This thing gave me SUCH a pain, uploading it...

Anyway. I'm really sorry to all my new watchers, spamming with this almost completely unknown manga fanfic! But it was an idea I couldn't get out of my head, just a drabble. I only recommend this manga to anyone who likes super gore and very, very, very morbid humor.

If you have, by chance, actually heard of Franken Fran, then read on! Hope you like.

"It's not like I'm making excuses for her." Okita said, giving an bored yawn.

Veronica frowned, fixing her gaze on the hybrid's twitching tail. She couldn't believe that he actually thought he could make any of her actions justified.

"She's just...Fran. She can't change her opinions so easily..."

"But what she does," Veronica's voice came out choked, and she swallowed quickly. She was never going to get those horrible images out of her head... "It's wrong. Doesn't she know it's wrong?"

"That's just the thing..Fran doesn't get it. Look at her. She thinks life should be treasured..she thinks everyone is like her. If she died-which is impossible, but bear with me-if she died, and woke up on some giant bug body, or just a head, or some other inhuman deformity..she wouldn't think twice about being thankful for the second chance she'd been given, to live."

Veronica turned her gaze to the ground. "But really.." she murmured. "She can't see that she makes people unhappy?"

"I guess not..I've often wondered that myself..Fran doesn't get the idea of euthanasia at all. But she is a good person. I guarantee you that. Her reality's just a little warped." Okita said, with a small smile. "But really..I suppose for you, or for anyone, it's hard. I mean, I've gotten used to what I was dealt...I'm happy."

Veronica mock-glared. "You're weird."

Okita grinned, baring pinky-nail sized fangs. "Well, I've been like this for a while."

It felt terribly awkward, but the moment seemed right; So Veronica reached out and gently petted Okita's fluffy head. He pushed against her hand for a small second.

"Never again." he warned, letting her pet him for the time being.

There was a small scuffle from behind them and Fran appeared in the doorway, her lab coat smattered with blood and her eyes half-lidded and glazed over.

"Oh, what's this? Did I interrupt something?" she said, her eyes going wide. "Is Okita your new beau, Veronica?"

"A-as if, Onee-chan!" Veronica exclaimed with a blush, pulling her hand back quickly. Okita just rolled his eyes, setting his head on folded paws.

"Difficult surgery?"

"Oh, nothing too terrible. I pulled through. You should see though, He's going to be so happy when he wakes up...!"

Well, maybe he's right..Veronica thought, as Fran babbled on about how one was filled with joy when doing good deeds.

Maybe she's just..a little warped.

But maybe that wasn't SO bad, after all.