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Setting: Before/During Battle City and 3000 years in the past in Ancient Egypt

Full Summary: When Tea Gardner suddenly starts getting nightmarish visions about a deadly enemy hellbent on destroying Yami and everyone else she cares about, our favorite dancer is more than a little concerned. But she isn't alone. Forces beyond her control aren't liking the outlook of the future, either, and so choose to send her back to where all the hatred began in order to stop it: Ancient Egypt. But how is she supposed to survive in this barbaric time with little to no previous knowledge aboutit? Why, by the "help" of the greatest band of thieves alive, of course...

A Note on Names: Mostly, I use the Japanese names, although I warn you: I've only really seen the English version of the show. I know the major differences between the two, but as for the minor stuff..... If there's anything incorrect with the original version that really bothers you, I'll try to change it if it doesn't interfere with the plot. As for why I use Tea Gardner instead of Anzu Mazaki, you'll see later. It's not too terribly important but it spawned the line that began this story in the first place... I'll let you know.

Who Controls the Past Controls the Future

Chapter 1: Amethyst

The world was holding its breath. Tension was steadily building like a choking, ominous cloud as every living force, even Nature, one of the most powerful influences on Earth, braced for impact. What was once a calm, innocent, bright day had now surrendered to darkness, but this darkness was not natural. Night was not due for several more hours, as it was surely known by the citizens of the Eastern World, and yet the sun did not grace its presence on the Western World, either. Instead, for the first time in the world's history, all of its people located throughout every corner of the Earth were united by a strangling fear as the sun appeared to be forcibly snuffed out. The sun was not the only source of light to suffer. Where certain parts of the world had still been slumbering in the embracing arms of night, stars had been extinguished one by one. Even artificial lights had met their end to these dominating shadows down to the last street lamp. However, for all their supremacy and power, they did not converge into the absolute, uncompromising darkness one experiences with shut eyes. Objects, landscapes, and people could be seen clearly due to the changing hues of the covering darkness, ranging from crimson red, royal purple, navy blue, sickly green, and, of course, desolate black. One would think that seeing the world, no matter how horrifying, instead of facing the unknown would assuage a person's fears, but no such thing occurred to a certain blue-eyed brunette girl who seemed to notice nothing of her surroundings but the cruel, unrelenting laugh of the man who was causing all the madness as he stood before her.

Her body and mind were in a pure state of unadulterated panic and shock, the slight trembling of her body and her jagged breathing the only indications that she was, in fact, still living, and not turned to stone. Or sucked into the ravenous shadows to have every little thing about her essence devoured as her beloved friends had been. Her legs had given up supporting her weight for some time as she slouched on the ground like a rag doll, her thoughts focusing on only one topic.

Dead…They're all dead…All of them…Jonouchi, Mai, Honda, Shizuka, Kaiba, Mokuba, Ryou, Yugi, Yam--

And at this, her thoughts came to a grinding halt as she brought her hand to cover her mouth both to stop her tormentor from hearing her chocked sobs and to ward off her oncoming bout of nausea as she remembered just how her friend, the former Pharaoh, had met his end. He had not been swallowed up by the shadows as the others had been, for the others had at least still been alive and in a relatively good condition. No, Yami had been the one in possession of Yugi's body as Yugi's spirit was absorbed in darkness, the penalty of a lost Shadow Game. The victor of the duel had decided that he wanted something a bit more…special for Yami, and without further thought, he plunged that hidden dagger of his into Yami's flesh over and over and over again. Each time, the dagger emerged gleaming wickedly, pleased at the sticky, red liquid settling steadily over it, which allowed it to bring out its golden shine. With a final cut of the throat, Yami was discarded, the body flung away carelessly as the shadows moved to engulf it.

