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"I still love you, Miley Stewart."

Miley gaped at Jake, unsure how to respond. On one hand, her heart was pounding faster than the horses stampeding around the Kentucky Derby race track; on the other, her head was screaming at her to run for the hills as fast as she could. She couldn't do this – there was no way in hell she could do this! She couldn't just leap into his arms and scream for joy like her heart was telling her to. No, she needed to be reasonable about this. She needed to be smart about this.

She needed to lie.


She couldn't seem to get her mouth to cooperate with her brain and it was making her look as stupid as ever. She knew what she was doing was wrong and that it would probably break his heart, but she needed to protect herself. She couldn't allow her heart to die again, and if that meant sacrificing his own, then so be it.

"I'm…flattered…but I've moved on. I don't love you anymore," she cursed herself as she choked on the words, her body trying to stop her from making this mistake, "I'm sorry. Maybe it's best if you leave now..."

Jake stared at her with wide eyes, completely caught off guard. He'd thought…didn't she…she doesn't love him anymore? But the kiss…he'd felt the love and electricity flowing through his veins again – she had to have felt it too, right?

He searched her eyes, trying to find something – anything – to prove he was right. She looked away from him, refusing to meet his eyes, but before she did, he saw something flash in her ocean-coloured eyes. He knew what it was the moment he saw it because the emotion in them reflected his own:


Jake was quiet for a moment, just watching Miley as she tried to keep her composure. She was avoiding his eyes, instead flitting to different corners of the dark, candlelit house.

"You're lying."

Miley's eyes immediately snapped to his, complete bewilderment etched onto her face.

"Excuse me?"

Jake just continued to stare into her eyes, not an ounce of emotion expressed on his face.

"I said, you're lying."

Panic flitted across Miley's face briefly before she became defensive, quickly turning around to the counter behind her and placing her palms against the surface.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Now if you could please leav-" She was cut off by Jake's hand grasping her upper arm tightly and spinning her around to face him.

"Don't feed me that bullshit, Miley. I know that you still have feelings for me, ok? I can see it! It may not be love, and that's alright, but don't you dare tell me that you feel nothing anymore!" Miley suppressed a sob as she yanked her arm from his grasp, desperately trying to figure out how he had managed to read her like an open book.

"How dare you presume to know how I feel? You know nothing of how I feel about you! You know nothing of how my heart died the day you left for Paris! You know nothing!" Jake's face hardened slightly, angered by her assumptions.

"I know that you're scared! I understand that you're scared, ok? Because I'm scared too, Miley – I'm scared too!" Miley quieted at hearing this, her eyes searching his. Jake, unable to take her piercing gaze, looked away from her, ashamed of being so vulnerable in front of her.

"The day I left was one of the most painful days of my life. Everywhere I looked, I saw you; in my apartment, in the street, on the set, and most of all in my dreams. You were always there, always in arms reach, but you'd disappear just as quickly as you'd appear. I tried to move on – tried dating other women to get you off my mind – but they were never you." He looked back to see her eyes lined with tears and his heart panged deeply in his chest. He fingered a curl gently, whispering softly, "Never you…"

Miley let out a ragged sob, trying so hard to keep her composure in front of this amazing specimen of a man. She embraced him roughly, burying her face into his collarbone as she grasped the back of his shirt tightly in her hands. She sobbed dryly as his arms wound around her, letting her emotions pour out of her poor, battered heart. He whispered soothingly into her ear, trying to calm and reason with her.

"It's ok, Miley. I know you're scared, but you can't let that stop you from being happy. I honestly think you can be happy with me again if you gave us another try."

Miley slowly disentangled herself from Jake's embrace, looking up into his soft, sea green orbs. Was it worth it to take the leap one more time? Her walls slowly began to fall as she felt the warmth of his love penetrating her through his gaze. She knew that he would never hurt her purposefully, but could she allow her heart to be vulnerable again?


Jake's brilliant smile could have outshined the sun. She too broke out into a large smile before he pulled her into a heated kiss, gasping as electricity flowed through her veins. Her hands cupped his neck gently as his lips crushed hers ferociously, swooning at the scent of his spiced cologne. She felt his hands grip her hips tightly, pulling her flush against his muscular body and causing arousal to pool in her belly. His lips gently pried her mouth open and his tongue tentatively touched hers, surprising her at his shyness. Boldly, she gave his tongue an earthly suck and was rewarded with a low, primal growl that shot arousal straight between her thighs.

Consumed by lust, Jake pushed Miley against the kitchen counter without breaking their kiss. She gasped when his hand skimmed along her stomach, causing his arousal to jump slightly at the sound. His hand snaked upwards past her belly until it reached its final destination and gently cupped a bra-clad breast. Miley broke the kiss and threw her head back at the sensation, bringing one of her own hands to join his on her chest to knead it. Jake's eyes darkened heavily at the sight and feel and he smashed his lips back onto hers, drowning in her scent and her taste as he thrust his tongue back into her mouth. She groaned as they continued to knead her breast, loving the sensation it created in her body.

