Note: The author had tried to make an appearance of the Vizards and the plot is mine. It would start from the point where Shinigami met with the traitors.

Disclaimer: Bleach and the characters all belong to Tite Kubo and I am merely borrowing them.

Summary: They waited for a century before finally deciding to repay their debt to two men…one who ruined their lives…and the other who saved them…now, the Vizards would interfere in a battle they have no business into…however…they have to…because it is a battle they have to fight…

Title: Payback

Chapter 1

Cast away. Banished and stripped of identity. Such was their fate. No world to belong to anymore. Neither in Soul Society nor in Hueco Mundo. Such was their life for a century.

Eight of them felt the pain of betrayal a century ago. Pain from being banished so callously.

3rd division captain, Rose or his full name, Otoribashi Roujuro…5th division captain, Hirako Shinji…9th division captain, Muguruma Kensei and his lieutenant, Kuna Mashiro…8th division lieutenant, Yadomaru Lisa…7th division captain, Aigawa Love…12th division vice-captain, Sarukagi Hiyori and Kido master Hachigen, Vice-captain of the Kido Corps…

A century ago, they lived a life of a normal seated officer of the Gotei 13. Shinji was the typical carefree type captain from the 5th division and back then, his vice-captain was Aizen Sousuke. He never trusted him so he chose him as his vice-captain so he could look close to him. But then, that was his miscalculation, he supposed for he refused to mingle better with him, he knew nothing of him.

Back then, Hiyori's 12th division captain, Hikifune was promoted to the Royal Guards, 0 division and the one who replaced her seat was Uruhara Kisuke, 3rd seat of the 2nd division, then commanded by Yoruichi. She had a hard time accepting the fact that her mother figure had already been promoted and the one who replaced her is the seemingly laid-back Uruhara. She didn't like him at first but Uruhara had always tried to befriend her.

She had always been hitting Shinji before, not minding if he's a captain from the 5th division.

One night, unusual appearance from the Rukongai Street had made the 9th captain, Kensei and his team, investigate there. However, they suddenly vanished. That night, five people were sent for reinforcement. At the same time, Uruhara sent Hiyori to Rukongai to get some samples not knowing that he had already sealed her fate.

So when there was the meeting, he was the late one and volunteered to go to Rukongai together with the five reinforcements. Hirako, Love, Rose and the two Kidou masters, Tessai and Hachigan. Uruhara's voluntary offer to go there himself was turned down.

However, 8th division captain, Shinsui, didn't think it necessary to send two Kidou masters so he volunteered his vice-captain to help out reasoning that she needs experience. Like Uruhara, the decision sealed her fate.

For when the five reached the place, they found Hiyori fending off a Hollow who turned out to be Kensei. One after another, they fought without realizing that agony or anger neared them to what they will now become – Vizards.

Only one stood, left and confused as he stared down at his comrades who were now lying on the floor, beaten by now, the revealed enemy, Tousen, Kensei's loyal bodyguard. And Aizen appeared in front of his captain.

Upon understanding that it was all Aizen's doing, how they all became Hollows, Shinji tried to attack in fit of anger, not knowing that he, too, will become like them.

Uruhara came in the nick of time just as Shinji was supposed to be slain. But his appearance, along with Tessai, proved to become useful to Aizen for later that night, after failing in healing the eight, Uruhara and Tessai were caught upon the order of the Section 46.

Tessai was arrested and sentenced to imprisonment for using forbidden Kidou and for Uruhara, evidence of his experiment on Hollowification was found in his office and was also sentenced. That was of course a set up.

Yoruichi abandoned her duty as the 2nd division captain and commander of the Special Unit Corps and saved the two along with the eight. She aided them in their escape to the human world and then after that, she went into hiding.

That was a century ago. Soul Society chose to close their ears from Uruhara's plea to spare the eight for they were victims of something they never wished to have. Soul Society turned its back on the ten and banished them. Since then, their names were never spoken again.

A century later, those eight who were banished and cast out and branded as Hollows return. Much as they hated t, they still have their sworn duty before, to protect the human world. This time, they must once again face some of the people who abandoned them for humanity's sake. They will work with them.

Besides, they owe it to Aizen who, through him, gave them a greater power…something they will use against him in return as a sign of gratitude.

Shinji played with his cap using his finger and then he stood up to face the seven Vizards. "It's time to pay our debt to him," he said and led the way outside where the Gotei 13 are all battling the 3 Espada and some other Arrancars.

Four captains are missing: Unohana, Kuchiki, Kenpachi and Mayuri. They could not also feel the reiatsu of another guy like them, a Vizard too, who, oddly, is working with the Shinigami. Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime, Renji, Ishida, Chad and other reinforcement team were trapped in Hueco Mundo.