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She'd tried to resist, but slowly her life slid into his control. He told her what to wear and when to meet him, and she would obey, because it wasn't hard for Kakashi to see what she was holding on to.

"Does Naruto know you like it when I'm inside of you?" He would whisper and she could do nothing but clench her teeth in defeat. He would remind her when he wanted something from her, but in the dark, when she'd fight a futile battle against him,

"You'll submit to me on your own in due time." He'd chuckle, "but until then…"

Sakura snapped her chopsticks, lost in the anger behind her thoughts.

"Whoa, something wrong with your ramen?" Naruto asked, cocking his head to the side. She pasted on a fake smile and shined the well practiced move toward him.

"No, it's fine. I was just thinking about something annoying." She explained vaguely. Naruto's face twisted in fear.

"It's not me is it?" he asked nervously. Sakura's face fell into genuine concern; she reached for his hand and held it gently.

"Of course not, it was…" she wracked her brain for something she thought he'd want to hear. "Sasuke."

Naruto blinked in amazement before laughing giddily, "He can be pretty annoying!" Sakura turned back, but Naruto watched her from the corner of his eye as he finished his dinner. She sipped her noodles slowly, losing herself in thought again.

He'd noticed she'd been acting strangely lately, especially towards him, and she'd been dressing differently too. She no longer bothered with her hair, where she used to obsessively maintain it she took to pulling the mangled mass back most of the time or leaving it fall in a heap down her back. She didn't wear her headband as an accessory anymore either, which he at first thought was a good sign, she wore it strapped tightly to her forehead at all times in preparation more then pride. Her red dress had been replaced with nothing but a hot pink sports bra and some mesh around her abdomen and upper arms and her shorts were swapped for a pair of gray cargo pants. He had to admit that the amount of upper body she had showing had distracted him more then once on missions and during training, but as much as she must have noticed, she never said a thing. Unless Sasuke ogled to long, then she'd berate him about it for days in the cold manner she'd taken to using that out shined any violent act she'd ever used before.

Then there was how kind she always was to him, even when he was being stupid, and how chilly she was with everyone else. He over heard her once speaking with her mother and was shocked at how unfeelingly she'd made the woman burst into tears. She'd insisted she'd just been upset and that they'd make up later, but he wasn't so sure. Only recently had he put any of this together, but shamefully figured it'd been going on for over a year with little of his notice. She hadn't even threatened to hit him ever since the day he found her bleeding by the gate.

"Naruto?" She spoke up suddenly, snapping him out of his head and back to the diner.

"Yeah?" He answered a bit too quickly

"If I…" She paused wrapping her arms around her exposed stomach, twisting her fingers in the thin mesh. Her eyes were focused on a spot on the floor as she searched for enough courage to finish. "If I had to do something that hurt you, would you hate me?" She whispered the end, looking up only when he didn't answer. Naruto stared at her as if he didn't understand the words coming out of her mouth.

"Hate you? What could you possibly do to make me hate you?" He breathed.

Sakura turned away, clenching her eyes shut she willed her pain back into the dark pit she kept it in. When she turned back she was smiling again.

"Just a hypothetical." She shrugged, dismissing it. "I've gotta go, I'll pay this time." She dropped the money on the counter and ran before he could stop her.

Naruto watched her retreating form, not following in fear that he'd done something wrong.

She ran till she was sure he hadn't followed. Breathing heavily, she put her hands on her knees and shook her head. "Coward," she seethed to her self "you were supposed to tell him!" Around her villagers ignored her presence while keeping a good distance away so as to not taint themselves. She took a deep breath and stood back up, a mask of determination set upon her. She didn't have time now, it was almost midnight and she still had things to do.

Sitting in the dirt, Sakura leaned her back against the center post scanning the dark clearing with adjusted eyes even in the absence of the moon. She checked her watch absentmindedly, cold numbness griping her despite what she knew she should have felt. Scared or nervous would have been normal reactions, but she was far from normal now. She was something else entirely, something empty and unclean, but at the moment she couldn't bring herself to care. She closed her eyes leaning her head back, barely a second passed before they snapped open again to see him crouching over her.

"How sweet of you to be waiting for me." He cooed with his closed eyed smile. She thought he resembled a snake when he smiled like that. Sakura turned up her nose and spit on him.

"Now that wasn't very lady like." Kakashi grabbed her neck, lifted her up off the ground and threw her back down. Sakura landed hard and skidded back, feeling new bruises forming on top of old ones. "Looks like I need to teach you some manners." He unzipped his vest and slipped it off drawing in on her, unveiling his face as he always did.

