'll only hurt a bit." She could feel his hot breath on her neck, sending shivers down her spine and straight between her legs. Sakura sobbed, guttural and chocking. This is happening!

"Nononopleaseno" Her words slurred together and she tried to squirm straight into the earth to get away, drawing a dark chuckle from her master.

He clenched her jaw tightly and smashed his lips against hers. His tongue slid into her mouth; her terrified squeaks ignored while he tangled it with hers. His heat left her in a sudden retreat and a kunai materialized in Kakashi's hand. With precision, the blade drew a shrill scream from her as it cut through her dress and bra. A thin slit of red blood opened and spilled from her abdomen in a perfectly straight line. The scraps of her dress fell away exposing her chest and flat stomach. Her skin crawled under his touch as he ran his fingers over her upper body and began massaging her sore, growing breasts.

He released her hands, taking his time removing his vest and shirt. Sobbing, her mind raced somewhere between the terror, the pain, and the certainty that Kakashi was going to rape her.

"No!" A spark of flight rose up inside her. She turned onto her wounded stomach and tried frantically to crawl away.

"Stop now Sakura." He ordered calmly in her sensei's voice. But it was a lie. He wasn't her sensei and she kept moving. "Your lesson isn't over" he persisted. His fingers wrapped around her ankles, pulling her back underneath him with a jerk and pinning her arms again. She shook her head violently, tears falling in a constant stream mixing with dirt, dew, and blood on her face and in her hair.

Kakashi put his lips to her ear again, his voice deadly quiet. "Quiet now." He soothed, "just stay still." The chill of the kunai's steel was pressed against her cheek and every movement stopped. Her lungs refused to take in air as the tip of the cold metal slid painlessly, yet agonizingly slowly, down her spine. He traced the path with light fleeting kisses to the band of her leggings and cut them away along with her panties. She lay bare beneath him, nude and quivering and again he released her hands, the kunai tracing back up her naked body and poised to still any escape. His free hand groped her buttocks firmly before slipping between her legs and searching out the area where her heat had settled. She bit her lip against moaning as his fingers pinched her clit, digging her forehead into the ground and pulling the grass by its roots. A frustrated gasp went in its place, strangled with tears. Kakashi's lips found her throat and sucked hungrily on the skin sweeping over it with his tongue. Sakura instinctively tired to pull away when two of his finger pushed their way inside her, but the blade being pressed to her jugular stopped her short.

"You won't get away with this." She seethed, eyes pressed shut in rage and terror.

Kakashi chuckled forcing her back to arch as he brought the knife up, "Who would believe you?" His teeth bit into her ear harshly, drawing more blood and a chocked gasp from her. He sucked the appendage between his lips, tasting her, while his finger left her slit and she heard his pants being undone. He pressed his unrestrained sex into her inner thigh, forcing her to grit down another wave of sickening, unwanted pleasure. The kunai fell to the ground and her hair was in his fist yanking her head back father until she could see into his one exposed eye once again. He held her there, his other hand hoisting her leg up over his hip and thrusting into her fully with a mortifyingly pleasured groan.

She gagged and cried out, feeling herself tearing, the position itself threatening to snap her in half with every thrust. She shut her eyes and grit her teeth against the pain, hands claps over his wrist to keep her hair from being torn out. He plunged inside her deeper, reveling in her contracting around him.

She dug her nails into his skin, but he didn't flinch. Keeping a deep, slow torture with his hips, with every piston drive her body threatened to steal whatever dignity she had left. Her body was betraying her. Every muscle that once told her to flee wanted to push back into him, moan for him, but she wouldn't, she couldn't. She opened her eyes only enough to see his labored expression and knowing eyes. God, he knew.

She clenched her toes feeling him move faster, her pain turning into agony.

"You're so tight; I thought Sauske would have gotten here first." He mocked pressing his lips to her fore head wetly. She opened her mouth to bite back at him and the moan she'd been locking away fell from her mouth with perverse intensity.

His rocking stopped and he buried himself deep inside her, cumming forcefully. Panting, he dropped her hair and let her land limply in the grass. He stayed inside her with his head between her shoulder blades, catching his breath. Minutes passed before he brushed sweat soaked locks of pink hair out of her eyes.

"Be a good girl now." He murmured. Finally pulling out of her, he stood and dressed quickly leaving her in the dark with only the echo of a laugh.

She didn't move, to afraid, to ashamed, and to tired to do anything but lie there and keep her thoughts at bay. When reality struck back through her, she felt a crushing need to leave, her mind screamed for it. To get away from that spot. She drug her pain racked body back until she couldn't move anymore, leaving a trail of blood and semen in front of her. She stared dizzily at the cursed ground her childhood had once depended on, now stained red. She griped her arms tightly screaming away the last of her strength.