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Summary: Even with Voldemort gone during the summer after sixth year, Harry finds out there is more to his abnormal life than what he already knows. A mysterious person comes into the Great Hall one day riding upon a dragon's back and claims that Harry is the Prince of his race. Now how will Harry deal with betrayal of people he thought he could trust, a family he thought he never had, as well as preparing to be the future ruler of this strange race? Maybe Kail can help out.


"Your Majesty!" someone yelled out, running into a large chamber where two thrones, one golden with red cushions and the other with blue, stood at the back.

"He isn't here," a young voice said before the older man turned around.

A mask covered half his face, leaving only his golden-green eyes for all to see. His black hair reached his shoulders, matching the same shade as the unusual scales that covered his lower arm and hand, as well as his lower legs and feet. At the tip of each digit, a curved ivory talon. Black scales covered his upper chest, dipping down into a point over his heart, reaching behind his shoulders to his mid back as well.

The younger one, a boy that appeared ten years old, approached him calmly. His silver eyes glanced out the door as he brushed some of his platinum blond hair behind his ear with the black claws his silver-scale covered hands had. The scales reached all the way to his elbow on both arms, just like the man. He also had the same scales covering his legs from the knees down. His chest was the same as the other's, but with the silver scales. Strapped to his waist was a medium sized dagger with no sheath.

"Kail," the older man sighed. "Where is the King?"

"His Majesty is with his mate," Kail replied. "His Highness has gone into labor. Our Prince shall be born soon. If there is something wrong, tell me and I shall deliver the message."

"The enemy is coming through the gates," the older man started. "We can't hold them back much longer. We will try to keep them as far away from the castle as we can, but with even our dragons getting exhausted, we can't keep them back forever."

"I shall pass it on, Yuen," Kail assured with a small nod before sliding a thin black cloth to cover his mouth and nose. "Go and try to keep them as far away as possible. We don't want anything to happen to the Prince so soon after he has entered this world."

Yuen gave him a single nod before he ran back out the doors. Kail gave a small sigh before he ran towards the thrones, disappearing behind the dark green curtains that covered the walls behind them. He pressed a brick before an archway started to form in the wall. When it was completely revealed, Kail rushed through it, ignoring the flashes of light the torches gave as they lit while he ran down the hall that looked as though it would lead him to a dungeon. He slowed to a stop when he reached a separation in the hall. He didn't take either path. Instead, he went to the wall in front of him and pressed another stone before it opened into another hallway.

Unlike the dungeon hallway, this one was brighter with the light pouring in through the windows. A wide red carpet ran down the middle from one end of the hall to the other without break, small golden strands sticking out of the sides. A little curious, Kail went to the windows and peered out before his eyes went wide. Flames licked at the gates of the city, emitting large clouds of smoke into the atmosphere.

"I must get to the King," he said to himself before he sprinted down the hall. He stopped at a door at the end of the hall, listening quietly to see if he should enter or not. He heard a loud scream of pain before the wailing of a newborn. He was unsure if he should enter or not, but he decided that he needed to. He knocked on the door before it opened to show an old woman with graying brown hair. Her claws were green, but her scales were a brown color on her elbows down and her knees down.

"Kail," she greeted.

"I must speak with his Majesty," Kail calmly said.

"Does it have anything to do with the gates?" she asked before Kail nodded. She sighed before stepping back and letting him enter, staying next to the door.

At the window was a large black dragon with silver claws and dark red spikes sticking out of his tail tip. Unlike most dragon breeds, this one had no wings, but its legs were very muscular. Its sharp gray eyes went turned to Kail when the boy entered, as did the eyes of the other two men in the room.

One was laying on the bed under the covers, holding a blue bundle in his green-scale arms, close to his nearly bare chest. The scales spread over his shoulders and made a 'V' on his chest, the point disappearing under the covers that hid his stomach. His topaz eyes widened a little bit at the sight of Kail entering the room with his mask on. He looked at the other man through his forest-colored hair.

The other had midnight blue locks hanging in front of his silvery-blue eyes that were watching Kail with curiosity. The scales covering his arms and legs were just as dark of a blue as his hair, almost blending in with his black claws. The scales on his chest were like Kail's.

"Kail," he said. "What is it?"

"I am sorry to intrude on this happy occasion of the Prince's birth, my King," Kail said with a small bow. "But the gates will soon fall and Yuen is not sure that he and the forces can keep them back much longer. The dragons tire, as do the warriors. They fear that the enemy will get to the castle soon."

The King gave a low sigh as his eyes narrowed. He feared that was the reason why Kail came. "I shall take to the field," he said.

"No!" the smaller man on the bed objected, grabbing the king's arm.

"I must, my mate," the king stated. "Do not fear. I will come back alive. Even if only just."

