Draco watched as the healers tried to hold Harry to the bed as he screamed and struggled against the magical restraints. His wandless magic was out of control and there were few nurses and healers who would even venture into his room, knowing the danger of Harry's inability to retain his right mind. Unable to watch it any longer, with tears streaming down his pale drawn face, Draco walked from the room.

Moving quickly down the passages to the nurse's station, Draco nearly walked into Dr. Horehound.

"Doctor," Draco began.

"Yes, Mr. Malfoy." The good doctor replied dutifully.

"Harry has been this way for weeks." Draco choked. "Is there any way that the dreams and the thrashing will stop short of obliviating him?"

"No…" Dr. Horehound paused for a moment, "As I have said before, Mr. Potter has been through far too much trauma, having nearly lost his life and being put through so much mental torture over the last few months by you-know-who, this option would probably be the best for him."

"But, he will forget me." Draco sobbed brokenly. He was indeed a spectacle to behold, the Malfoy mask gone, his robes wrinkled from the all the time spent sitting next to Harry or with his head leaned over on his love's bed slumped in fitful slumber. The doctor gave him a pitying look and took a deep breath before answering.

"I believe, Mr. Malfoy, that if the love you two share is this strong there is no way it will be stopped by a memory charm, it is your destiny to love one another." Doctor Horehound told him with a pat on the back.

The distraught blonde nodded, and turned once more to move down the hall toward Harry's room. He was caught by Mrs. Weasley and Ron who had also left the room at the healers' behest.

"Draco." Mrs. Weasley ran up to him. "Is there anything that can be done?"

"No." He answered sadly, wiping tears from his cheeks. "Dr. Horehound believes that the only way to help Harry at this point is to erase this last year from his memory."

"But, that means he won't remember you either." Ron interjected. It had taken Ron months to accept Harry and Draco's relationship, but even in the face of reluctance he couldn't deny the devotion and love that the boys held for one another. It was almost painful to watch by itself, the way Draco would sit and muse over the past year and burst into wracking sobs as he feared to never share his life with Harry again. With the utmost sympathy, the redhead placed a comforting hand on Draco's shoulder.

Draco sniffed again, as the tears began once more. "I…I…know…he w…won't remember…b…b…but I can't leave him this way…I cant…he…I love him so much…" The blonde sobbed as he fell to the floor in misery. "I…have to try…I can't let him live like this…"

Mrs. Weasley's heart clenched at the sight of the heart broken boy before her. Never had she truly believed, until recently, the truth behind the relationship Harry and Draco developed over the last several months leading up to the war. In spite of that non-belief, collapsed before her in her son's arms, was a boy destroyed by the loss of his soul mate.

With a flick of her wrist, Mrs. Weasley conjured a handkerchief to hand the blonde. "Perhaps you should come home with us dear."

"I can't." Draco replied as Ron helped him stand to his wobbly feet. "I need to sort a few things out. Plus, Dr. Horehound has given me permission to perform the charm, since I am Harry's significant other."

Mrs. Weasley nodded. "It's a complex charm, are you sure you're up to it?"

"Yes Mrs. Weasley," He replied. "I feel better knowing that I will be the one erasing myself from his memory." He told her with a sad smile, silent tears still sliding down his pale cheeks. "He would want it that way, if we could ask him. I'm sure."

Ron nodded. "Yeah, he would."


Draco walked through the halls of Saint Mungo's in despair, as he thought about what he would need to do in a few short hours. His heart felt as though it would completely break, but he knew that Harry needed this, and for his only love, he would endure the pain of watching him forget.

Walking into Harry's room once more, Draco moved over to the bed and pulled out his wand. Quickly, he gathered the items he would need for later, and put them away in vials tucked into his robe. Then, before he lost his nerve, Draco leaned down and pressed his lips to Harry's.

"I love you Harry James Potter." He whispered against those soft velvety lips that he loved kissing so much. "I will wait an eternity if I have to until you remember me once more, but I will never ever stop loving you, not even for a moment." Then, with tears streaming down his face, Draco pressed the tip of his wand to Harry's temple and whispered the one word he dreaded speaking. Obliviate.


Harry lay in the hospital bed at Saint Mungo's, distant and empty. The war was over, and he had finally defeated Voldemort; so they told him. But at what cost? He was a shell of his former self. The nightmares, so Hermione told him, were plaguing him relentlessly until his obliviating. As if he were in a movie set on repeat replaying the final scenes of the battle repeatedly, he was slowly killing himself, until the doctors had no choice. Now, he was sitting up talking, and he couldn't even remember a thing. Ron and Hermione told him that they had to obliviate the last year from his memory so that he wouldn't go totally nutters on fact, Mrs. Weasley had insisted, he was so volatile that his wandless magic had nearly killed several healers and nurses over the last several weeks. There were days where he could barely believe the way things turned out. Yet, here he was, and somehow he felt that something was missing. Oh, he knew that he was missing a year of his memory, but it seemed as if something more important were missing, a sliver of his soul perhaps. Yes, after thinking on it, it seemed to Harry as if someone had taken away a portion of his soul and he didn't know where it had gone.

