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It had been two years since Winter War and everyone started to settle down, to move on. Changes have been made and everyone had to adjust once again. But nevertheless, it had always been peaceful for the most part at last when Hiyori, Shinji and Mashiro are out of sight.

"Shinji, you dickhead! Haul your ass up!!" the petite Shinigami yelled from outside the captain's quarter with hands on her hips.

Their subordinates could not help but feel amused at how their lieutenant could order the captain around. The scene playing in front of them had become their entertainment and they were used to it already. Well, 5th division had never been this livelier, this messier since Aizen's time. it was like a break for all of them…

Getting no answer, Hiyori kicked the door open and not a few seconds later, she emerged with the captain in tow.

"Don't pull my hair stupid," Shinji groused.

"It's time we go," she said after giving him a smack in the head.

"Why can't it be here?" he groused yet again as he fixed his hair.

Hiyori looked at him and gave a glare. "Do I look like I know the answer? Why not ask them?"



Lisa obviously pouted.


"I said, I won't come," Hitsugaya Toshirou answered, his eyes on the stack of papers poled in front of him.

Lisa sighed again. "But captain – "

"Everyone would be going, even the captain-general and that would obviously mean putting Soul society at risk so one must have to stay on guard. That would be me."

The woman blinked a couple of times before sighing in concession. "Damn captain…for a child, you have fast become a man."

"Sorry," Toshirou mumbled when Lisa had left. Guess it was still hard to move on even after two years since her death. It's not like Rangiku was his lover. It was just that he lost one constant part of his life. It's never easy when you lose it.


"This is freaking crazy," Hiyori muttered when the ladies were all gathered in one room with some freaking humans fixing their gowns.

"Shut up Hiyori. This is my wedding and I want it the way Western people do it. I have always wondered how it feels like to march down the aisle," Lisa snorted as one lady spun her around to check on her gown.

"I wonder why Kensei agreed to it," Hiyori whispered to herself, not wanting the bride to hear of it. "By the way, where is Mashiro?"

now they could not see the green-haired, ditzy lieutenant of Kensei. Where could she have gone?

"I have not seen her around," Lisa answered with a frown.

"You look beautiful than you already were, Lisa-chan," Nanao commented as she studied Lisa who was busy browsing a magazine.

"What are you looking at, Yadomaru-fukotaichou?" Isane asked with curiosity.

"I'm scanning for a piece to wear for the honeymoon," came the simple answer.

"Liar. You're reading that manga again," Hiyori said.

Lisa looked up then shrugged. "You never had a problem with it before. Why complain now?"

The now 5th division vice-captain pulled her hair and wanted to scream bloody murder.

"You never told us it has to be here – here in the human world," she hissed softly so the humans would not hear about it.

the others watched as the two argued with each other.

"If you bothered to read the wedding invitation, you would have figured it out," Lisa pointed out. "However, considering both you and Shinji, I doubt if you bother yourselves with papers."

"But why do I have to wear this?" Hiyori hissed and pointed at the gown that hugged at her small frame. Like Kuchiki Rukia, Sarukagi Hiyori is a small woman with a temper.

This time, Lisa flicked her finger. "Oh, I forgot. This was the first time you'll have to wear a gown."

"If you don't shut your trap, I'm outta here," Hiyori warned as the others only laughed.


There is an unexplained look on the faces of two men on the other side of the room.

"Tell me again, why are we doing this?" Shinji growled as he stared at himself in front of the mirror.

Rose rubbed his chin as if to think of the right answer before actually flicking his finger. "Let's see…because Kensei lost to some stupid bet he had with Lisa and therefore he has to actually follow what she wanted?"

The statement earned a glare from the man in question while the others inside the room chuckled.

"What sort of bet?" Shinji asked curiously and took a seat from across Hachi and Love while Hisagi and Kira sat beside him.

"He lost to her at Janken. The deal is, if he wins, their wedding would be held in Soul Society and be kept simple. However, if Lisa wins, it would be her way."

Shinji actually smirked at his friend. "Tsk. Tsk. Apparently, you lost. The two of you are hardheaded and you both wanted to do things your own way…but to actually come up with a compromise using Janken? Kensei…tsk…"

"Shut up. I was hoping the old man would object to it but he seemed to have made things worse. How could he have allowed this?"