The other lowered his gaze, resting his head on the king's shoulder before shaking his head slowly a couple times. "No," he repeated. "Stay. Please, Jin."

"I must," the king said again. "Maybe it will encourage the warriors to fight at their best when they learn of not only your safety being jeopardized, but our son's as well." He lifted his mate's head a little before placing a soft kiss on his lips. "I will come back to you, Alistair. And I will not die." He looked over to the dragon. "Kentasu," he spoke, bringing the dragon's attention to him. "Will you help me protect my mate and child as you have for my ancestors?"

"Of course," the dragon replied with a low rumble. "It is not in my nature to abandon those who need me that I am bound to."

"I thank you," Jin said before looking to Kail. "I will entrust my mate and son to you for now, Kail. Keep them protected."

"Yes, sire," Kail replied with a bow. "I will give my life to protect His Highness and the Prince."

The king gave him a small nod before kissing his mate once more and getting off the bed, the dragon following him out the door. Alistair chewed on the inside of his cheek, looking down at the newborn in his arms. Oblivious to the battle happening outside, the babe reached out to try and tug on the hair of his 'mother'.

"I need to hear it," he quietly said.

"Hear what, Your Highness?" Kail asked, sitting on the bed by the royal.

"Please, Kail," he said with a low sigh. "Tell me he will be okay during this fight. Please, tell me he will come home safe and sound."

"He will, Your Highness," Kail reassured, placing a hand on the other's shoulder. "The King shall return unharmed. He will survive this battle, as he has done so many others. I swear to you, he will return as soon as the threat has gone."

"Thank you," the King's mate lowly said, pressing his forehead to the newborn's for a brief second before leaning back a little bit, the back of his head hitting the headboard lightly.

Kail looked down at the new Prince, wanting to know which side he took from. A tuff of black hair with green streaks adorned his head as his bright silver-gold eyes blinked up at his 'mother' before looking towards Kail and reaching out his arms that were littered with scales. Every other scale was green while the rest were midnight-blue, like the King's. The scale marking on his chest was just like his mother's, a 'V' over his chest that reached past his shoulders. The point rested at his belly button. The Prince clenched his little fist a few times. Kail noticed his claws were very small and appeared to have been clipped. Probably to make sure he didn't accidentally cut himself when he scratched.

The boy couldn't help but give a weak laugh when the baby sneezed, crunching up his covered legs to his chest for a second before he relaxed in the royal's arms again. "I am curious, your Highness," Kail spoke as he looked up, bringing the man's attention to him. "What shall you name the Prince?"

"Harrison," Alistair replied with a soft smile after thinking for a few minutes.

"Prince Harrison," Kail tested the way it rolled off his tongue. "It fits him." He looked back down at the baby. "He is very beautiful."

"Indeed he is," the older male agreed, shifting the baby a little further up his chest before glancing out the window with a worried gaze when he heard a loud roar.

"His Majesty has entered the fight," Kail stated before he jumped off the bed and went over to the window.

They were silent for a moment. The woman had left seconds after the King did. "How does Jin fair?" Alistair asked.

"He fairs well, your Highness," Kail replied with soft eyes. "Many of the warriors are fighting much better now as well." His breath hitched before he stared towards the door with wide eyes. Alistair, out of instinct, held Harrison closer to his form, attempting to hide him from view as he glanced towards the door as well.

Voices were heard through the oak doors before loud bangs. Kail removed his dagger from his waist before carefully stalking towards the door. "Your Highness," he whispered. "If you can stand and walk, leave. I have a horrid feeling that who is behind that door are no allies."

Alistair gave a small nod before cradling the Prince in one arm as he attempted to stand. His legs bucked a little bit before he managed to take small steps towards the dresser to get a robe to cover himself. Kail kept an eye on the door as he pulling on a torch. Stone scrapping stone was heard before a doorway in the wall opened.

"I shall follow you, your Highness," Kail assured as Alistair slipped the robe onto his form. "I will keep them at bay while you get to a safer area. Go. Now!"

The older man carefully rushed down the dark hall, tightly holding his son to his chest. He heard a final bang before the sound of wood breaking. Kail was already in the hall, closing the stone doorway. The torches lit as soon as the door was closed. "Keep going!" Kail urged, barely ten yards away. They didn't make it very far until the stone opened its doorway once again. Kail cursed. "I'll hold them off! Get somewhere safe!"

Alistair gave no argument, knowing better than to argue with the youngest bodyguard that was the heir of a family of bodyguards. Even for one his age, he was still a skilled fighter. Trained by his father and uncle, he could give anyone a challenge.

He heard metal striking metal, but kept going. He wasn't fearing for his life at all. He was fearing for his child's.

