Degrassi: The Next Generation

Unchained Melody

Smart guy Donovan Harris catches the lustful attention of bad boy Nick Catalano. Nick wants what he can't have and forces himself onto Donovan. Things heat up when Nick's antics makes Donovan hate him more causing Nick to question his lust...or love?

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Episode 23: We Found Love

~One Month Later~

"Can you believe that the school year is over and done with?" asked Donovan.

"I can't believe that I actually know people who are graduating," Nick added. Donovan looked around Nick's place seeing a good size room that was surprisingly neatly maintained. It was big enough to fit a queen size bed, thick cream carpeting, and basketball posters. Nick leaned in and asked him what he was thinking about.

"You are so butch, I swear." Donovan stayed in the hospital for two nights and then went into bed rest for a week. "But actually, thinking that six months ago I would have never thought that I would be with you…here, alone." Nick smiled and pushed Donovan back down onto his bed and placed himself on top of him. "I love you." Nick arched his brawl,


"How can I put this? I Donovan Harris am in love with Nick Catalono," Donovan confessed.

"I love you two," Nick responded back with a devious grin.

Donovan motioned Nick to the side so that he could get up and head over to the dresser. He pulled out his iPod, selected a song, placed it into the player and the song started to play, causing Nick to sit up. As soon as the beat started, Donovan began swaying his hips and as the words sung, he grabbed and removed his shirt over his head, tossing it at Nick. Donovan started moving his body in a sensual way, enticing Nick when Donovan slowly approached him. Nick grinned before stick his tongue out, his hands pulled Donovan's head to his and they gently kissed. Becoming lost in affection, Donovan pulled back to break, looking at Nick once more. Donovan felt Nick's arms starting to engulf his body by reaching around. Nick stood up and lifted Donovan onto his bed; his back played quietly on top of the grey sheets.

Nick removed his shirt before maneuvering on top of Donovan again, which was when Donovan used a finger to trace the outline of Nick's smooth chest. It soon glided over to his cheek and from chis cheek to his full lips. Nick moved in for another kiss, but Donovan turned his head as Nick longingly kissing his neck. Slowly, but surely his lips pressed down to Donovan's firm chest before Donovan pulled him back up and preceded a deep and passionate kiss. Nick muscular body pressed onto Donovan's, wrapping his strong arms around him as his tongue traveled deeper into Donovan's willing mouth. The passion longed held back was finally released.

Both Nick and Donovan were under the covers as Donovan took his finger and commenced tracing Nick's body.

"No regrets?" Nick asked him. Donovan cracked a smile and replied,

"No, not a one." He propped forward and gave Nick a tender kiss only for him to stick his tongue back inside Donovan's mouth. When they parted Nick whispered,

"Ready for 'round two?"

"…'round two?" Donovan questioned, thinking he didn't hear correctly. Without warning, Nick grabbed Donovan as they rolled over and he pulled the covers over them,

"Ahaha. Baby! Stop!" squealed a very happy unguarded Donovan.