***Six Months Later***

Harry was by all accounts about to go completely nuts. He had spent the last six months recovering from his stint in St. Mungo's, finishing some extra correspondence courses on Defensive Magic from Clandesty Institute of Advanced Sorcery, and trying to move on with his life. At first, everything for Harry Potter seemed to be going perfectly, but now he was sure that something was missing.

As he sat in the Headmistress's office at Hogwarts, Harry finally felt that he was getting somewhere. The next fall Harry would be taking the position as Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts. It felt so much better to be sitting in the comfy old chair in front of Dumbledore's desk even if it was Professor McGonagall who was Headmistress now. Sure it seemed almost ironic that Harry Potter would end up taking the cursed position as DADA professor, but who better to take the job than himself he reasoned, having defeated the greatest Dark Lord in magical history. Now, he was getting somewhere in his life, Harry thought as he signed the contract and shook McGonagall's hand.

Not wanting to wait, Harry decided to slip down to visit with Hagrid before going to see the new transfiguration teacher his dearest friend Hermione Granger-Weasley. It was nothing if not appropriate Harry reasoned that Hermione take to teaching here as she spent the better part of their school years teaching him and Ron after their classes as they never seemed to pay attention during them. What he had not expected when he walked through the old familiar corridors was to see Draco Malfoy walking toward him, with a slightly pained expression on his face. What in the bloody hell is Malfoy doing here? He thought. Just looking at the heartbreakingly beautiful blonde man sent a strange sensation through him, it was as if he were missing something from his memory.

True, he knew that the last year of his life had been erased from his memory, but Harry didn't care, Voldemort was gone, and he didn't even have to remember what happened. Still, he couldn't get over the niggling feeling of something in his life not being quite right. He remembered having broken up with Ginny, but after asking her to give him a second chance he could not understand why she vehemently refused.

As Harry walked toward Draco, he could not help but wonder if all of his happiness was just a sham. Here was the boy who had been his rival and archenemy for years, walking toward him with a look on his face that suggested he might very well burst into tears on the spot.

Draco stopped in front of Harry and his eyes grew wide, then quickly returned to their normal state as he gazed at Harry.

"Hello Harry." He said in an almost inaudible whisper.

"Draco." Harry sneered. "I rather fancied that you had died with Voldemort."

Draco visibly flinched. "You must have forgotten, that I was the one who pulled you from the rubble." He whispered in a stricken voice.

Strange, Harry thought. That just does not seem like an ordinary Malfoy reaction. Wonder what's eating at the smarmy little git?

Draco then averted his gaze and almost fled to the nearest empty hallway and slid to the ground sobbing. How can I endure this, he wept, how can I truly live without him? Not wanting anyone to see him in his state of distress, Draco did the only thing he could think of and apparated directly into Hermione Granger-Weasley's office.

"Hermione." Draco gasped out, tears still streaming down his face, "I need your help."

Hermione looked up from her large book of Advanced Transfiguration and gave Draco a quizzical stare. "What exactly do you want me to help you with?"

"This is going to sound crazy, but I want to have a baby."

Hermione dropped her book and let it thud to the floor in a resounding thump. "I'm married Draco."

"I don't want to have a baby with you!" He screeched.

"Then how am I supposed to help you."

"I want to have Harry's baby."

"You're a boy." She replied rather dead-pan.

"Oh well spotted Granger, I mean Weasley." Draco correct with a snap. "I want to well…I found this spell that will allow a male wizard to grow a womb and everything on the inside like a girl, except you know keep his naughty-bits in place and all?"

"Of-course…" Hermione replied, "And how are you planning on becoming pregnant Draco?"

"Well I rather thought we could you know plant the embryo magically or something, I mean I'm playing this a bit by ear you know."

"That's risky, Draco."

"I don't care," Draco replied in a harsh whisper. "I had to give up the love of my life, the least I can do is keep part of him with me in the form of his child."

"But it's extremely risky Draco," Hermione reminded him.

"I seem to recall having actually gotten better grades on the N.E.W.T.S. potion exam than you, and if I have your help and Professor Snape's it should be possible."

"Draco it's a difficult process, and it must be done perfectly."

"I don't care," He sobbed. "I want Harry's child, I can't stand this loneliness any more."

