Me: I have come back to Fanfiction, ready to write. :D

Amu: Oh joy. I guess this is another Amuto story, correct?

Ikuto: -crossing fingers-

Me: Indeed it is.

Yoru: She does not own Shugo Chara, only this story. [cuz if she owned Shugo Chara, she'd own Iku—]

Me: OKAY YORU THAT'S ENOUGH :D Time to get with the story.

The Narrator

Chapter One

The Voice

Amu drew pictures of felines, mostly cats. She was actually obsessed over the cats, for her love—

Amu dropped her pencil, scowling at the ceiling.

"Will you SHUT UP, whoever you are?!" she shrieked.

Amu shouted at the ceiling, ordering something to "shut up".

"Ugh!" Amu said through clenched teeth. She tossed her sketchbook filled with, indeed, feline pictures.

Ever since two weeks ago, an "annoying voice", as she usually said to herself while doing schoolwork as she daydreamed about her little Ikuto, has been narrating her whole life in wonderful detail. Every little secret was revealed—

"Amu-chan, time for dinner!"

"Be right there, mother!" Amu yelled downstairs.

Amu couldn't just stall, for her mother was making her special spaghetti – bright red tomato sauce, round, lush meatballs, perfect noodles steaming…

"Oh. My. Gosh." Amu said restlessly. She fled down the stairs and sat at the table with a huff.

Amu saw her mother dishing generous helpings of the dinner, along with her special drink, --

"Did anyone hear that?!" Amu yelled.

"Here what, Amu-chan?" her mother asked when she came back with a china plate.

Apparently, nobody could hear—

"That voice! It's telling a story. No, not just a story, my life!"

Amu's mother whispered something to her father along the lines of "too young to have schizophrenia" or "depressed".

"Amu, why don't you go to bed? I'll bring the spaghetti up to you," Amu's father said.

"Fine," Amu didn't resist.

She really needed some rest. Large purple bags hung from the bottom of her eyes. Her hair was a mop, as if you could scrub the floor with i—

"SHUT UP!" she yelled.

The family looked at her like she was crazy, then shrugged.

"Amu-chan must be going through puberty!" Ami shouted, clapping.

Me: How'd you like it?
Amu: I hated it.

Ikuto: There was no Amuto. YOU HAVE DECEIVED ME!! –cries-

Me: NOBODY give him a towel! –slobber-

Amu: …Odddddddddddd…

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