Story of My Life

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Summary: SEQUEL! To It's Just a Bet, go read that. Life doesn't always you fairly, even when you deserve most. Marriage is a big step for Bella and Edward, but they are convinced everything will work out. They are head over heels in love! So what if Bella's four months pregnant and already has a three year old son? Getting married will make their college life much easier.

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I can't do this, I practically screamed at myself.

I stared at the white gown lying on my bed. It wasn't that pretty and I looked awkward in it. That was a sure enough reason to not do this. Yup, I'd just have to tell them I looked hideous in the gown and that would be the end of it. Mustering up all my courage, I marched out of my room and down the stairs. Edward was sitting on my couch; he looked rather confused to see me still wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

"We have to leave in five minutes Bella," he explained once he got the impression I wasn't, in the slightest bit, ready for this.

"I'm not going," I said, my voice barely above a whisper.

Edward stared at me blankly, his jaw dropping. He was silent, but only for a moment; suddenly he had too many things to say. He paused, trying to word himself properly.

"What do you mean you're not going?" He finally said, standing up and closing the distance between us. His hands automatically went to my forehead, "Do you still have a fever?"

I swatted his hand away. "I'm feeling fine. I cannot go."

"Are you being serious right now?" He said angrily. "We've been talking about this for weeks now Bella. You and I both have worked so hard to make this happen. How can you just give up now?"

I didn't have a valid reason to provide him with. I was absolutely terrified of this. After today, everything would change. I wouldn't be the same Bella anymore. People would look at my differently. I wasn't sure I could handle it.

"I'm scared," I finally mumbled, tears brimming at the edge of my eyes.

The anger in Edward's emerald eyes melted away, it was replaced by concern. He wrapped his arms tightly around me, pulling me into his chest. "Please don't be scared Bella, I'm here."

"But this is the end," I sobbed, already suffering from pregnancy hormones.

"It's only the beginning Bella," Edward assured me. "Yes, it's the end of high school, but it's the beginning of something new. You have to think of it that way. It's the beginning of our lives together. Our wedding is only two weeks away. If anything should motivate you to leave with me now, let it be that."

God damn Edward and his way with words, I thought quietly. He was always right. I shouldn't be crying about graduating, at least not sad tears. If I was going to cry, it should be out of happiness. I've wanted this for so long. I've worked so hard to get here, why was I even freaking out over this? I had been ready to graduate years ago and here I was, actually about to graduate, and I couldn't do it. I could be such a wimp at times.

"You promise you'll be by my side through everything," I asked him, watching his eyes for any trace of dishonesty.

He smiled genuinely at me, "I promise."

"Alright," I grumbled. "Let me change, I'll make it quick."

I stumbled up the stairs quickly in an attempt to be hasty but just tripped over my own two feet. Nothing out of the usual. Edward laughed loudly behind me. "Be careful Bella! We wouldn't want you in crutches for graduation, now would we?"

I squinted my eyes, turned around and glared at him. He only continued to laugh as I stomped off (much like Ayden) towards my room. I slammed my door shut and then I heard him laughing harder. God, he could act like such a…such a child!

It wasn't until I'd been standing there, staring at my closet for five minutes angry with Edward's constant laughter that I realized…I had nothing to wear. Literally. All that stared back at me were sweat pants, old jeans, and ratty t-shirts. Any article of nice clothing that I owned, which consisted of a silk blouse top and a pair of black pants, were missing. Did that mean I wore my jeans under my white graduation gown? I couldn't do that! I'd be the laughing stock of the entire school! Everyone would be dying in laughter once they saw my dirty Converse poking out from under the robe. I'd be laughed right off the stage.

Just as I was about to go into a fit of hysterics over my lack of wardrobe, I noticed a white bag tucked away in my closet. I pushed aside the sweatshirts blocking and realized it was a store bag, with a blue dress hung nicely inside it. I felt like crying. I snatched it off the hanger and held is close to my body, thankful to whoever left it. A note fell onto the floor and I picked it up quickly.

You may not see me all the time anymore, but I still know everything about you Bella. Which means I knew you wouldn't have a thing picked out for graduation. Edward loves blue, which you look gorgeous in, so I bought you this. No need for thanking, I love you best friend.


P.S – You shoes are stuck under your bed; right next to those disgusting things you call sneakers.

Now I was crying. Alice was beyond sweet. She does everything for me, and I swear she gets nothing in return. I've been so focused on Edward, Ayden, and school I haven't been much of a friend lately. How was I going to repay her? By hurrying my stalling ass up and getting to graduation already! I owed it to Alice. To Edward. To Charlie. To Ayden. I owed to everyone who cared about me. And most importantly, I owed it to myself.

