I walked down the hallway to meet Alice at her locker, it was a usual for me. Rose and Alice were my best friends since high school began, and when I'd moved to Forks after my mother, Renee, had passed away from cancer.

I'd met Alice and her brother Emmett and Edward Cullen- and don't mind me hating Edward out of everyone, there wasn't one day he was nice to me in the past three years., instead of being a snob and pissed me off everyday. Not to mention, he's a player and that was yet another reason for me to hate him. But, unfortunately, I had to deal with him since he was one of the Cullens, so I saw them everyday- and then were the Hale's; Jasper and Rosalie Hale, they were twins. Jasper and Alice had began dating last year, whereas Emmett and Rosalie began from freshman year.

I reached Alice and Rosalie, and as usual Alice was grinning at me- although a little too widely today. Should I be scared?

"Hey, guys," I said, ignoring what new gossip Alice had for me.

"Hey, Bella." Rose smiled.

"Guess what, Bella!" Alice began to jump up and down.

I chuckled as Rosalie rolled her eyes at her. "Okay, seriously, Bella! This is good news!" she chirped.

I looked at her trying my best to be serious. "What?"

"Okay, first- the serious thing isn't working, Bella! Two- You're totally allowed to sleepover for the month Charlie's gone for his business trip and Rose and Jazzy are coming, too! We'll go pick up your things from your house tonight, and then we'll go straight to my house! And, third-" A weird look flashed in her eyes. It looked like she was about to scream on the top of her lungs. Oh no. "Jim Thompson is totally going to ask you out soon. You know he's been crushing on you since last year!"

Jim has been one of my good friends and I do admit he's pretty hot! He plays on the football team with Emmett, and he's a great guy... but I never assumed a guy like him would ever fall for a plain girl- and not to mention, klutz- like me. I still don't!

"Alice!" I hissed. "He doesn't like me!" Alice and Rose shook their heads and sighed. "Not you, too, Rose!" I whined.

Rose had always defended me when Alice or anyone else teased me about Jim, but now Alice had gotten to her like everyone else. Darn.

"Sorry, Bella! He really does." Was Rosalie's great reply. She looked at me apologetically and I couldn't help but chuckle.

"It's okay, Rose. Anyways, I'll see you guys at lunch." I waved at them, walking away to class. They shouted their goodbyes back, but it was mostly Alice I could hear.

I had English this period, first thing in the morning. I always sat beside Jim, if we had any classes together and he never complained.

I walked inside and my eyes fell on Jim- he sat at our desk beside the window, as usual- Jim and I waved at each other and I walked over and took my seat beside him. "Hey, Bells." Jim grinned.

"Hi, Jim." I replied, returning his grin.

"So, Bella, I uh-" his warm hand grabbed mine over the desk. "was wondering if yo-" he was cut off by Mr. Banner's loud "Good morning, children!" greeting he said every morning. And for the first time, instead of being annoyed by Mr. Banner, I was glad. What if Jim was going to ask me out? I do like Jim, yes, but why me? I'm so plain and boring. For some reason, I never pictured Jim to be my boyfriend, or anyone I hold that special relationship with; we're great friends and that's all and I never saw our relationship as anything more than that... Did I?

"Today we'll be starting a partner project, class. The partners will be randomly picked together; a male and a female." Mr. Banner held a blue and a red hat in his hands. "Everyone get out a piece of paper and write your names on it. Please do not fold them! When you're done, come drop it in the hats. Girls, you will be the red hat and boys will be the blue. Understood? Okay, you all may proceed."

Jim let go of my hand I hadn't realized he'd still been holding. Everyone followed the procedure and dropped their name slips in the hats. Mr. Banner began picking out names from each hat, as well as reading and recording the partners.

Most of the class had been paired up already, except for some; including Jim and I.
Banner reached in the red hat and pulled out a slip. "Isabella Swan, and" he reached in the blue hat. I prayed for my partner to be Jim, because who ever was left wasn't really someone I'd want to cope with; and one of them included Edward. Oh, especially not him! "Edward Cullen!" Banner announced. My mouth dropped open and my eyes went wide with shock.

Clearly, I jinx myself. I wished not for Edward Cullen to be my partner, but of course, I jinxed myself! Great!

Jims hand covered mine again and he gave my hand a tight squeeze. "It'll be okay, Bella." he whispered to me. I nodded silently, but I knew it wouldn't be. The last few of the partners were announced, which included: Ben and Angela, Mike and Jessica, Lauren and Tyler, and Eric and Tanya.

"Now, unfortunately, there is only one boy left and no girl. But it's all good, because there will be one team with three- but that team will have an extra task to do in the project, to be fair." Banner picked out the last name, which we all knew was Jim. He was the only one who hadn't been called up yet. "Jim, you will be with..." Banner looked at his list of all the partners. My heart pounded in my chest- couldn't he just pick one already! "Bella and Edward." It was announced. Jim and I both sighed, relieved. Again, Jim squeezed my hand- harder than before.

The lesson continued and we were handed a package that included materials for the project. It was a video project. Each team got scripts; Mr. Banner had found these on the internet and they were skits. Every team had to act them out and video tape them. This project would take a month. Yay! A month of torture.

First- I didn't like cameras.

Second- Edward was in the team.

and Third- Neither Edward or Jim liked each other, so it'd be much harder to work with.

I browsed through the script my team had gotten. It was called "Forbidden Love" Just what

I need, a lovey-dovey skit to act out with my foe and best friend. Lovely!

"Wow. This is so cheesy." Jim laughed beside me.

I returned his laugh. "Tell me about it."

A pile of books slapped on the empty space of a table in front of me. I looked up to see an annoyed Edward sitting inches away from me.

"It's the last project of the year and I have to spend it with you losers." Edward hissed.

"Go join someone else then!" I snapped at him. It wasn't like we picked this, either. What a snob!

"I can't Swan, we have extra scenes." He said bitterly.

I scoffed and looked at Jim. "When will we start filming this?" He asked.

"I don't know. Banner still has to tell us." I replied.

I guess Banner had heard us, because it didn't take him two minutes till he responded to several questions. "Class, you will begin filming tomorrow, but we only have this week to film in class. If you finish it- which is highly impossible- then that is great. Otherwise, you and your partners will have to figure it out to do so elsewhere, and it cannot be during school hours. And yes, you may provide props for yourself; make it look as real as possible. This will be due in three weeks of time, use it wisely!"

"Waste of my time." Edward scoffed.

"Then fucking go find another group-" Jim cut me off.

"Edward, if you want to get a bag grade and fail the last year of high school, then be it." Edward grimaced as Jim said this. We did only have a couple months before high school ended and we started with our own lives. It was only a matter of time- nothing else. Just a couple more months till this was over.

"Fine." Edward grumbled. "I'll cope."

He looked at me with a piercing look, but I was too angry to tolerate that. I ignored him and looked away. Yup! A month of pure torture, all right.

"Class dismissed! We will be outside in the parking lot tomorrow for a meeting!" Banner announced.

Edward ran out of the class room as soon as Banner finished his sentence... and I couldn't be happier. Just the sight of him pissed me off!

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