Hello everyone! You all know me, Dragoon Tidus. I'm coming at you all with a brand new NaruHina story! I have a heartfelt story to tell this time to you all, so I hope you enjoy this one as much as you did Love Among Shinobi. With that said, let it begin!

Lavender Love

Chapter One: Returning Home

It was a warm autumn day in Konoha. The cherry trees were in full bloom; their boughs filled with pink leaves. The village was quiet, even more so than usual. The two Shinobi who watched the main village gate were bored as usual. That is they were bored until they saw two Shinobi who had not been inside the village walls in for three years. An older man wearing light robes and a young man wearing a black and orange track suit were walking down the trail. Their voices could be heard.

"So Naruto, how does it feel to be home again? We've been away for three years and coming back home must be nice for you."

The blonde teenager next to him nodded and he spoke.

"I've really missed everybody. I wonder how Sakura and everyone else are doing?"

As if in response to his question, a flash of pink hair stopped in front of him. She was now shorter than Naruto, but not by much.

"Naruto? Is it really you?"

Naruto stopped and he smiled while placing his hand on the back of his head sheepishly.

"Ah, Sakura. It's good to see you again."

Sakura looked him in the eyes and she smiled back at him.

"Is that the best you can say after three years? We all missed you. Everyone has been worried about you, especially Kakashi and Tsunade. Hopefully none of Jiraiya's traits have rubbed off on you."

Naruto smiled and looked up at the bigger male.

"Maybe one or two. You know how this guy gets his inspiration don't you?"

Sakura shuddered visibly and she nodded.

"Don't even get me thinking of that."

The three of them laughed. Sakura walked with the two men and they talked of various things, mainly Naruto's training. As the three of them walked, heads turned everywhere they went. Everyone was staring at Naruto. He had grown in the last three years, physically and mentally. One head in particular stopped and stared at him. Lavender eyes met blue, and for a moment time seemed to stop. Naruto Uzumaki stared straight into the eyes of the shy and reserved Hinata Hyuga. Hinata was carrying a bouquet of roses and she dropped them as a bright red blush spread across her face. She began to stammer and speak in a hurried manner.


She asked and Naruto gave her a smile before he stooped down to pick up her fallen roses. Hinata was shaking. Naruto looked into her eyes again and he placed the roses into her hands.

"It's me Hinata."

Hinata looked towards the ground and she closed her eyes. Naruto's home! was the only thought running through the raven haired kunoichi's mind. Her breathing was becoming short and she smiled uneasily.

"T-Thank you N-Naruto. I have to be moving. I have to deliver these flowers to Kurenai-sensei before they wilt."

Naruto looked back at Sakura and then at Jiraiya. Sakura and Jiraiya both nodded, knowing what he was going to say next.

"Can I come with you Hinata?"

Hinata's blush darkened from red to crimson.

"I-If you would like to I would enjoy the company."

Naruto nodded and he waved to them both as Hinata started to turn towards Sakura. Sakura quietly mouthed the words tell him to Hinata, but Hinata shook her head. Not yet she mouthed back and she turned to Naruto.

"S-s-shall we be moving N-n-Naruto?"

Naruto smiled and he nodded.

"You seem tense Hinata. You should relax more. You're stuttering an awful lot."

Hinata gave him a smile and she took a deep breath.

"Thank you Naruto. I really enjoy the time we get to have together. How was your training?"

Naruto shook his head and he smiled.

"It went well. I learned a lot from Jiraiya. He's a really good teacher, believe it or not. I can use two Rasengans at once and my Shadow Clone abilities have improved as well."

The two Shinobi continued to walk talking of their abilities until they reached Kurenai's home, a small apartment. Naruto knocked on the door and Hinata started to fidget nervously. She pressed her fingers together nervously like she always did as the door swung open. In the doorway stood Kurenai Yuhi, Hinata's sensei and friend. A small blush crept across the younger woman's face and she handed the flowers to her teacher. Kurenai looked at Naruto and she smiled.

"Finally home Naruto? We've all missed you, especially Hinata."

Naruto gave a smile and he put both hands behind his head nervously. Hinata was now looking into Kurenai's eyes, as if pleading silently to not reveal her secret crush. Kurenai nodded very slightly at Hinata and Naruto looked at them both with a confused expression on his face. He spoke rather quickly.

"I missed Hinata too."

Hinata's head snapped up and she looked into Naruto's eyes. He missed me?

"I missed everyone. Sakura, Shikamaru, Hinata, Kiba… Even Shino. I'm just glad I can be back home with my friends again."

Hinata looked down at the floor and she smiled slightly. He missed everyone, not just me. Naruto looked at her and he saw that Hinata was looking away from him.

"Hinata… Why don't we get some ramen together? We can catch up on old times. I want to tell you more about my training. I want to hear how much you've improved too."

Hinata smiled up at Kurenai and she smiled at her student.

"Go on Hinata, it might be nice to be with him."

Hinata nodded and she turned to face her not so secret crush. Everyone knew Hinata was in love with Naruto, except for Naruto that is. Hinata nodded and she turned.

"I-I'd like that N-Naruto. Very much. I want to tell you all about the progress I've made since we last met. I'm still no match for you or Neji, but I'm slowly becoming stronger and more confident in myself."

Naruto smiled and he started to walk with Hinata through the streets of Konoha towards Ichiraku ramen. Heads turned to see the pair together, to see Hinata at long last with her crush. Naruto remained blissfully unaware as to why everyone else was staring, but he was happy nonetheless. It was his first day back and he was with a dear friend, one of many that he cherished above all else.