Prompt #1 - Assist.

Episode: Starcrossed

"What are you doing in my cave...or what's left of it?"

The growl startled the bespectacled figure within, having been so intent upon his task that super-hearing had neglected to notice the faint shadow-shifting behind him. Huge hands tightened, crumbling the broken stalactite into dust, as their owner jumped guiltily under a familiar glare.

"I thought you might need some help cleaning the place up," he replied timidly, indicating the giant coin now replaced upright, the Thanagarian weapons stacked for analyzing on the table, and the conspicuous lack of debris, obviously having been hurled down into the caverns.

"Aren't you supposed to be in Metropolis?" Batman observed pointedly, perceiving the well-worn suit jacket tossed over a chair.

"Lunch break. " Clark Kent cheerfully hurled the remaining boulders over the edge and checked his watch. "I still have fifteen seconds to get back to the Planet before Lois steals my byline."