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Summary: Edward and Bella meet while Emmett and Rosalie are off at college. Emmett comes home and is introduced to her and he suddenly begins to question everything. Will relationships remain intact or will new ones form. Just slightly OOC. ExB, EmxR, EmxB, JxA, CxEs. Rated M to be safe for possible future content.

A/N: Some of the characteristics have been changed to better fit my image of the characters in this story. I imagine Bella looking much like Olivia Wilde (who plays "13" on House, M.D...don't own those either)


I had never seen someone so beautiful in my life. My draw to her made me question myself and all the feelings I had ever had before. I had heard about this girl for almost a year now and I felt I knew her. But knowing and seeing are two completely different things. She is this amazing creature standing before me. If she asked me to move the ocean, I would. The world could dry up, but as long as she was there it would not matter.

Stop. You can't think this about her. You hear the way he speaks of her. You see the way his face lights up when he mentions her. I thought quietly to myself. I had long ago learned it was necessary to develop at least two trains of thought. My brother had began to give up trying to make sense of my thoughts. Though before this moment everyone knew my love was one of the few things on my mind which mattered. I became flush with the idea of being so exposed, so caught by my feelings.

I saw the way she looked at me. I saw the way her blue-grey eyes slowly drifted up to mine. The world became silent and I did not even hear the introduction. I felt her hand quiver as it shook my hand. "Hi. I've heard so much about you and I am so glad to meet you."

"As have I. It is so wonderful to finally meet you." I slowly let go of her hand and give my brother an approving nod. While before I believed the way he described her must have been exaggerated because no one could live up to his image of her, I suddenly realized he could barely even begin to graze the surface of her essence. My brother smiles at me and says something to her and they begin to turn around.

As they walked off, his arm grazing the small of her back, she looked back. His eyes were so focused on our home in front of us that he did not notice. I knew he was nervous. He had never even dated anyone, much less brought someone home. Why should I be one to interfere? We had only exchanged 26 words and been around each other for less than 5 minutes, but I knew she was so much, maybe even everything.

I had known love. I had known the feeling of a lover lying next to me; of spending hours upon end in unspoken words, knowing we knew what one another wanted to say. I knew that. I knew love. I know love. And now I know her. And love seems a distant thought. A level I surpassed upon first glance.

And I knew she felt it to.