"Come on now Kensei, don't give us that look of a man about to be hanged. This is supposed to be your wedding day and you should be wearing a smile for heaven's sake. This is not some kind of a battle," Love commented as he sniffed twice while his eyes remained focused on the manga.

"The old man is nuts," Shinji have to agree to Kensei and he said it softly so only Kensei would hear about it. after all, he shares the same sentiment with Kensei regarding the wedding in the human world.


yamamoto sneezed as he rubbed his nose. Someone must be talking ill about him this moment.

"Is this a wise idea?" Ukitake asked in worry as his eyes scanned the room. All of the captains except one had come down from Soul Society to stand as primary sponsors for the wedding. Of course, wherever the captain goes, the vice-captain has to follow.

Matsuri was grinning from ear to ear as he and Nemu sat at the far-end corner of the room, near the window overlooking the town. It was as if he had found a guinea pig.

Byakuya was regally sitting beside Yoruichi, calmly sipping his coffee while paying no mind to the catwoman. Yoruichi on the other hand is trying to get to his nerves, probably to have a glimpse of the boy she used to play tag with some century ago. However, Yoruichi will have to deal with the fact that Byakuya was not as hot-tempered as he was before. In fact, he is probably the most composed captain among them all.

Unohana and Komamura are into a sensible discussion while Soi Fon was obviously being annoyed by Urahara.

Now only Kenpachi volunteered to hunt down some Hollows along with his loyal underlings.

"Of course it is," Yamamoto answered as he rubbed his beard. This is probably the first time he indulged himself for some amusement. After all, it does not hurt to loosen up a bit before actually resigning.

"But – all captains and vice-captains – here?"

"Maah, the wedding, I assume, would not take long," he answered. Yamamoto eyed one of his two former students. "Are you okay with this? I've heard rumors going around for quite some time."

At the remark, Shunsui grinned. "Contrary to popular belief, Lisa was never my lover. But she is a nice woman though. I would give you that."

Yamamoto merely rubbed his beard. "Would you like to make a bet?" he suddenly suggested as he leaned closer so the two would be the only ones to hear.

Shunsui raised his brow but his eyes showed interest.

"What sort of bet?" Ukitake whispered. The other captains looked at the three oldest men with suspicion.

"Who do you think would come next after Kensei and Lisa?"

the question weighed on their minds as they started to ponder on it.

"Hey, Yama-jii, what would you give for this?" Shunsui asked, his eyes suddenly filled with mischief. Ukitake scratched his head, uncertain if he should participate or not.

"My last salary?" the old man said, his eyes finally opened.

Shunsui whistled and grinned. "Are we allowed to interfere?"

Yamamoto shook his head. "No. so what do you think?"

"Ukitake sighed. "Your idea of amusement is in the form of betting, it would seem."


Shunsui slapped Ukitake's shoulder as he gave Urahara a glance. "Don't worry. We'll win this. How do we know who wins? If I remember correctly, you are not actually resigning but would be going up."

"good point. Whoever catches the bouquet should probably be the next one. I heard that is how it is done in the western world. And whoever gets the garter would be the pair."

Shunsui smiled mischievously. "Interesting. Then I would pick Yoruichi to end up with – " he faced Ukitake. "Who do you think? Urahara or Byakuya?"


"My thoughts exactly. However, it does not hurt to also try Yoruichi and Byakuya…don't you think so?" he asked again but Ukitake only smiled uncertainly.

"Then I would pick Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchiki Rukia," the old man said.

The two looked at him, their face of a frown. "W-What?"

"It's possible don't you think so?" he asked and smiled, a rare smile for the two and the first smile for the others.

"Yeah but – "

"Then it is settled."


Finally, the wedding ceremony had started. Selected people had actually attended. Kurosaki family were the first among the humans who were given the invitation followed by the Quincy family. It seems Isshin is more excited than his son because Ichigo felt like something bad would happen…something that he would most likely not like. However even if he wanted to refuse, Rukia had suddenly appeared at his doorstep some time earlier and dragged him out of the house as his family followed.

It seems Uryu had the same sentiments like him and since he does not want to be seen with his father, he decided to actually escort Inoue while Chad came with Tatsuki, Keigo, Mizuro and few others. There are also some unfamiliar human faces that they do not recognize. Probably some gatecrashers. That's common now.