She glared up at him, "You have to have manners to teach them." She sneered. There was a loud crack as the back of Kakashi's hand connected with her cheek. He pushed her onto her back and straddled her while starting to undo her pants, to overconfident to hold her down.

Blood pooling in her mouth, hands resting above her head, Sakura lay shaking underneath him, but made no move to resist. Kakashi paused his advance, cocking a brow at her stillness.

"Aren't you being a good girl tonight?" he smirked pinching her jaw between his thumb a forefinger, forcing her to look him in the eye. Sakura closed her eyes, allowing a tear to fall and little by little spread her legs open, the leaves crunching underneath her echoed in the silence of the night.

"I can't take it anymore," She choked out. "I don't want to fight anymore."

Kakashi's smirk spread into a full twisted grin, "Oh Sakura-chan, have you given up so soon? I hope you don't think our fun is over now," He wiped away her tear with one hand and slid the other back down to finish unfastening her pants.

"One..." She counted to herself, closing her eyes tighter and trying to ignore the revolting, yearning heat building in between her legs.

"Two…" He took his hand from her face tracing down her neck to her breasts, eyes glowing with a psychopath's victory.


Her fingers coiled around the cold metal she had buried only hours before, her eyes shot open in cold determination. With an earsplitting cry she swung the blade in an arc towards his throat, aiming for the throbbing vein of his jugular. A strong hand gripped her wrist tight enough to cut off circulation, stopping the edge only a centimeter from its mark. There wasn't even sick humor left in Kakashi's features.

"You shouldn't have done that." His deathly tone would have struck fear in anyone else. Sakura glared, without hesitation her free hand found her second kunai and slammed it into his unprotected intestines. Kakashi's grip slipped from her wrist and reflexively tried to go to his wound. Sakura twisted the knife slowly, locking her gaze with his unbelieving eyes, smiling. She ripped her weapon from his flesh and shoved him onto his back.

Over a year she'd endured, training and watching, waiting for him to screw up, but he never did. He remained as strong and warped as that first night while she started to lose any belief that she stood a chance. She nearly surrendered to him, hoping he might grow bored or less violent, though she doubted it. That's when she realized what that would mean, he would win, and the only time someone as sick as him dropped their guard was when they think they've won.

She got to her feet and buttoned herself back up before dropping her foot down forcefully onto his chest. She'd made sure he wouldn't die quickly; she wanted to watch him suffer. His hand reached to stop the blood flowing out of him, but it gushed through his fingers, the evil she had feared drained out of his eyes and was replaced with absolute fear.

"Do you fear the after life Kakashi-sensei?" she growled, digging her heel in deeper. "Or are you afraid of me?" she leaned over and clenched his jaw the way he had hers. He managed to grab a hold of her arm weakly with one blood soaked hand and Sakura snapped his wrist with a sickening crunch. "Well you should be." She continued. Kakashi attempted to cry out, but could only gargle as blood spilled from his mouth. She stood back up, looking down on her attacker who was now her victim.

"But don't worry, you'll be dead soon, though ill be sure to see you in hell." She clenched her teeth and delivered a rib cracking blow to his other side. Kakashi flipped onto his stomach into a pool of his own blood before death overtook him.

Breathing heavily, she stood over him until his body stopped twitching, and even longer still while adrenaline still coursed through her veins. The world stood still for what felt like an eternity, the only thing in her head the sound of her own breathing and the vision of Kakashi's face when her blade had pierced him. The autumn wind blew and time started up again snapping her back to reality. Sakura screamed dropping the kunai and clutching her head. She fell to her knees into his blood, tears streaking down her cheeks. She shook uncontrollably, bloodstained fingers marking her face. She turned away from the corpse and vomited her anxiety onto the forest floor.

"Now what?!" she managed to seethe furiously through quivering lips.

What was the point of it all now? Her hatred had kept her going, she thrived on it, with him gone she was nothing but a murderer and a dirty whore.

Snatching back up her kunai, she held the point to her own throat. The image of a smiling, blond haired boy dressed in orange flashed in front of her, and she hesitated.

"That's right." She mumbled to herself, "Naruto loves me." It was the phrase she'd repeated when the nightmares kept her awake or when she couldn't bare to see her own skin. She took the knife and cut a gouge in her headband instead, before chopping off her hair and tossing it onto Kakashi's corpse.