"Very well." Hermione sighed. "But how are you going to get Snape's help?"

"Snape has already agreed, his only stipulation was that you were needed, and he refused to work with anyone else." Draco replied, before walking around the desk and hugging Hermione. "Thank you, I cannot tell you how much this means to me."

Before Hermione could reply, Draco had apparated from the room, leaving behind the time and location of their meeting place to begin the potion.


In the Draco's personal potions laboratory at Malfoy Manor, Draco lay on the table groaning in pain as the transfiguration potion finally completed the process that would make him completely equiped to bear Harry Potter's babies. As he writhed in miserable discomfort, he smiled and ran a hand over his abdomen. Soon a baby would be growing within him, a baby that would bring a part of his one true love back to him. He thought of all the things he would need when the baby came, a renovation of his nursery, baby clothes, toys, the list was staggering and he was thankful he still had his mother to help him with the baby when it came.

Across the room, Hermione and Professor Snape finished the potion for the pain. Knowing that what they were doing had not been done in several years, Hermione wanted to be sure that they did everything just right. Still she was unsure of how Draco would obtain Harry's semen to complete the process, but she would not ask him. Some things should be kept to Draco, and she did not need to know. Draco, however, had everything planned out.

"Draco," Snape muttered lifting Draco's head to pour the potion between his lips. "The process in finished, but how are you going to get Harry's semen?"

"Don't worry," Draco murmured. "I have a plan and Harry wont even know I was ever there."

"Are you sure about this Draco?" Hermione asked. "Now that you are transfigured, you could just rebuild your relationship with Harry and get pregnant the usual way."

"I saw Harry today, Hermione and he wouldn't even look me in the eye. He told me he was disappointed that I had not died in the last battle." Draco told her with tears in his silvery eyes. "I'm going to be working in the same building as he is for the next…Merlin only knows how long, but he hates me. I can't go on like this seeing him everyday."

"I'm sorry, Draco." Severus murmured. "If I had known that McGonagall would be asking Harry to take the defense Job I never would have chosen retirement so soon."

Draco gave his godfather a wobbly smile. "That's okay, Sev. You're still going to be teaching advanced N.E.W.T. potions, I'll be okay as long as I have you around. Besides how would I finish my Mastery without you anyway."

"Oh Draco, I wish this didn't have to be so difficult." Hermione said brokenly, tears in her voice.

"I do too." Draco replied. "But I need to do this; I need this baby more than anything right now."

Hermione nodded. "Will you ever tell Harry?"

"Yes, one day." He replied despondently.

Snape walked back to where Draco was now sitting up, "Here is the fertility potion; take this before…and you should conceive immediately." Draco nodded. Hermione walked over to the cauldron and took a vial of the potion as well slipping it into her robes, before helping Draco down from the table.

"Thank you both." Draco whispered before turning to leave the laboratory. Hermione and Snape both cast each other a brief glance before following Draco out and apparating to their own homes.

Draco, however, apparated directly into number 12 Grimmauld Place, and walked quietly up the stairs toward the master bedroom. Once he knew that Harry was sound asleep, Draco cast several illusion charms so that Harry would believe their lovemaking were nothing more than a dream. Slipping out of his robes, Draco crawled into bed with Harry and smirked knowing the other boy would be naked as well, since Harry had always slept in the nude when they had been together. As the sleep addled brunette opened his eyes, he smiled at the beautiful blonde and pulled him in for a kiss.

Draco melted, his heart thrumming in his chest from being separated from Harry for so long. "I know you won't remember this, but I'm doing this for us. I can't live without you."

"I love you." Harry murmured sleepily as he pressed heated kisses down Draco's pale smooth chest.

"I love you too." Draco said his body shaking slightly. He was quiet when Harry turned him, making him lay on his back. He reached up, letting his hands run through Harry's hair. He pulled him down, needing to feel his lips. The kiss started slow, Harry letting his soul mate lead.

Draco shifted, moaning slightly when Harry's tongue plunged into his mouth. Wrapping his arms tightly around Harry he opened himself completely to the man. Harry settled down between Draco's legs, shifting he let his hand move slowly over soft skin.

"I want to be whole again." Draco whispered when Harry shifted to suck and lick at his neck. Harry pulled back looking at the blonde.

"I'll never leave you again." Harry said, seeing Draco smile softly. Draco knew Harry would think this was nothing more than a dream, but he still let the words warm his heart.

"I'll love you forever." Draco said pulling the man back towards him. Letting his arms shift, Draco ran his fingers over Harry's backbone. Harry moaned, arching against the blonde's touch. Suddenly he pulled away, moving to open the drawer.

He pulled lube from the table before moving to lie beside his lover. He smiled, letting one had touch Draco's skin. He was amazed that he was being given a second chance, the chance to show Draco what they could be like when together.

