I in no way shape or form own the X-Men.

This is just the prelude so I promise the writing will get better next chapter I just had this idea floating in my head all day.

I'm not following any timeline, just what feels write for the story. I completely made up the birthday date.

What does Jubilee look like in your heads? I'm just curious. I've always picture her looking more or less like Kristy Wu in the movie "What's Cooking?"

Please feel free to comment, though I realize there isn't much to work with right now.


October 21st 2009,

I don't know how I'm supposed to start writing in this book; I haven't kept a diary in a long time. I guess I just need someone to talk to badly, I mean it's not like I'm not known for being silent. So I figured… what the hell, it would help to write things down. Now, I just feel stupid for sitting here talking to a book but whatever here it goes.

Dear Diary (or whatever your supposed to say)

Here are the facts (In Pro/Con form):


1. Today I officially turn 15.

2. My powers are back and stronger than ever.

3. I'm finally getting off the streets.


1. First and foremost the lady sitting next to me on the plane right now smells like cat pee and I think I'm going to gag.

2. I have almost no control over my powers... it's like someone broke my child safety lock.

3. I'm headed back to the mansion, someplace I'm not looking forward to returning to.

4. I'm pretty sure that as a result of returning I'm going to have to start classes again.

5. Emma Frost is apparently going to be my headmaster because the first time around just wasn't enough…Oh joy, be still my beating heart….NOT!

6. Oh and let me not forget if I've counted right I'm about three months pregnant.

Universe I may not matter in the grand scheme of things and all I know that but I want to just tell you one thing…YOU SUCK!!!

Oh and Happy Birthday to Me.

Until next time,

Jubilation Lee