I tossed the dress aside and quickly peeled out of my clothes when a knock came to the door. "Bella," Edward said while opening the door, he got one look at my practically naked form and grinned widely.

"Now, any other time and this would be perfect," he strolled over to me, dropping his car keys on my desk. His hands snaked around my waist and he buried his face in my neck, kissing it all over. "But….well, I'm finding it hard to come up with a 'but' for this situation."

"But," I laughed while pushing him away, "We're already fifteen minutes late. If we're any later we'll make it just in time for me to get my diploma, which means you'll still be a high school boy."

"You wouldn't stay in high school with me," he asked me with a huge pout, batting his eyelashes at me. I just shoved him lightly in the chest. "Then you better hurry! I'm not getting left behind!"

"That's what I was doing before you burst in!" I pulled the dress over my shoulders and it fit snugly on my baby bump. I patted myself for a quick check before throwing the gown over my shoulders and zipping it up. I was just about to run out of the room when I remembered that I needed shoes. Alice put them…under the bed! I ducked down quickly to see an unrecognizable silver box next to my sneakers. I opened the lid and was met with platform heels. Was she serious? I was four months pregnant and already the size of a whale. Did she actually expect me to wear these?

"I have some white sandals Esme picked out for you in the car," Edward said as he began tugging me towards the door. "We really need to go now Bella."

I sighed loudly, shaking my shoulders and letting the tension roll off me. Edward squeezed my hand, signaling his support. As always, this calmed me. I looked to him; my lips pulled tightly together and gave him a small nod. He practically dragged me out of the house and to the Volvo. He checked my buckle before peeling out of my driveway and speeding to the school.

We got there just in time.

All the parents, guests, and friends had taken their seats in the auditorium. I couldn't help but think of how small our school was when I realized the entire senior class was in this tiny hall and it didn't even seem that crowded.

"There you two are," Alice scolded us and she came out of nowhere. Her usually crazy locks were elegantly curled around her face, making her look like a pixie version of Marilyn Monroe. Her touch of red lipstick made the look official. I smiled at her, she looked gorgeous. She reciprocated the smile when she noticed the dress, but then her eyes landed on my feet. Of course I wore the sandals Esme had given me.

"You were smocking crack if you believed, for one second, I would wear those death traps," I said before she was able to yell at me. "But thanks for the dress, it's beautiful."

She huffed, aggravated by my shoe choice but she didn't ignore my praise. "Of course it is! Did you forget who picked it out?"

"Of course not," I said with a giant smile. "My best friend picked it out and that's why I love her and I owe her my life."

Her frown quickly disappeared and I soon found myself in her small arms. She was gripping me tightly before a throat cleared behind us. We turned around to see our boyfriends smiling at us, while Ms. Mirkin stood with her arms crossed over her chest.

"I hate to break up the love fest," Ms. Mirkin said in her nasal voice, "But everyone is supposed to be in alphabetical order. I'm pretty positive C is no where near S Ms. Cullen and Ms. Swan."

"Of course not, unless they rearranged the alphabet last night!" Alice said cheerily to Ms. Mirkin, she just scowled at us before motioning for us to hurry to our spots.

"Couldn't you two have gotten married already, that way Bella could have stood with us," Alice whined to Edward and I. I blushed, but Edward pulled me towards him and kissed my forehead.

"If it were up to me, we'd have been married ages ago," he said sweetly. My cheeks were probably beet red at this point. Alice sighed before moving over to her spot after wishing me good luck. I blew her a kiss before turning my attention back to Edward. "I'm so proud of you."

"I'm proud of you too," I whispered back. He looked at me, slight confusion in his eyes. "We've both come so far since we started high school. I'm happy to know we've changed for the better and that we're doing this together."

"I love you Bella," he whispered softly against my ear, kissing it lightly after. I shivered.

"I love you more," I replied.

"Now what did I say about starting a war you cannot win?" He was grinning at me with that same crooked grin that melted my heart. Why did we have to be physically present for graduation? I'd much rather be home, lying in bed with Edward just taking a nap.

"PLACES EVERYONE!" Ms. Mirkin shouted to our class, her eyes directly focused on me. I blushed hard before looking to Edward. I really didn't want to leave his side. Why wasn't the pregnant girl allowed to walk beside her fiancée? Was that so much to ask?

"If you need me, I'm right here," Edward said his eyes entirely serious. I nodded my head solemnly. I did need him, he was my support system. But I also had to take my place in line.

I moved to walked towards the end of the line, but he pulled me back to him and kissed me deeply. I almost felt embarrassed to be doing this in front of our entire class and half the teaching staff, but something about the moment made it seem right. I need his kisses right now. They kept me rooted to the earth in this moment. When we finally pulled apart, I was able to walk to my place in the line, in a complete daze.