Kail grunted, falling to his knees, when he was unexpectedly kicked in the side by someone other than the one he was holding back with his dagger. "You little brat," the large man growled, holding a large sword in his hand. "Beat it and maybe I'll let you live."

"I swore to give my life to protect his Highness and the Prince," Kail growled back, getting to his feet. "I swore to the King himself! And I will keep my swear!" He shot towards them once again, successfully slashing at the larger man's legs. He yelled out, pressing his hand against the deep gash in his leg.

"Kill him!" the man ordered before the other men charged towards Kail, swords drawn.


Outside in the battle, Kentasu reared up and let out another fierce roar, slashing at the enemy with his large claws. The king was by his side, slicing down any enemy that approached him. The dragon suddenly tensed before looking towards the castle. Jin caught the action.

"Kentasu," he called. "What is wrong?"

"I heard a scream," the dragon replied before snapping his jaws onto an enemy that thought he could get a hit on the dragon. He opened and closed his mouth quickly a few times before the body broke in half. He growled loudly, whipping his tail towards five beings rushing towards him and the king.

"Can you identify it?" Jin asked, slashing his sword across the neck on the one he fought.

"Unfortunately, no," Kentasu replied, piercing a couple people with the sharp horns on his head. He threw his head back, sending the dying bodies into a wall. He let out a shriek, making most cover their ears while others stabbed them through their hearts. Deciding that the battle was lost as soon as the king joined, the enemy retreated for now.

The people cheered, holding their weapons high above their heads as the dragons roared out victoriously. "Let us find out who screamed," Jin, the only one not crying out in victory, said before he turned and rushed back towards the castle with Kentasu right behind him.


A low groan escaped him as his eyes opened to see the white stone ceiling above him while various scents attacked his nose. "I see you are awake, Kail," someone spoke before the boy turned his head to see the King staring down at him. He noticed right away that Jin was holding the Prince in his arms.

"Where is his Highness?" Kail asked, sitting up a bit. "Is the Prince all right?"

Jin sighed sadly, looking down at his son. "Harrison has very few injuries other than a bruise here and there," he replied. "As for my mateā€¦"

"He did not make it, did he?" Kail sadly asked, lowering his gaze to the floor before noticing he could only see out of one eye. He brought up fingers to touch his face, feeling a fabric covering his right eye.

"No, he did not," Jin replied with a shake of his head. "He died barely a minute after we had found you and Alistair in the passage way."

Kail chewed on his lip, breathing harshly. "I'm sorry, my king," he lowly said. "I have failed you. I swore to give my life to protect his Highness and the Prince. But I failed."

"You did the best you could," Jin stated.

"But I could have done better!" Kail shouted. "I could have protected them better! Those men should have never gotten past me! I should have been able to kill them where they stood!"

The king sighed softly. "Here," he said, holding out his son. Kail stared at him in alarm. "Hold on to Harrison for a moment while I get the Healer."

With a small nod, Kail took the baby from the king's arms before Jin stood and left. He looked down at the newborn, seeing a small red spot on the Prince's arms. Rage filled him once more. "I could not protect your mother, my Prince," he lowly said. "But I swear that I will protect you."

"You won't be protecting anyone, young bodyguard, until you are healed," a young feminine voice said in a stern tone before Kail looked up to see the King had returned with a woman with flaming red hair streaked with orange. The scales on her arms and legs were a deep red with orange claws. She wore a simple white outfit that covered her breast, stomach, and half way down her legs. A small hair pin of a blue butterfly kept her long bangs out of her green eyes.

"How bad are my injuries?" Kail asked, leaning back a little bit before Jin took the Prince from his arms.

"Your wounds are actually healing quickly," the woman said, looking over a paper she held in her hands. "When you were brought in, you had three broken ribs, fractured legs, a gash on your stomach, and then there's that cut on your eye. You will be able to see out of it when the injury is healed, but it will scar."

"As long as I will not be useless to my King and Prince," Kail stated before the woman started to prod his side. He hissed slightly when she pressed her fingers against the third rib on his right.

"Still healing, but so far, you are doing very well, considering you have been unconscious for days," the woman sighed before writing some things down on the paper. "I will release you when your body is fully healed. Though your eye will still take some time to recover."

Kail nodded in understanding. "Thank you," he said.

"Rona," the king sighed. "Leave us. I wish to speak to Kail alone for a few moments."

"Yes, your Majesty," she said with a small bow before leaving the two.

Kail lowered his head once more. "You are disappointed in my failure," he said. The king knew it was not a question.

"You are still a young boy, Kail," Jin pointed out with a low sigh. "I do not expect much from you. I do not blame you for the death of my mate, nor do I want you to carry that weight of guilt on your shoulders. I wished to speak with you about a different matter." Kail looked up at Jin with his good eye. "This war has caused many deaths, and though I do not trust them, I feel as though I must hand my son over to the wizards for his protection."