"I love you." Harry said softly, seeing Draco smile at him again.

"And I love you, my heart." Draco said rolling to pull his soul mate closer. He wanted to feel Harry in him; he wrapped his arms around the man's neck again. Harry shifted, moving to pour lube onto his hand. He knew that look in Draco's eyes, knowing the blonde was becoming impatient. Rubbing a finger over Draco's opening he captured Draco's lips in a sweet yet demanding kiss. Deepening the kiss, he pushed one finger into the slender pale body.

"Oh…" Draco hissed pulling back, Harry sucked Draco's lower lip into his mouth. He loved the noises coming from his lover. He loved the way the Draco panted, the way he arched against his touch. Slipping another finger into Draco's opening he pulled back to watch his blonde dream lover.

"Merlin you are gorgeous." Harry said watching as beautiful sliver eyes opened. Leaning forward Harry licked over Draco's nipple, slowly slipping lower. Draco cried out as another finger found its way into his body. His eyes opened wide, a loud moan escaping him when Harry's mouth covered his erection. Another cry escaped him, arching up into the man's mouth.

"Harry please!" Draco cried out, he met Harry intense emerald eyes. He smiled watching as Harry coated his erection. Pulling his legs up, Draco didn't look away as Harry pushed into him. Watching as the man's face twisted with the pleasure.

Harry sank all the way into Draco's body, holding still as he adjusted to being surrounded by the blonde's tight walls. Pulling out, he pushed slowly back in hearing Draco moan low in his throat. Finding a slow rhythm Harry pulled back to look down into the Draco's heavenly face smiling as he watched pleasure fill Draco's eyes. Draco arched urging his love to thrust faster. Finding his orgasm was fast approaching; he reached up threading his fingers through the thick black strands. He pulled slightly when Harry reached between them to stroke his erection. But he couldn't help it, his eyes rolled back slightly.

"Harry!" Draco cried out as he felt the tension in him break. Another cry escaped him, his hands digging into Harry's back, he felt Harry stiffen filling him with heat. Draco closed his eyes, trying to get his breathing under control, as he lay tangled with his lover. "Wow." He whispered. Draco could feel it, the magic inside began to throb. As Harry finally pulled out, Draco snuggled close to him for a few moments before slipping from the bed and dressing quickly.

"I love you Harry James Potter," Draco whispered. "I will wait for all eternity for you to remember me." He murmured against Harry's lips as he kissed him one last time before apparating out of Harry's room and directly into his own in Malfoy manor.

Harry rolled over in the empty bed and reached out for his dream lover. Draco's last words reverberated in his sleep befuddled brain, and he could not hold back the contented sigh as he snuggled into the pillows further. "Draco…"


Harry sat in the Leaky Cauldron, drinking a glass of Ogden's, and wishing Ron could get off work at the ministry to spend some time with him. It was hard, with his friends working while he simply waited out the rest of the summer to go back to Hogwarts. He felt as if he never saw them; especially since Ron and Hermione had gotten married two months earlier.

As he sat at his table in the corner, Harry could not help but wonder why he had felt such a strange connection to Draco. He could not get over the strange dream he had the night before. It was so real and Harry was beyond freaked out. He could not ever remembering a time before coming out of his coma, that he had dreamed about Draco Malfoy sexually, but he had dreamed of the boy nightly for over six months. Dreams that for the oddest reason seemed to be like memories that he could not put a finger on. Then Harry thought about the day before, seeing Draco in Hogwarts had been a shock, almost as strange as the strained look on the blonde's beautiful face, as if the other boy's sadness seemed to seep into him.

Pushing the thought away, Harry took another deep draught of Old Ogden's Finest, and read the day's copy of the Daily Prophet. There he was at the bottom zooming after the snitch in the advertisement for fire-bolts, yet he wasn't interested in the paper at all. As he continued to brood over the paper, Harry was shocked to see Fred and George walk into the pub and spy him with huge grins on their faces.

"Oi Harry." The twins called in unison. "How's it going?"

"I guess it's alright." Harry replied. "I have question though, and I know this is going to sound crazy, but before the end of the war did I get along with Malfoy?"

Fred and George both gaped at Harry before turning to look at one another. "Well, we didn't see you much while you were at school but we heard you and Malfoy got pretty close."

"That is bloody crazy." Harry mumbled. "Why would I ever get along with Draco?"

"We don't know mate, maybe you should ask Ron and Hermione, they would know." Fred answered him before taking a swig of Harry's whiskey. "Bloody awful stuff if you ask me." George grimaced at Fred.

"You know, I think you're right." Harry finally answered. "I'll ask Ron and Hermione."