Unknowingly, her other hand trailed down his back until it rested on his behind. Her mind hazy with lust, she pulled him against her even more, moaning wantonly when she felt his arousal pressing into her jean-clad thighs. He let out an animalistic growl and thrust his hips against her, both groaning at the friction it caused.

Grasping her by the thighs, Jake lifted Miley onto the kitchen counter and pulled her flush against him as his hands roamed wildly over her lithe frame and his lips attacked her neck with fervor. Miley threaded her fingers through his hair and held his head against her, sighing blissfully as he nipped and sucked at her flushed skin. She gasped when his hand skimmed her lower back, treading dangerously close to her bottom, and pushed her hips into his on impulse. Jake let out a breathy moan at the intimate contact and attacked her neck more fiercely before moving down towards her chest.

Breaking apart briefly, Jake pulled Miley's shirt quickly over her head and threw it to the floor, careful not to catch it on one of the burning flames. He looked into her eyes and saw that they were dark and hazy with lust, turning him on even more. His eyes roamed blatantly over her unclothed torso, taking in her smooth stomach and lithe frame before landing on her heaving bra-clad breasts.

'Dear God, she's wearing black lace! Jackson's pants definitely feel way too tight now…'

Just as he was about to reach for her again, Miley put a hand up to stop him. Confused and worried that she wanted to stop – something that would be incredibly difficult for him right now – he gazed at her questioningly.

She reached her arms out to him and grasped his hips, gently pulling him close to her, and allowed a slight smirk to grace her features when she saw Jake's raised eyebrow. She slid her hands under the hem of his shirt and skimmed her hands across his tight stomach, reveling in power when she felt the muscles contract even further. She could hear his hard, short breaths and she knew that he was just as aroused, if not more, than she was. Without breaking eye-contact, she slowly and sensually lifted his shirt over his head, skimming her hands over his body as she did so. He shuddered as her nails raked over his skin lightly in the process, causing goosebumps to spring up along his arms. This woman was going to be the death of him for sure.

Miley's eyes roamed over Jake's toned naked torso unabashedly, remembering every contour, dip, and curve his body had years ago and comparing it to his body now. She was impressed with how fit he was – not overly muscular, yet toned and well defined. It was sexy as hell and she wanted him on her. Now.

Jake watched as she took her time looking over him. The candlelight flickered gently throughout the house, casting a warm glow over her smooth, silky skin. He wanted so badly to just run his tongue all over her body, desperate to know if the caramel color of her skin tasted like the real thing. He would, however, let her set the pace, knowing that every time she had in the past, he was always in for a fantastic night. Unable to keep his hands off of her, he let his hands rest on her thighs and rubbed circles around them with his thumbs. He grinned at her sharp intake of breath before hitching his own at the glint in her eyes.

Miley grasped one of his hands in her own and slowly brought it up to her chest. She guided his hand to her breast and cupped it softly before squeezing. She let out a breathy moan, but continued to kneed her breast softly with Jake's hand. Bringing her other hand to his face, she gently brought her lips to his, kissing him languidly with slow strokes. She massaged her lips sensually over his as soft pants of pleasure escaped her lungs. Taking a bit of control, Jake fondled her breast as his tongue thrust deeply into Miley's mouth and his other hand slipped to her hip. He ground himself into her, enjoying her gasp before gently kissing along her jaw. Reaching her ear, he nibbled and sucked the lobe, causing her to shudder in pleasure and gasp his hand on her breast even more tightly.

"Oh God…"

He continued kissing her ear before moving slowly down her neck, all the while massaging her lace-covered breast. Needing to make him feel as out of control as she did, Miley skimmed her hand down his stomach before grabbing his arousal through his pants. Jake bucked into her hand as his knees buckled, throwing his hands onto the counter to steady himself as he breathed harshly into Miley's shoulder.

"Fuck…" he hissed as Miley continued to stroke him through his pants, praying to God that he wouldn't be finished before they even started. Using as much control as humanly possible, Jake raised his head, looked Miley dead in the eye with dark, lustful sea-green eyes, and smirked mischievously.

"You have no idea what you just got yourself into."


Hours later, Miley pulled up to her new apartment complex where Jackson and Mr. Stewart were still unpacking boxes from the moving truck. As she got out of the car, Mr. Stewart raised an eyebrow.

"Well, look who finally decided to show up! What took you so long, darlin'?"

Miley blushed as she remembered exactly what it was that delayed her from arriving on time. Her cheeks turned an even brighter scarlet as Jake stepped out of the car and wrapped an arm around her waist, causing the Stewart's eyebrows to fly high into their hairlines. She laughed nervously.

"You guys remember Jake, right?"