"I can protect the Prince myself, your Majesty!" Kail objected, his head shooting up to glare at the older man. "I can! I swear! I won't allow even a bug to bite him!"

"Kail, I trust you can, but even you need more training," Jin stated, placing a hand on the boy's shoulders to calm him while he held his son with his other arm. "It is for Harrison's safety that I make this decision. I have already lost my mate to this war. But I refuse to let my only child, my heir, die as well. For now, I will trust his safety in the hands of the wizards. They do not fight our enemy."

"What of their own enemy at this time?" Kail growled, his hand pressing against his side when he felt his lung ache. "This Dark Lord they all fear."

"That is why I am trusting Harrison's safety in the hands on the one who this Dark Lord fears," Jin stated, sitting on the bed in front of Kail. "But I am also trusting you with retrieving him in seventeen years." Kail looked up at the king with curiosity in his eyes.


"The skies above cry for the family breaking apart, even if for a few years," Kail muttered to himself as he pulled the hood to cover his head a little more. His eye was still bandaged and the mask was covering the bottom half of his face. He rode a golden dragon with brown claws and thin brown spikes sticking out of its neck and tail. Like Kentasu, the golden dragon, and the others with them, had no wings. A rope was tied from its snout and around its horn. The ends were in Kail's hands.

"They will soon dry their tears," the cloaked being riding Kentasu said with a low sigh, looking down at the bundle in his arms. Kentasu, the largest dragon in the group, lowed gently as he gave a small toss of his head.

"But your Majesty," Kail started. "Why give the Prince to wizards? You know they cannot be trusted. Especially with one of our own. They will change him to look just like one of them. They will tell him nothing of his lineage or his blood. Why?"

"It is for his safety," Jin replied, moving his cloak slightly to cover more of the whimpering bundle he held. "When he is seventeen, I wish for you to retrieve him."

"He won't believe Kail's words when he is seventeen, your Majesty," another person riding a golden dragon like Kail's stated. "He will grow believing what these wizards feed him."

"That is why when Kail retrieves him, Kentasu will go as well," Jin stated. "Kentasu is bonded to those of royal blood. He can show Harrison the memories that will prove Kail's words true. And besides, some nobles of our race do disguise themselves as wizard families. They will watch over him, knowing who he truly is."

The dragons came to a stop in front of a pair of large doors where an old man with long silver hair, mustache, and beard stood, under the protection of the archway. His blue eyes gave a small twinkle as he smiled softly. "What does the wise King of the Driars wish with an old man like me?" he asked.

Kail's eye spotted many students ranging from eleven to seventeen peering out the windows to see what was happening outside. His dragon snorted slightly, pawing at the wet ground under him. It sensed his annoyance at the audience above them.

"You know what our visit is for, Albus Dumbledore," Jin stated.

"Yes, and how unfortunate this visit is," Dumbledore sighed, rubbing his crooked nose for a second before straightening up his half-moon glasses.

"We know of your own war happening right now, Albus, but I was hoping you could protect my son," he said, looking down at the baby in his arms. "Harrison is my only child. And I will gain no other. My mate was killed the very day my son was born when our enemy found their way into our castle."

"Of course," Albus replied with a nod of his head. "I will watch over him."

"Remember, Albus, when he is seventeen, I will take him from your watch," Jin stated with a small glare. "I do not trust wizards enough to trust them with my son for his entire life. In seventeen years, Kail will come with Kentasu and bring him back. If you do anything to stand in their way, you will be killed." He looked down at the young bodyguard. "And I trust you to remember that as well, Kail."

"Yes, your Majesty," Kail replied.

"When young Kail returns for your son, I will give him no argument," Albus assured.

Jin gave him a single nod before placing a small kiss on Harrison's forehead. "I will see you again, my son," he promised in a whisper. "Even if you do not see me, I will watch over you."

He gently handed the squirming baby to Kail, who held onto his Prince protectively before urging the dragon he rode forward. "I promise you, my Prince," he said in a low tone. "I will remove you from this place soon. And I will keep my promise to protect you." The dragon stopped when it was by Dumbledore's side. Kail was reluctant, but he handed the Prince over to the old man. "If one hair upon his head is harmed, I will kill you with my own claws," he promised, glaring towards Dumbledore.

The dragon gave a low snort before turning and going back to the group. Dumbledore gave the king a small bow, earning a single nod in return. Kail looked back at the small Prince with worry in his eyes. Before they left the grounds, Jin turned as well, wanting one last look at his son before they left. Kentasu tossed his head before rearing up and roaring loudly, pounding his front paws harshly onto the wet stone ground. When he closed his eyes and turned his head forward once more, the dragons jumped into a run.


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