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Of Dreams and Visions

"David therefore besought God for the child; and David fasted, and went in, and lay all night upon the earth." – 2 Samuel 12:16


"Emma, would you please hurry, I don't think your date wants to wait in the living room all night, especially with your father and brother sitting with him." I said to my blonde curly haired daughter. Nature had taken her father's features, softened them, and made her into the beauty she is. Embry was me made over only with his father's height, and a touch of his strength and grace.

"Just a minute." Alice chimed in. I was so glad Emma didn't mind being subjected to her fashionista aunt. I hated it, and her enjoying it both made her happy and gave me a break. My daughter steps out of her room dressed in a simple black dress on her way to her date with Justin.

"You look beautiful." I tell her and we make our way downstairs where an uncomfortable Justin is sitting on the edge of his sit while Emmett and Embry give him the "make a wrong move and we'll destroy you" look. He gets up from his seat and they say their goodbyes as the exit on their way to his car. He is such a gentleman and so understanding.


"Sis, do I have to wear the tux to your wedding."

"Yes, son, you do. If I have to wear one so do you." Emmett tells Embry.

"Dad, you're walking me down the isle, and Embry, you are the best man, of course you have to."

"But at least Alice isn't going to be fixing you up before the wedding." I chime in.


"Mom, it's time, Chrissy is having her baby." My son tells me over the phone. I wake up Emma and Justin as the rest of us rush to the hospital. Embry had decided to live out in town for a little while, and Emma and Justin had stayed here because they needed the help with their twins. A third grandchild and we barely looked old enough to have children of our own. David and Christiana had been so understanding, like I had been. Another city and identity every few years. It could be a pain, but we had each other. The fourteen of us, soon to be fifteen.


Alice's Point of View

I lay next to her sleeping form. She was alive, but very weak. I could see a smile creep onto her face.

"Don't worry Bella, they are beautiful and their lives are so full of promise." I kiss her forehead and walk out the room, leaving her to her pleasant dreams of the future.


Emmett's Point of View

Bella was safe. My children were alive, even if it was touch and go. Emma was able to breath on her own, but was still on oxygen. When Embry was born, he was unable to breath. Edward intubated him and he is on a ventilator right now, a machine is breathing for him. Carlisle thinks he will be able to come off of it in a week or so. Emma had received more nutrition than Embry had. Edward was right, he was looking out for his sister, whether he meant to or not. Bella had to receive blood, but it was not as bad as it could have been. She is in a deep sleep right now, my pixie sister watching over her.

It took all night to get the babies stable. Prayer was a constant. I knew there was little I could do as Carlisle and Edward worked together to keep all three of them alive. I was so grateful for them. Edward seemed to put aside his feelings about Bella and I for these children. They had done nothing wrong.


One week later

Bella's Point of View

"Bell, here is your son, Embry Anthony McCarty Cullen." Emmett said to me as he handed me our son. We had agreed to ask Edward if we could name our son after him because of all he had done to save his life. He agreed. While we still weren't is favorite people, Emma and Embry had stolen his heart just like they had stolen the hearts of the rest of the family. Emmett now held Emma Allison McCarty Cullen, no doubt who she was named after. Unfortunately, it wasn't much of a surprise and Alice had already started calling her by her full name before we asked her.

"You know Allison means 'little Alice'." She would tell us. I didn't know how someone could be smaller than Alice already, but I feared the little pixie's wrath and kept my mouth shut. We had a small dedication for the babies later in the day. It was just our family and Charlie. Since it was still not known how the babies would grow and progress, we would be moving again soon. It was almost time anyways.

Emma and Embry were nearly insepreable. They would cry if they were more than a few feet away from one another. Even if Emma was sleeping and Embry woke up to feed and we took him into the other room, Emma would wake up crying. I loved the bond they shared. Maybe in this part, they were vampire. They shared our bonds with one another.


Three months later.

The time had come for us to move. We had finished packing up everything and the moving truck was on it's way with all of our things to the new home in Manchester, New York. Alice and Jasper had already went load the babies in the car. Emmett and I were the only ones left in the house.

"Bell, you want to take one last walk around this house?"

"Yes." I told him. I took his hand and he led me up the stairs. We had already said our goodbyes to Charlie. I told him I would come to visit when I could. I was going to miss him and he was going to miss his grandchildren.

Once we were up the stairs, overlooking the bottom floor of the place I called home, I felt Emmett's arms wrap around my shoulders from behind.

"We have one last thing to do before we go. I want things to be different when we go to Manchester. You have given me two beautiful children, but my family is not truly complete. Isabella, marry me?" He asked as he slipped a simple solitaire diamond ring which was placed on what looked like a platinum band on my left ring finger. There was no need for words, I just turned around and kissed him, my answer sealed between our lips.

Alice burst through the door and ran up the stairs. She must have forgetten something. It took me a second to realize the rest of the family, and Charlie follow her in. They were all dressed in semi-formal attire. When Alice reached me, she drug me into her room where a simple white dress was waiting on me.

"Alice, can anything be a surprise with you?"

"No. But your other option is me spending a year planning an extravagant wedding which I would invite all of New York to as well as your family."

"This is fine." I said as she dressed me and handed me a simple bouquet made of red roses. My father met me at the top of the stairs and Alice hurried on down.

"Dad." I said and hugged him.

"He makes you happy. I know I wish I could keep you here, but I know where your place is. You're all grown up, a mother and soon to be wife. I love you." He said to me. It was such a strange display of emotion for my father as he kissed my check before leading me down the stairs where my new family waited on me. Rosalie was standing with Emma on one hip and holding Edward's hand with the other. Esme had Embry in her arms. Jasper was trying to calm down Alice. And Emmett was waiting in a suit, standing next to Carlisle.

The ceremony flew by as I starred into Emmett's eyes, occasionally glancing over at our babies. We exchanged our rings and kissed. We left Forks as man and wife, with our family intact. We had found our happiness.

The End

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