Mr. Hawkins got our attention quickly. He gave a brief speech, saying how proud he was of us, and how he knew we'd all make it here. I didn't bother paying any attention. I just idly patted my belly and thought of baby names. I really couldn't decide on whether I wanted a boy or a girl, because as much as I loved Ayden I didn't know if I could handle another boy. Edward wanted a little girl with my eyes and my laugh. I told him it wasn't very common for children to pick up their parent's laugh, but he said if we had a girl she'd have mine. I liked the sound of having a little girl. But what names were pretty for girls? I used to love the name Rebecca, but Rebecca Cullen didn't sound very cute. What about Ellie? No, that name was meant for only certain people. I didn't want her having a completely generic name. Well, what about…Lily. Yes! Lily was perfect. Lily Ann Cullen.

"You should probably walk," Jessica Stanley snapped, pulling me out of my little daydream. She rolled her eyes at me before turning around and marching out before me. I didn't exactly catch what she said, but I think it was something along the lines of me being a dumb, pregnant whore.

I was swift to recover. Jessica didn't phase me, I'd endured much worse. I stumbled after her, barely making an ass out of myself as I made my way down the aisle towards my seat. I managed to survive getting there and took my seat graciously. Once more, I zoned out as soon as my attention was not needed.

I couldn't help but think of something Edward had said to me earlier. Supposedly we needed to talk about something? When did that ever mean anything good! Did he regret the baby? Did he want to take back his proposal? What if he thought our marriage was a bad idea? What if he wanted to go to separate schools? How was I going to manage taking care of two kids by myself with no money?! Was he crazy! How could be deserting me?

"Edward Cullen," I heard Mr. Hawkins call. Everyone around me cheered, meanwhile I was in tears. When did I start crying?

Edward's eyes were locked with mine. He looked worried, and he had a good reason. While everyone around me was applauding, I sat there hysterically crying. "I love you," he mouthed.

"I love you too," I managed to sob out.

I sat there silently crying until my name was called. Suddenly everything went very still. All eyes landed on me and I couldn't manage to move. I just smiled at Mr. Hawkins, point to my belly and tried to pretend I couldn't get up because of the baby. Why was I chickening out about this? Hadn't Edward and I just talked about this? Where did that new found confidence disappear to?

"Come on," Edward whispered in my ear. I hadn't even noticed him at my side. I looked at him, panic stricken. "You'll be okay. The faster we get you up there, the faster this is all over."

I nodded my head, taking his outstretched hand. He guided me to the steps leading up to the stage. He made his way to lead me up the steps, but I stopped him. I needed to stop letting him baby me. I was just suffering from crazy pregnancy hormones. This wasn't honestly that hard. I was just being a little dramatic about it. I would be okay. I didn't need to have him walk me through it, as much as I wanted him to.

"Thank you," I said softly, kissing his cheek before I trudged my way up onto the stage.

I'm sure, by now, everyone was wondering why I was taking so long to get my diploma. But no one actually understood how significant this moment was for me. I made it. Me, Bella Swan, former drug addict. Out of all the people here, I had biggest motivation to run up on stage and cry about this. Yet I couldn't fight that lump in my throat. I was afraid that something would go wrong. It always does in my life.

But I faced my fears and marched over to Hawkins. He took my hand, opened it and stuck the diploma in it. "You've earned this Ms. Swan," he whispered to me. "Be proud."

I felt tears welling up in my eyes once more. I made my way to exit the stage when I heard a little voice from the crowd. "I LOVE YOU MOMMA!"

Everyone turned around to see Ayden standing on Charlie's lap, hands cupped around his mouth as he stared up at me, his brown eyes glistening with tears. He looked so proud. I raised my palm to him, "I love you too baby."

Before I knew it, it was over. I faced my biggest fear and it honestly wasn't that bad. In fact, I might just be able to do it again in four more years.

"Ready to go back to my house?" Edward came up and purred in my ear. I turned away from Angela Weber meet with his emerald eyes. I looked to Angela and shrugged my shoulders, sorry for having to leave so soon.

"It's no problem you two lovebirds look tired anyways," she said, giving me a one-armed hugged before making her way towards Jessica and their group.

I slumped against Edward, ready to pass out. I was beyond exhausted. That word didn't even begin to describe what I was feeling right now. I had cried at least six times today and didn't know why for the majority of those times. I was on an emotional rollercoaster that had no intentions of stopping. I was drained at this point.

"Yes please," I told him, almost ready to ask him to carry me to the car.

"Good," Edward said, putting his arm underneath mine in order to support me. He led the way towards his car. "My mother maid us dinner, after that we can go upstairs and talk."

Suddenly, I found myself sitting front row on that rollercoaster again. What did we need to talk about now?

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