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The Narrator

Chapter Three

My Little Kitten

Amu was so happy that a certain little feline was there, even though she was too "cool and spicy" to admit it.

"Shut up…" Amu murmured. She rubbed her temples.

"You know, Amu, I think we both hear this voice.

"Um, w-what v-voice?" She stuttered. Noooo!

She didn't want Ikuto to know that there was a voice narrating her whole life! She didn't want him to know her true fee—

"That voice." Ikuto smirked. "I like it, though. It makes me feel like a sexy Edward Cullen."

"Ikuto, you read Twilight?!"

"No. I hear you talking about it in your sleep, though," Ikuto smirked again and ruffled Amu's hair.


Amu was so embarrassed! She wasn't that much of a Twilight fan, but she did think Edward Cullen was kinda… sexy.

"That's a lie!" Amu screamed.

Ikuto laughed. Amu stopped screaming and listened to him laugh. She'd never heard him do this. All he did was… well, smirk, and that didn't count as a laugh.

As she listened to his musical laugh, she couldn't help but to imagine him and her laughing together. Splashing in a pool, running through a field… doing naughty stuff…

"WHAT. THE. FUCK?!" Amu screamed. Then she heard feet pounding up the stairs.

Amu knew instantly who it was. It was –


It was her father, Tsumugu.

"N-No, dad… I said something else… sorry for worrying you," Amu replied. Where was Ikuto? Did he hide?

"I sense a BOY! in here… Amu…" Tsumugu sat on Amu's bed. "You know how I feel about BOYS!. I don't like it when you see BOYS!. There better not be a BOY! In here…" Amu's dad emphasized each time he used the word "BOYS".

"Dad, relax! I have no hope of getting a boyfriend anyway."

"I don't even like you saying the word BOY!" Tsumugu yelled.

Amu wished, though, that she could have a boyfriend. Someone like Ikuto… to snuggle against, to kiss on the cheek all day and allll…

Amu could just hear Ikuto's smirk from wherever he was. Probably in the closet.

Just then Midori, Amu's mother, entered Amu's room.

"What seems to be the problem?" She asked. She eyed Tsumugu who was weeping in the corner of Amu's room.

"Amu and I are talking about… BOYS!, Midori."

"I think we should let Amu have a BOY!friend, honey," Midori grinned, mocking her husband in his pronunciation of "BOYS!".

"B-b-b-but… my little sparrooooow…" he wept some more. Then he ran out of the room and a door slammed shut.

"Bathroom," Midori and Amu said in unison. They giggled.

"Well, Amu, I'm serious. You can't just sit here taking care of Ami and not having someone to share your feelings with."

"Thanks mom. Well, I might be a step ahead of you."

"REALLY?" Midori screamed.

"I don't know… it's complicated…"


"MOM! GET OUT!" Amu screamed. She pushed her mom out of the door and slid down, sighing.

Amu actually thought about having a baby with Ikuto.

Amu scowled. She hated this voice, wherever it came from it HAD to stop. "You can come out, Ikuto, wherever you are," she called.

The closet door opened and out came a shirtless Ikuto.

"WHY ARE YOU SHIRTLESS?!" Amu exclaimed.

Amu secretly liked him shirtless…

"It's hot in there. And I can see you shivering," he grinned, walked over to Amu and snuggled her neck.

"Wh…what are you d-doing, Ikuto…?" Amu shivered, not just because of the cold but his warm touch made her skin tingle.

Ikuto kissed her neck, not answering, but Amu could feel a grin against her neck.

She was enjoying it. She wanted to kiss him back, but she couldn't… she hoped for a distraction…

"I-Ikuto…" Amu sighed. Just then, the doorbell rang.

"Amu-chan, it's for you!" Her mother called from downstairs. Amu quickly ran downstairs. She would do anything to get out of that scene, before she started to make it noticeable that she was enjoying Ikuto's little snuggling.

She opened the door and there stood…


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