Degrassi: The Next Generation

Unchained Melody

Smart guy Donovan Harris catches the lustful attention of bad boy Nick Catalano. Nick wants what he can't have and forces himself onto Donovan. Things heat up when Nick's antics makes Donovan hate him more causing Nick to question his lust...or love?

Episode 1: Lust at first Sight

"Why if it isn't Nick," said Sav surprised to see is good buddy. They gave each other a quick dab with their fists as a handshake jester.

"Sav my man, what's good?" asked Nick. Both Nick and Sav first met back at middle school. They actually got into an argumentative fight, but it wasn't until later that they found out they had a lot in common and thus a friendship developed from then on.

"Wait you're Nick…Nick Catalano? Dude who beat up Holly J's brother?" asked Peter. Sav was wearing his football jersey surrounded around Peter, Riley, and Derek.

"What can I say, he got in my face. Dude such a homophobe," said Nick. He was hearing a black hoodie-jacket, white T-shirt, dark blue jeans and Timberland boots. He's tan with blue eyes, short cut brunette hair, and an earring on his left ear.

"You are a legend with it comes to Degrassi fights," said Derek, slapping Nick's opened hand.

"School hasn't changed much I see. So many horny guys, so little time," said Nick.

"Wait what?" asked Riley.

"Oh didn't you guys know? Nick has been out since middle school," explained Sav.

"Yes, and I'll whip anyone ass who disagree with my life style," said Nick with a jokily pout. Sav lightly jabbed Nick's arm.

"So is that why you fought Hekter?" asked Riley.

"He lashed at me, I cussed him out, he called me a name, and I punched. Simple as that really," explained Nick scanning the halls for his latest victim. "And who's that?" Over to the left of them down a couple of feet was guy putting his books away, wearing all blue.

"Who Donovan? He's knew, just transferred to that gifted program thing my sister is in," said Sav.

"You mean the freak show," joked Derek.

Donovan didn't know what to make of Degrassi. He's first thought was that out of all the schools, this one had the best-gifted program? Donovan had light brown skin, light brown eyes that seem hazel around light, and black low cut hair.

"Sup. How you doin'?" asked Nick, who tilted his head, touching the locker next to him. Donovan was at first startled, but then regain his composer.

"I'm fine…go away," he said.

"Ouch, so cold, and I like it. I'm Nick by the way…and you are?" he asked with a smirk. Donovan just rolled his eyes and continued taking the rest of his books out of his book bag. "I'm Donovan…and yet you're still here."

"Lets get this over with. You and me are going out." Donovan eyes widen in disbelief of this guy's forwardness. However this shock accidently came out as Donovan blurted out a laugh. "What's so funny?"

"You cannot be serious?" asked Donovan, grabbing his English text, shoving it inside his bag.

"I am, so don't worry…I'll be gentle," said Nick, he tried brushing his hand down Donovan's face, but unbeknownst to him, Donovan politely smacked it out of the way.

"Thanks Nick for that…somewhat odd and kind jester, but I'm going to have to say no," said Donovan, closing his locker.

"No? What the hell you mean no?" asked Nick, standing straight up with his arms crossed.

"I know all about you Nick Catalano. Rumor wise, you're quite a hot topic. You're nothing more than a slut; I on the other hand have higher standards than you do. So don't get it twisted, I will never be anyone's toy they play with one day and toss out the next." Donovan lifted up his book bag and step through the crowed, walking to his next class, hearing the sound of a fist being slammed into a locker.

"So dude what he say?" asked Sav as guys came around.

"He said no." Nick removed his balled fist from the locker he hit angrily, as his annoyed expression lingered, "This is far from over."