Greetings, faithful readers. It's Q&A time. Starting with some things I feel I should address…

Author Self-Reflection

Q: What inspired me to write this story?

A: I'd always wanted to make a Super Smash Bros. story. I'm certainly not trying to knock on Brawl here, but I felt that the story could've been so much more… I liked the characters, but the fact that they were all fake copies of people from other fandoms (or living trophies if you haven't read into the game that much) according to the Subspace Emissary storyline left a bitter taste in my mouth. I though it would've been much more gripping if it were the actual characters in this conflict instead of those imitations… but I knew whining about it wouldn't get anything done. So rather than whine, I decided to write my own story.

Q: Why would you have Lucas as the main character?

A: Other than that he's my favorite character in Brawl? Well, there's also that I loved Mother 3, the game that Lucas stars in… but still there's more to it than that. If you've played Mother 3 to its end, you'll notice that for the majority of the game, Lucas takes on the "silent protagonist" role, like Link in the Legend of Zelda series. And at one point in the game where Lucas does something quite amazing in Chapter 3, he literally just appears in the immediate area when you're not playing from his perspective. You never really know what's going on in his young, innocent (or in this story's case, not-so-innocent) mind. He could've been fighting for the greater good, or he could've had the slightest urge for revenge lingering him, or he even could've been the poster boy for vengeance itself. I prefer to think that with all the trauma that he went through in Mother 3, and perhaps even things we didn't see in the game, that it had a much greater impact on him than one would realize.

But why have him as the main character in Snapped? It had more with my desire to write a Brawl story than anything, but with all the stuff like deceitful Gods, a corrupt organization and a heartless villain bent on the destruction of everything, it just… fell into place, really. As much as I love his character, Lucas fit the role of the protagonist-gone-awry only too perfectly.

Q: Why have Lyn as the secondary character? Why not Ness?

A: Too many Ness/Lucas stories. NEXT!

…Oh wait, you want more? Fine… I suppose in many contexts it would make sense for Ness to be the secondary character and have a larger role in the story, but… honest-to-goodness, I was getting sick and tired of seeing so many of those. Either friendship, slash or M-rated – you should know what that last one entails – roughly ninety percent of the Lucas stories on this website have Ness as the foil (or in rare cases, Lucas and the Pokemon Trainer, A.K.A. Red). I desperately wanted to do something different, something to break the monotony. I needed a secondary character that could be more than a friend to Lucas, someone who could actually relate to him, or perhaps even be a potential love interest; and for the love of all that is holy, not more yaoi stuff. But then what female characters were in Brawl?

Princess Peach and Princess Zelda? Too old.

Samus Aran? Also lost her parents at a young age, but still, too old.

Nana, the pink-clad Ice Climber? She may or may not have suffered a tragedy, it's never described in either Ice Climber or Super Smash Bros, and I'm trying not to fudge with the events of the various games, especially ones I don't know about. So I had to leave that one alone.

I then realized that main characters from the Super Smash Bros. series simply wouldn't do. I had to wander out of Smasher territory and look at the Assist Trophies instead, and that's when the solution jumped out at me. Having met all the criteria, being just a couple of years older than Lucas – going by the trophy description in Brawl here, not the storyline from the North American version of Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword – and being someone he could look up to, Lyn made the perfect secondary character. Once the second arc beings, I intend for her to have a larger role, too.

Q: Wait, romantic interest? Then what about Princia?

A: Before I realized that I could use the Assist Trophies, I had originally intended to make a Lucas/Princia pairing, but ultimately decided against it in the long run. Not only did I feel it would've just been fanservice-ish, but I thought it would've made more sense if Lucas could identify with someone inside his circle of crazy fighting heroes. He also would've known Lyn for much longer, so in my mind this makes a lot more sense.

Q: Why make the second arc as a separate story?

A: More of an aesthetic issue than anything, the storyline will wildly change. For spoiler reasons I can't say exactly how, but you will see.

And that's everything I felt should have been addressed… now onto what the viewers wanted to know. Or rather, viewer without the "s", as only Giganerd17 asked… but oh well, I'll give due diligence. They're good questions at least.

Viewer Questions

Q: If I remember correctly, when Shadow ordered all non-Smashers to leave, you never specified whether Claus stayed onboard or not. Did I miss something, or did you just forget? If so, was he teleported along w/ the other Smashers?

A: To be honest, I did forget; thanks for reminding me. But to answer your question, Claus was indeed left at San Miguel. I'll be sure to correct that when I do that huge revision thing for the earlier chapters.

Q: If it doesn't spoil Arc 2 too badly, do you think you could post a list of Nintendo Deities? :3

A: Even if I was going to post a list for you – and I wouldn't, because it would be semi-spoilers – I wouldn't be able to. The reason? I don't know who all the Nintendo "deities" are myself. I only know of a select few that I can use… others may or may not even make an appearance. I think I may have a workaround though, but you'll have to wait and see.

Q: Will Arc 2 be a separate fic, or will it continue from the current one? (e.g. Chapter 1 of Arc 2 will be listed as Chapter 31, or will it start in a separate fic?)

A: Answered above: yes, it will be separate.

Q: Can we expect appearances from Red, Ganondorf, and the Dragon in Arc 2?

A: Absolutely. I'm trying to include as many Smashers and Assist Trophies (or "Assistants" as I have it described in the story) as possible, and the Dragon of Darkness is a main-yet-subtle antagonist; you just can't have an antagonist that doesn't appear at least once.

Q: Do you plan on referencing any other 3rd-party games in Arc 2? (Also, is it safe to assume that the Boktai cast won't reappear?)

A: I'm trying to avoid using any more third party series if possible, except for one that is a must for what I have planned. I only used Boktai because Snake appeared as a cameo in the game, so I decided to work that into the plot due to the vampirism-ish stuff. Whether you'll see Django and Sabata again, however, I will not say.

And that's it. Snapped is a story I have deeply enjoyed writing, and I hope I'll enjoy creating the second arc just as much. As for that it will be named… I haven't quite decided yet. But it won't be hard to find, trust me; just enter "Lucas" and "Lyn" in the character search in the Super Smash Brothers section, I'm the only one who has created stories with these two as main characters apparently.

Or you can make things easier on yourself and subscribe to alerts from me if you haven't done so already, so you'll know whenever I make something new. [/shameless plug]

And with that, I take my leave of you now to begin working on my other projects… or at least what I have left. I don't have an estimated date on when I will begin the second arc, but it will be done eventually. Until then, you'll have to keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks for reading, ladies and gentlemen. Cheers.