The girl shut her eyes painfully against the memories, trying to convince herself that it did not happen, that it could not have happened, only to be greeted with Yami's lifeless eyes and horror-struck expression as his blood formed in puddles around him. To add salt to her wound, when she opened her eyes once more, she found that it definitely had happened as she saw his thin rivulets of blood run themselves steadily down the incline of the slightly uneven ground, the only thing left of him. She froze when she realized an even more terrifying notion; it was dead silent. Her torturer had stopped laughing and was no longer in her line of vision. She panicked, eyes darting around feverishly, trying to pinpoint him, for the only comfort she had was that, if he was in sight, she could be somewhat prepared to face whatever horrors he had in store for her.

When she felt a pair of strong, tan arms encircle her waist from behind and a head rest on her shoulder, his lips brushing her ear, she found out just how unprepared she was. Her eyes widened even further, if it was possible, in fear and anxiety as she fought the urge to scream bloody murder and faint. She had no idea what to do in this situation seeing as how her mind refused to function, and she was humiliated to find that he knew it as well as he began to chuckle darkly at her weakness.

"There, there, little one. Why all the fuss?" he taunted, his baritone voice taking on a silky tone as he smirked at her. At her replying whimper, he laughed again and began to stroke her hair in a cruelly comforting gesture, as both knew that hell would freeze over before he would sincerely mean it.

"Wh-what do you want?" She finally found the courage to speak, unable to remain silent any longer, but she knew that she would have to tread carefully if she wanted to still be alive long enough to find her answers.

"Do you really have to ask, kitten?" he grinned, himself knowing that if his knack of answering a question with a question did not unnerve her, his twisted pet names would. Seeing her swallow nervously, he narrowed his eyes in satisfaction before continuing, "Have you ever heard of the notion that there are men in this world simply out to see the world burn? Well, I fully endorse that notion, but it's only fair to tell you that I am no man, but now the God of this world. So, tell me, Miss Gardner," he took her chin gently, but firmly, moving her so that she was staring, inches from him, into his malicious, laughing amethyst eyes and lowered his voice into a seductive purr, "how does it feel to be held in the arms of God?"

He laughed maniacally, his words having the desired effect as she blushed violently, stunned, and began to sputter incoherencies. Still chuckling softly, he released her and moved to stand in front of her once more, choosing to ignore her for the moment while he observed how the world was being affected by his good works.

Meanwhile, the azure-eyed girl was trying desperately to get her composure, and apparently, her hormones, in control. She was outraged and disgusted at herself for allowing him to undo her so thoroughly, and a fresh wave of hatred swept through her for him, allowing her to finally put her fear aside and study him. For patterns, weaknesses, anything, so that she could destroy this disgusting creature that managed to completely dismantle her life in less than five minutes.

Looking up at him, she observed from his sideways stance his ensemble of beige combat pants, a sleeveless black shirt, and, billowing out behind him in a true, superior fashion, a purple cloak. Shadows were converging lovingly around him, giving him the appearance of not truly being all there, though she knew it was just an illusion of sorts. He also had gold jewelry located strategically at his wrists, upper arms, and neck, with earrings to boot. Spiky, untamable platinum blond locks fell around his shoulders and down his back slightly and were currently being blown about lightly by the wind. As he turned to look at her once more, her eyes narrowed in confusion as she finally noticed that she could not quite make out his face. The only thing she could distinguish clearly were his harsh, probing violet eyes, that damned smug mouth of his, and the Eye of Anubis glowing forbiddingly from his forehead. She did not understand it; why couldn't she see him?

It's not like he's a mile away or anything, she attempted to reason while she rubbed her eyes, checking for blurriness, only to find no change, but, oh, how I wish he was. And, this thought brought a slight smile to tug at her lips until she remembered just who was currently watching her, so she schooled her features carefully back into simple curiosity before he noticed anything.

He noticed. He always could when it came to her, but, really, it wasn't like it was a challenge. She had never led a hard life that forces its students to keep their emotions guarded or be fed to the wolves. How could she ever expect to hide anything from the darkness, from God, anyway? He smirked anew and, advancing towards her, picked up their forgotten conversation.