Ichigo was seated at the first pew as the procession started. Kensei came in, accompanied by Ukitake. Shinji, the best man followed. The funny thing, Kurosaki noted, is that both men were trying their best to smile despite the sour look on their faces. He realized that kind of look. It was the look he always has when Rukia would always win over him.

After a while, the sponsors had now started marching in. Yamamoto who was paired with someone they do not know led the line. Probably a hired person for the job as there is only few female Shinigami. Soi Fon followed, paired with Urahara and by the looks of it, the two do not get along well. Ichigo smirked at the merchant.

Rose came next and was paired with Nemu much to Kurotsuchi's chagrin. After Rose is Unohana who was paired with Sajin Komamura. The latter had to wear a mask to hide his true form from the humans. Kuchiki Byakuya followed later as he stepped in with Yoruichi smiling widely as her arm entwined with his. Ichigo raised his brow at the lack of reaction from him. That Byakuya never changed.

Love came in sight together with Isane who looked prettier than usual. Shunsui was paired with his vice-captain. Kenpachi and Matsuri were actually paired with another nobody from the human world. How they managed to look for a pair is beyond Ichigo's understanding. Who is crazy enough to agree with the two?

The song continued playing and everyone waited for the others to appear. After the primary sponsor came the secondary ones.

First in sight was Kira who was paired with Hinamori. The latter had finally come to terms with the fact that Aizen was really a traitor. She felt regretful in fact for raising her sword at her best friend who was absent at that very moment. Really, Hitsugaya should have indulged his vice-captain.

Hisagi Shuhei came next with Rukia and Ichigo had to gulp twice upon looking at the transformation from the simple Rukia to the elegant one. He blinked a couple of times, realizing he does not want to take his eyes off her. Damn but she looks so beautiful.

"If you don't mind, would you keep your mouth shut? You are obviously drooling just by the mere sight of her," Renji sneered at his friend. He decided not to participate in the procession and it paid off as he watched Ichigo's face full of mixed emotions as he stared at Rukia.

Ichigo glared at the redhead before returning his gaze back. This time it was Yachiru's turn and she has to play the flower girl, sprinkling petals of flowers for the bride to walk over.

Then Lisa came in, beautiful as she had always been, her hair was made with style, her tube-gown hugging her slim body. Hiyori followed behind her, carefully holding the hem of the long gown.

Ichigo took the time to look at Kensei and saw love in his eyes. It was rare to see Kensei that way. Usually the guy is always serious with things.

But this time…he was stripped off those. The only visible feeling you could read from him is pure love for the woman who was beautifully walking down the aisle, a smile on her lips. It was a shift from a serious Kensei and Lisa to an emotional pair.

And without thinking, Ichigo had wished he would be able to look at Rukia that way too.

As the groom took the bride's hand and both faced the priest.

"We are gathered here today in ceremonial matrimony to witness…" he started. Everyone listened with solitude, giving the respect due for the wedding. Even Shinji had to keep himself from yawning at the long sermon from the priest. If he is to get married, he'd do it another way. Not this way.

Then all Shinigami jolted at the feeling just nearby. Menos it appears to be. The priest had to stop for a while by the sudden disturbed reaction from the bride and the groom and from the others as well.

But it was only for an instant because Ikakku and Yumichika including Renji had already taken their mod soul and nodded at their captains. They would take care of it.

Kenpachi squirmed at his seat, itching to get out as well and battle a Menos. But the order from the captain-general was absolute and he could do nothing but to actually sit and listen to the priest.

Finally, the ceremony was nearing its end, Ichigo mused. He wanted so much to go near Rukia and tell her how beautiful she looks. It was a rare sight for him.

"I, Mugurama Kensei," the 9th division captain started as he faced his bride. For the life of him, he had never been the expressive type. However, just this once, he had allowed himself to publicly show how much he loves the woman in front of him.

"I, Yadomaru Lisa," the lady said at the same time as well, her eyes glowing with love at the serious man. She would give everything today to shout to the world how much he loves this man.

"Do hereby take –" they said both and smiled at each other.

"Mugurama Kensei."

"Yadomaru Lisa."

"As my lawfully wedded husband," she said.

"As my lawfully wedded wife," he continued.

