Christmas, 2008

What a day…

"Merry Christmas, Jadis!" dad said merrily, as he handed me a present. I smiled as I took the gift. Inside the wrapping paper, I discovered a fancy art set; special pens, sketch paper, brushes, markers, pencils, everything you could dream of!

"Thank you, dad!" I squealed, giving him a hug. I sat back down on the floor, and looked up at the others – Frank, Bob, Ray, Uncle Mikey, dad, my step-mum, and my real mum – who were all sitting on the sofas in the cozy living room of my dad's house. Along with Aunt Alicia, Jamia, Christa and Bob's girlfriend, Katlin, who were standing up, seeing as there weren't enough chairs.

"No problem. I wasn't sure you'd like it actually; it has been a while since I've had to buy a Christmas present for a teenage girl," he smiled. "I mean, ever since Mikey grew up-" he added, but broke off laughing. I giggled too when Mikey threw a Christmas bauble at dad's head.

"My turn," Frank bubbled. He ran over to the tree in the corner, grabbed a package, and gave it to Bob. It looked quite small, but what was inside made everyone laugh.

"Mr. Bean!" Bob exclaimed, fully removing the Mr. Bean bobble head from the wrapping. "Just what I needed," he laughed.

"You like it? Yay!" Frank quickly gave Bob a hug. I think it was a whole three seconds before Bob shoved him away. Frank stumbled back, and tripped over an armrest, falling into dad's lap.

"Hello Sweetums. Did you miss me?" Frank asked. He then lent in to try and peck dad on the lips. It didn't seem like dad was going to complain - and he didn't. Jamia promptly interjected though. She picked her husband up, off dad's lap, right before he planted the kiss.

"Frankie," Jamia said in a pissed off tone.

"Yes, my sexy beast?" Frank replied, grinning.

"Keep it G rated people!" Ray muttered, chuckling at the scene.

"I've got a present to give too, so if you would kindly avert your attention," I said, grabbing a parcel I'd earlier placed under the tree. It was something for all them; all of My Chemical Romance. I put it on Mikey's lap, seeing as he was in-between Ray and Bob.

"To my favourite band and new family. Love, Jadis," Mikey read aloud. Frank and dad quickly shuffled closer.

Mikey slowly peeled back the paper, to reveal a scrapbook. It was practically everything they'd ever done. It was how they'd started off; past concerts; album facts. Each member had their own section; each album had its own section; and then there was the section after I'd met them. That was the section that seemed to catch their attention the most.

"Do you like it?" I asked, awkwardly. Dad had moved closer, so that he could also see.

"Wow! Stalker much?" Frank joked. I punched him in the arm playfully.

"Do you know how long it took me to compile this? I've been working on it for months!" I defended.

"Wow! Nerd much?" Frank said again.

"Oh shut-up, Frank," Bob muttered, punching Frank square in the balls. Frank grunted, and doubled over, while I laughed.

"Frank Iero, you just got owned!" Ray spoke from the other side of Mikey; farthest away from Frank.

"This is insane!" Mikey commented, still studying the scrapbook.

"Thank-you. I'm glad someone appreciates it." I replied.

"You know we appreciate you, Jadis," dad put in, giving me a hug.

Once all the presents had been given out, we had dinner and relaxed. The room still buzzed though – especially seeing as Lindsey and dad had only too much to talk about with their first child on the way. I was so excited about having a younger sibling too.

It was about 11pm when mum finally decided we should leave. There hadn't been much alcohol – in consideration of dad and uncle Mikey – but what there had been, mum had managed to find. She seemed quite tipsy as we left, and dad was clearly concerned about her driving, practically demanding that we stayed the night. But mum wouldn't hear it – we did basically live right next door.

"How about I drop you over there, and then I'll take your car over tomorrow?" dad tried to compromise.

"Nah nah!" mum responded. Dad flashed me a worried glance, and I'm sure my face mirrored his expression.

"Mum, I really think we should stay the night." I tried. Mum wouldn't hear it.

"Nonsense!" she giggled, shoving me out the door. I dashed back quickly and gave dad a hug, then jumped into the car. Mum started the engine, and back out of the driveway with surprising caution.

We were practically home, and I realized, dad's worry had gotten me worried, and the worry had been for no reason.

I was struck out of this realization, as mum honked the horn loudly. Headlights flashed, and then nothing.