"Do you consider yourself a good person, Miss Gardner?" He took her unsure silence for a 'yes' and continued, "But, of course, you must. After all, I can't possibly understand why someone would associate themselves with that idiotic, self-righteous Pharaoh and not try to kill him if they weren't a good person." Both were surprised at the animalistic snarl she gave after he tarnished the memory of her dear friend and past love. Realizing what she just did, she winced in embarrassment, and then fear, thinking that he would turn homicidal on her in less than a half-second, and was surprised just to see him smile in amusement. "It's nice to know that there's still some fight in you. I was beginning to think I was talking to a mindless shell. I'll have to keep that in mind. But, oh, that's right." He noticed. "You had a thing for him at one point, didn't you? Strange, then, that not even five minutes ago, you allowed his killer to not only embrace you without a struggle but also to seduce you into a frenzied state of lust, no matter how brief. Hmm. I guess you're not so good, after all, eh, my dear?"

She was outraged beyond words. How dare he! She screamed in her head. How dare he! How was he able to do that, anyway? How was he able to pull her deepest, darkest thoughts locked within the hidden recesses of her mind out into the open so easily? He truly was a menace delivered straight from Hell. Only someone as wicked as he could attack and completely destroy not only the body but also the heart and mind of a person beyond repair. How? How was he able to do this and not feel anything but pleasure? It's not right… I never believed there could be an absolute evil in this world, she mourned, and I have never regretted being so wrong before. For the first time in her life, she wanted to strike out at a fellow human being (if you could call him that) in hate. She wanted to maim, to kill, and, as she opened her mouth to utter what could only lead to her doom, he suddenly turned feral, like he could hear her thoughts, and, lunging toward her, he grabbed her by the throat with one hand and hoisted her up to meet his merciless gaze. She felt her breath rip out of her from the sheer force of his grip, his nails biting into her skin. She attempted to loosen his clutch around her throat by clawing at his hand with her much sharper, manicured nails and was satisfied to see that she had pricked him hard enough to draw a few droplets of blood that flowed down the back of his hand to his wrist. Her small triumph over him was quickly transformed into dismay when she noticed that not only did her efforts not seem to affect him at all, but also that his grip only tightened further.

"But, enough idle chat, Miss Gardner, for it seems to me that you have one of two choices to make here." His gaze hardened, his mouth twisting into a grimace as he drug her through Yami's remaining blood and surrounding debris, which was no easy task since she chose to turn limp and drag her feet in an effort to slow their advance, towards the edge of the metallic tower the two were currently atop.

Tower!? She yelled, disoriented. How long have we been on a tower!?

"The first choice is the obvious one," he continued. "You can simply choose to act as irritating as you are right now and remain my enemy, uncooperative and unrelenting in your path of integrity, to which I will be certain to dispose of you in an even harsher way than your dearly demised Pharaoh for the crime of deliberately wasting my time. Or," he hesitated, wanting the tension to demoralize her before he revealed his thoughts.

"Or, what?" she whispered hoarsely, still not able to breath properly and unable to stand his little mind games in her current condition.

"Or, you obey my every whim like the servant you are. Simple, yes?" he mocked. "I know what you're thinking. Why would I need something like a servant if I intend to destroy everything around me? I think you misunderstood me before, kitten. While chaos and destruction are things I covet, I understand that it's rather…difficult to be a god of nothing. Look at it this way. A deal, if you will. You serve me faithfully, and I reward you by reviving those friends of yours I fed to the shadows. They will still be alive for quite some time. All you have to do is cooperate." He lied swiftly. Sensing she would respond, he loosened the clasp he had on her to allow oxygen to enter her stinging lungs once more and waited impatiently for her to catch her breath.

"Why does it matter to you to even offer to keep me alive?" She remarked finally, bitter at her so-called choices but still curious and hopeful enough that he would consider sparing her friends from their fate. "Why me? Why am I so special?"