"In sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, till death do us part."

It was said with so much reverence, so much love, so much adoration that the guys suddenly felt envious, seeing for themselves why Kensei wanted to settle down with her. The priest have conducted so much wedding ceremonies but he could count the rare moments when the bride and groom really showed through their words and actions how much they love and care. The pair in front of him certainly are very much in love…they have said their vows with so much devotion…one he rarely hears from couples…so much pride…so much love…

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride," he said after clearing his throat. Kensei unveiled Lisa and smiled tenderly at her…a look the rest of the Vizards rarely saw from him. Slowly, he bent down.

"Nah, Kensei!!" came the whiny voice that suddenly disrupted the last part of the ceremony. Upon recognizing the voice, Kensei's tender moment suddenly vanished and replaced with an irate look as he suddenly turned to the church door to find Mashiro pouting.

Naturally all eyes turned to her direction with bemused expression from the most part of the spectators. The priest was suddenly confused. Did he suddenly jump to the last part and forgot to ask anyone who is against the marriage? Who is this other beautiful lady with an unusual green hair?

"Mashiro…where have you been?" Hiyori hissed. She had to end up being the maid of honor in Mashiro's stead.

Mashiro, oblivious of the commotion she had stirred, stared right in front where Kensei and Lisa stood. "Uhm…I went to get my gift for Lisa-chan."

"Can't it wait?" Hachi asked.

"Nuh-uh," she said and ran outside. A few seconds later, she reappeared with a vexed Hitsugaya Toshirou.

"Wohow…look at that, the ice captain had stepped down," Shunsui whistled.

"I have to drag him down and I even bribed him but he would not budge. Finally when I was about to strip tease in front of him when he suddenly conceded. I don't know why," she blabbered much to every one's amusement while Toshirou actually blushed.

Kensei sighed in exasperation. Trust his lieutenant to appear on time. Jeez. Ignoring the commotion, he turned to his bride and slowly sealed their vow with a sweet, tender kiss. Mashiro stood there, unflinching before turning to Hitsugaya.

"Nah, Toshirou, do you think if you'd marry me, we'd celebrate it here as well?" she asked that caught everyone's attention yet again.

"Why the hell would I marry you?" Toshirou asked bitingly, annoyed that he is being subjected to such scrutiny now…annoyed still by being reminded of his former vice-captain who seemed to be in this woman as well. Not that he had ever viewed Matsumoto for a romantic interest. If truth be told, he never had any romantic interest.

"Uhm…for the hell of it?" Mashiro asked gaily before she felt a tap on her shoulder. She looked to see Lisa who was smiling widely.

"Thanks Mashiro. I'm glad you came, captain," she said to Toshirou who smiled nonetheless.

"I'm glad I did," he finally admitted to himself. It was rude of him not to attend her wedding. He should be here and have some fun as well.

"Mashiro, I'll smack you later on," Kensei warned and ruffled her hair though. Mashiro blinked at the sudden change in him. Is this what a marriage can do to a man?

"I'm happy for you, Kensei," she said sincerely before turning to Toshirou yet again. Then she linked her arm with his much to everyone's amusement yet again. Mashiro Kuna is surely something.

"How about we hurry to the reception now?" she suggested as everyone had sighed then smiled. This is probably the most different wedding they have ever witnessed in their entire life. Who had ever heard about someone suddenly barging in and disrupting the sealing of the vow just to explain where she went? That is surely something to note.

The only possible person who could pull that off…would be Kuna Mashiro so it would also be interesting to see her in her own wedding if ever there is.

Shunsui, Yamamoto and Ukitake had finally sighed as their most awaited part came in after the meal and everything. They watched from afar.

"What if no one wins the bet?" Ukitake asked.

"Then the money goes to Kakku who had invested in this bet as well. Her bet is actually Shinji to any girls. That would be valid I supposed."

They turned at the sound of the scream and used shunpo despite their gigai to get near the ladies to find out who caught the bouquet of flowers.

Ukitake's eyes turned to the men as well.

"Well…none of us have pinned it correctly," Yamamoto said. "I should have allowed some form of intervention."

The one who caught the flower…or rather the ones who caught the flower were Hiyori and Mashiro. Both girls looked at each other, not understanding what it actually means.

And as to the guy? You can take your pick.


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