"Let them try to blame this on someone else." Sakura smirked, surveying her crime scene. The Hokage would no doubt try and hide her involvement; it would make him look bad for not stopping Kakashi, but no one could deny that the hairs pink shade was hers. She kept the kunai, wiping it on the grass before sticking it in a holster on her leg. She turned her back on the carnage she'd created and left it behind, making her way back to the village.

Naruto was reluctantly stirred awake by a strange smell and the feeling of being watched. He blinked sleepily a few times, rubbing his eyes before he could see who it was. Sakura sat, staring on bent knees next to his bed, covered in blood.

He shot up, frantically taking her shoulders, trying to see where she was bleeding from. "Sakura?! What happened?! Are you okay?!" He rushed.

Sakura nodded with a small smile. "It's not mine." She explained simply, her voice rough and tired. "I was going to go to my house first, you know, and then just hit each house one by one 'till someone stopped me. They're all just as guilty as he is…was, but then I thought this would be a better way to spend my time. What I did is going to upset you enough anyway." She took one of his hands in hers, her calmness making him even more uncomfortable then the blood.

"What are you talking about?! I don't understand what you're saying!" He tried to get her to explain, shaking his head in confusion. Sakura put a finger to his lips, silencing him.

"We don't have much time, they're gonna be here soon. Do you remember what I asked you yesterday about hating me? Well, it's okay if you do, but I have to tell you something before you hear it from someone else. Kakashi-sensei was an evil man, he raped me Naruto." His ocean blue eyes widened, but she wouldn't be interrupted. "You're the first person I've said those words to, but everyone else knows. Ask them if you want. The Hokage himself chose his abilities over my life and swore the whole village to secrecy. My village turned its back on me, along with my parents and my friends; everyone did, but not you." She took her finger away resting her hand on her thigh and clenching her fists in anticipation, what she was anticipating she wasn't sure. For him to call her a liar? Or worse, for him to turn up his nose in disgust like everyone else.

He still held her shoulder staring blankly at her, pieces clicking together in his head and his eyes falling on her marked band. Tears stung his eyes; he caressed her cheek softly, wanting so badly to undo it all. Cursing himself for all the things he had missed.

"No, Sakura it can't be true." He whispered, "Please, tell me you didn't…" She kissed his palm closing her eyes. He slipped off his bed onto his knees, crushing her in his arms. Tears flowed freely as he held her tight. "What are you doing here?! They're going to kill you!" He cried. She nodded, her hands lying limp between them.

"I couldn't run if I wanted to, do you think I could outsmart the anbu?" She laughed small and humorlessly, finally resting her hands softly on the small of his back and slipping her eyes shut. "No, I'd rather say goodbye to you."

A gust of wind came through the window and three masked men appeared around them. Naruto growled deep in his throat, jumping to his feet in Sakura's defense. Sakura grabbed his wrist and pulled him back before he could start to yell.

"It's alright," she insisted. "I killed him after all." She stepped in front of him and let one of the men grab and cuff her callously.

"Stop it!" Naruto shouted, pushing forward despite the two sets of arms holding him back. "Don't hurt her!"

The man holding his right arm pulled his hand back and struck him across the face with his knuckles. "That whore killed your sensei and you're defending her?!" the man snarled, you didn't have to see his face to know the scorn he was wearing under his animal mask.

"Don't you dare call her that." He whispered darkly, slumped in there arms, eyes hidden beneath his thick golden hair. His body was shaking slightly, something the anbu contributed to rage, but Sakura knew better. From her angle she could see the split in him lip closing and the fangs threatening to protrude through gritted teeth.

"Naruto…" She murmured trying to keep her voice calm, "please just let them take me, I'll be fine really…" It was a lie, but a necessary one. She couldn't have him trying to save her and getting him self hurt, or worse, she could barely live with herself as it was.

Hearing her plea his tremors slowed to a stop and relief spread through her as she was met with the bluest eyes she'd ever seen. The complete desolation in those eyes stung her to the core; it was the same look she would sometimes catch when she'd accidently glimpse herself in the mirror, and she'd been the one to cause it to fall on his features.

"Take her away." The violent man snapped, keeping his grip firm on the yellow haired boys arm. The man containing her unceremoniously twisted her chakra suppressing cuffs and pulled her with him out the window. Sakura bit her tongue through the pain, not wanting to upset Naruto or give the man any sort of satisfaction, as they leapt quickly from the roof tops toward the village center where she would await her execution.