He smiled. "You remember that fighting spirit of yours? It showed me that you hadn't broke as I expected you to, and that excites me, kitten. Let's face it, it's the fighters that are the fun ones; You're amusing when you fight the unconquerable, and frankly, I want to see how far we can push it." His smile changed horribly, then, into a fiendish grin of sick delight. "Y'see, my dear, I have a funny obsession of…dismantling people. Seeing what makes them tick. And, I'm anxious to see how much pressure you can take," he increased the grip on her throat slightly, "how much pain you can withstand, how much trauma your mind can handle before you…shatter!"

And here, he gave her one final, cruel smile before shoving her completely off the rampart of the tower for her to plunge to the ground below, with nothing more than his laughter for guidance. That was when everything went pitch black for the stricken girl as true darkness took over, and yet, she was still falling. She could not comprehend why she had not hit the ground yet, for surely she should have by now, and suddenly she was hammered by the sensation that she had been falling for years, decades even, and was left haggard by the feeling. She had finally accepted that she would fall forever, feeling as if centuries had passed her by, when, unbelievably, a voice, sexless, ageless, and strong, called out to her through the gloom.

The future has never been set in stone. The past can change to bring a better outcome for the future. Wrongs can be righted. Friendships repaired. Lovers reunited. Enemies destroyed. But, this is only possible if people, the writers of Fate, use the opportunities given to them to make it so. In order to save your friends, your family, the world, and yourself, you must first save your enemy, who is not even aware of the consequences his path has set him on. Remember this, for you do have a choice to make that will determine if these events come to pass. What you have seen is what will happen if you should fail. Remember this, for it alone will save you from the dark and the master that controls it.

And, thus, it begins….

And the voice's oracle, after repeated itself several times to be sure that its message was received, faded from existence into nothing. And the girl was left alone again, except this time, the true darkness had given way to true light that encircled and filled her with strength and hope. But, she was still falling, hard and fast, for even if she was prepared for her journey, it was clear indication that her future and those of her friends were still lost in the void of vicious laughter and amethyst eyes…


Téa Gardner, an energetic, loving, intelligent girl of seventeen, shot up with a scream in her bed as the last traces of that horrible vision faded from her eyes. She realized she was shaking slightly and drenched in a cold sweat. Groaning, she pulled her knees to her chest, still in a sitting position, and hugged them, covers and all, while she buried her face into her knees.

Thank God, it was just a dream after all. But, how could it have felt so real? She violently shuddered, then, as she relived the feel of his arms around her, the sound of his laughter in her ear, and the grip he had on her neck. Self-consciously, she reached her hand up to feel her throat, half-expecting to still feel his steel-like grip around it and vaguely wondered if there would be a few bruises shaped like fingers if she looked.

A shuffling at her door startled her as the concerned voice of her mother broke through her grim thoughts. "Honey, are you alright in there?"

"Fine, Mom. Bad dream. Don't worry about it. I'm fine. Go back and get some sleep. I'm sorry for waking you."

"It's fine, dear. But, if you're sure… Good night, honey."

Glancing at her clock to discover that it was just three in the morning nearly made her curse aloud, but instead, she answered her mother's call of good night with one of her own, listening hard as her footsteps resided back down the hall.

So, a prophetic dream, then. It was the only conclusion she could come to, for, while she and the man's conversation was somewhat fuzzy, that disconnected voice of the oracle rang clear in her mind. Would that really be our future if we didn't try to stop it? Surely we would, right? We've never even met that man before, so what could he possibly have against us? And, why couldn't I ever make out his face clearly? It doesn't make sense, but, if all this is true, then why was it sent to me? Why not the Pharaoh and Yugi? What could I possibly do to prevent this? Hell, what am I supposed to do now? …The morning. I'll think about this in the morning. I'll tell Yugi and the others at school. They'll know what to do. I hope.

With that, she sighed quietly and moved to lie back down to return to a peaceful slumber only to receive a restless night of tossing and turning, for whenever she closed her eyes, she could feel those violet eyes burning into her and those arms enclose her and would feel a fresh wave of panic all over again. And this time, there really was no escaping it.

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