A/N: Everyone, this is it. We've reached the end of a long road. I started Lavender Love on March 3rd, 2009. We're now at January first, 2011. Its been almost two years since I started this story. From all my new readers to those who read from the very beginning, thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. I'd thank each of you individually if I had the time, but let me say this: Its been an immense pleasure writing for you all. There WILL be a sequel to LL, and it will be titled Those Chosen by Fate. It will center around Rise Hyuga, Serah Uchiha and all of the other children as they grow from children into adults. Just as LL was an improved version of Love Among Shinobi, Those Chosen by Fate will be the improved version of The Child of Legend. With all of this said, let's begin the final chapter of this story.

Finale: A Four Year Journey

October 10th had once again reached Konohagakure. Naruto's twentieth birthday had arrived. It was the day he had come of age, the day he became an adult. Today was a doubly special day for the Uzumaki family, however, for it was also the day that Rise turned a year old. She was now able to walk small distances and she was able to smile. She had some teeth. What was most surprising about the child was her incredible resemblance to her mother. She looked like a miniature Hinata, complete with the raven hair and lavender eyes.

Naruto awakened to the sun hitting his eyes, just like he did most mornings. Rise was already awake in her crib, standing. Naruto crossed the room to his daughter's crib and she held her arms up, waiting for her father to hold her. Naruto smiled and he held his daughter in his arms.

"Little Rise. You're so beautiful."

Rise smiled and she reached her tiny hand to her father's cheek and Naruto placed his hand over hers. Naruto smiled and he carried Rise into the living room. Hinata was already in the room, straightening out the room. There was a party today for Rise, and everyone was coming. The twins, now two years old, were able to sit and be alone while they ate. Naruto kissed his wife and he hugged Hanabi, who was studying a book for the upcoming Chuunin exam. Neji was entering his three man team into the exam. Hanabi had been lucky after her tryst in her shower with Konohamaru three months prior, and was still clean. No one knew about what had happened. Hinata was whistling as she cleaned. Naruto set Rise in her playpen and he hugged Hinata. She whispered to him and Hanabi came and hugged him too.

"Twenty years old. How do you feel Naruto?"

Hanabi had asked and she chuckled. Naruto laughed and he smiled.

"I feel good. Just like nineteen, only smarter."

Hinata smiled and she nuzzled her face into the nape of his neck.

"I hate to ask on your birthday, but can you help me set up the tables for the party?"

Naruto grinned and he kissed Hinata.

"Of course. My birthday or no, it needs to be done. Is Sasuke and Neji coming as well?"

Hinata smiled and she nodded.

"Everyone will be here, including Kiba and Shino. Gaara is also supposed to stop by with Matsuri."

Naruto smiled and he cheerfully set to work organizing the back yard. After about an hour, the guests started to arrive. Sasuke and Sakura had arrived with baby Serah first. Ino and Chouji arrived next with their daughter Kiana. Kiba had entered the house next, with Akamaru following him as usual. He had brought a young woman with him. Kiba introduced her as Maki Sonomaru. Shino came in next, also with a young woman at his side, whose name was Akane Kirijo. Neji, Tenten and their twins came next, followed by Gaara, Matsuri and Kaze. Shikamaru and Temari were the last to arrive with their daughter Megumi. When everyone had arrived, they sat down to eat. This was more a party for Rise than Naruto, but that didn't stop everyone from bringing Naruto a gift. Naruto was smiling as Sasuke handed him a new set of kunai, and Chouji gave him a free meal certificate to the barbeque restaurant in the village. Rise on the other hand was the center of attention. Everyone was fawning over her and how beautiful she was. Hiro, Yukiko and Rise were about the same age. They got along very well. Tenten smiled at Hinata and she chuckled.

"Look at them. The three Hyugas."

Hinata chuckled as well.

"Its like they formed their own little group together. They're going to be very close as they get older."

Hinata had said and Tenten smiled, nodding. Neji, Sasuke and Naruto were enjoying glasses of wine, talking about the futures of their children. Naruto was going on and on about how Lyn and Syao were already showing signs of development. Neji listened intently and he grinned.

"Looks like our kids are going to be competing for number one in the class. We're really fortunate they're about the same ages. They'll be friends for life."

All three of them nodded and drank to the last statement. Gaara then came over and he sat next to Naruto.

"Could I have a word Naruto?"

Naruto stood up and he led Naruto to the far corner of the yard.

"Its about Kaze. I heard from Tsunade about Rise inheriting the Kyuubi's full power. It seems that Kaze got the Ichibi's power. He's been messing with the sand in my hourglass for about a week now. I wanted to ask you a favor. When its time for him to enter the Academy, could you house him until he graduates? I've already cleared this with Tsunade and Hinata, but I wanted to ask your approval first. My reasoning is he'll be safer here."

Naruto didn't even have to think this answer out.

"Of course its ok. It might be best for them to be together. We could protect them easier if they were here in Konoha."

Gaara clapped his friend on the shoulder and he nodded.

"Thank you Naruto. This means a lot to Matsuri and I. We'll miss our son a lot, but its for his own good."

Naruto nodded and the two men shook hands and embraced. Hinata then called everyone to the center of the yard, where a blanket lay for the gifts. Hinata sat Rise on her lap and the child started to claw open the gifts she had received. She received several new pairs of clothes, toys and some books for her parents to read to her. Rise smiled happily as she opened the last and largest gift. It was from Gaara and Matsuri. Hinata helped her daughter open it, and everyone smiled. Rise has received a set of clothes that were modeled after Hinata's. Gaara had ordered them custom made, and Matsuri had added her own bit of flair to them. Hinata smiled at her friends and she wiped her misty eyes.

"Everyone, thank you. I'm sure Rise would be so happy if she understood that everyone was here to see her today. So again, thank you. We'll be having cake soon. Why don't we put the kids together and we can have some wine together?"

A cry of approval went up from the crowd and the kids were put together in the house under the care of Hanabi and Konohamaru. Hanabi held her youngest niece in her arms and she whispered to her boyfriend.

"I don't think I mentioned this before Hama, but I've thought about what we talked about a few months ago, and I do want all that. Us and a family. I want to marry you once I turn sixteen."

Konohamaru smiled and they kissed. Konohamaru picked up Lyn in his arms and he smiled at the young girl.

"You hear that? I'm going to be your uncle soon."

Lyn smiled and she clapped her hands.


Konohamaru chuckled and he hugged her. Eventually the party died down. Everyone had left, leaving only Naruto and his family. Kushina had come in from her day out and the family stood on the roof of their house, watching the sun go down. Naruto was holding Rise in his arms, and he smiled at Hinata.

"Its been four years hime. Can you believe all that's happened in that time? We've been married for two years, we have three beautiful children... Our life has been good, despite some of the tragedies that have befallen us."

Hinata moved closer to her husband, and she slid her arms around him.

"So much had happened. We're a young couple that is happily married, a family, and we've still got plenty of life left in us. Our stories are just starting. And this little one has her story too. We're in this together. She may be hunted, but no one will have her but us."

Naruto turned and he kissed his wife, nodding.

"No one but us. I promise. I love you Hinata Hyuga."

Hinata giggled and she kissed him back.

"Hinata Uzumaki. I want to take your name, and the kids too. We're the new Uzumaki Clan."

Naruto smiled and he hugged her. The Uzumaki Clan was reborn. Their stories had really only begun. Rise Sayuri Uzumaki, one year old. She and her future friends would be the keys to unlocking the future of the Shinobi world.