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Who will win the War In LOVE?

"Serena come back here!" Darien cried out.

"NO" Serena yelled out while running away.


"Serena I'm sorry but I'm having a baby with another women, I was drunk and I'm so sorry please forgive me?" Darien pleaded.

"How could you? You monster! you used me!" Serena ran off as fast as she could hoping he wouldn't follow. -boy she was wrong-

Serena quickly ran down the steps of the moon kingdom and was running towards the rose gardens. All the girls were out with there boy friends Zoicite, Brad, Nathan and Nephrite. Serena was alone but not for long, she sat down by the roses contemplating what she should do. Why? why? why? Did he do this to me? Serena thought thinking why would he ruin a perfectly good marriage?

Darien came rushing down the stairs hardly being able to breath thinking he was losing her.(Duhh)

"Serena please forgive me, she put stuff in my drink that's how she was able to get me to you know. I would never do that to you Serena you know that..." Darien was out of breath.

Before "Serena come back here" Darien cried out.

"NO" Serena yelled out while running away.

Serena new it wasn't his fault but didn't care he was having a baby with some other women! There was only one person she could talk to. She used her teleporting device and Luna pen and transformed into Usagi and went straight to the arcade. She walked through the sliding doors and saw Andrew. Andrew owned the arcade now this was 2 years after Chaos. Andrew had his fathers office, he inherited the place from his dad when he died 1 year ago.

"Usagi what's going on?" Andrew could see that she had been crying and the look of fright all over her face.

"Oh Andrew the worst thing happened I don't know what to do..." Serena started crying.

"Come into my office and tell me what happened, everything okay don't leave anything out..." Andrew was really worried about Usagi he loved her more then a friend, but couldn't say anything because of Darien and everyone thought he thought of her as a sister boy they were wrong.

"Are you alright? Please tell me Serena... I don't like us having secrets." Andrew hoped and prayed she would tell him everything. He new she had been keeping stuff from him.

"Alright I'll tell you everything. Please don't wigg out on me, but yeah I don't like keeping secrets from you but the other girls and Darien told me to. Okay I' am Sailor moon and I' am princes. Well now queen of the moon and Darien is prince; now king of Earth and moon and so am I okay? Darien's name is Endemyon also known as tuxedo mask the girls are sailor Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and you know those f older girls and that little girl with the black hair? There the outer scouts Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto my moon name is Serenity, but people call me Serena well only friends." Serena told him everything Andrew just sat there in shock. She was sailor moon!

"Holly Shit Serena... I mean Usagi? I mean, your Royalty" He yelled in shock and excitement.

"I know... but I never wanted to be it... any of it. I just want to be a normal girl. I want to divorce Darien, I can't be with him any more." Serena just looked down at the ground hoping that today was a dream, but it wasn't.

"You're staying with me for a holiday you need a break okay?" Andrew smiled at her and it made her feel so much better.

"Okay I'll just let everyone know." Serena was about to use her teleport pen but then thought...

"Do you want to come with me? Let me show you around on the moon please!" Serena looked at him with her piercing blue eyes how could anyone resist.

"Alright." They both decided to actually leave the room and go the normal way out before using her pen what they didn't know was that Darien/Endemyon was watching them. What did she tell Andrew? Everything? Why would she do that? I guess I'm one to talk Darien thought to him self.

"This is the moon kingdom," Serena saw how happy and shocked Andrew looked she couldn't help but smile.

"Wow this... whole place is yours? Wow!" Andrew had his mouth wide open.

"Regretfully yes." Serena looked to the ground.

"Serena you are so wonderful, I always thought you were special." Saying that he was surprised he said it out loud, then Serena jumped on him and gave him a big hug.

"You think I'm special? That's so sweet thanks Andrew." Serena saw how close to Andrew she was and moved away from him, but he wouldn't let her and they just hugged for a few minutes.

"That's alright don't let anyone tell you other wise." Andrew whispered in her ear.

Serena blushed wildly and pecked his cheek. So they went upstairs and Serena showed him her room which was also Darien's and frowned and let out a tear drop which ran down her soft cheek.

"Hey Serena I think I can tell the difference between yours and Darien's clothes so why don't you go to my place while I get your things together?" he grinned at me and I smiled sweetly and gratefully and used my teleporting pen and left and told him just to call my name and I'll come back to take him. He smirked and said okay. I was happy that I was going to spend a lot of time with Andrew, we hadn't seen each other much since I married you know who. I still wasn't sure what to do? I could never go back to Darien not now not ever. How could he do this to me? And why couldn't he have watched how much he was drinking? Plus that's no excuse! It just goes to show that he didn't love me. I admit I have gotten pretty drunk a few occasions mainly because I had a fight with Darien and I never slept with anyone or made out with anyone. The only thing I would do was hug my friends and dance then pass out on the couch, waking up the next day with a hang over not the best thing to have. I couldn't stop thinking about what Darien had done and it felt like he used me time and time again all the times we spent with each other that were good now feel like a waste. I might as well have just stayed Usagi and never married Darien you never know maybe then I could have ended up with Andrew... no what am I thinking? Andrew no way!

//Yes way/ /my conscious /you lllove him/

/No I don't were just friends/ my conscious wouldn't shut up./

You care for him/

Yeah as a friend/

I shook all thoughts to the back of my head and sat on Andrews couch thinking about were I'm going to sleep. Then I thought /why not Andrews bed/ What? shut up!/
I quickly ran to the bathroom and washed my face then herd Andrew calling my name.

"Time to go." I said quickly. I used my pen and went straight to him or what I thought was him.

"Darien what are you doing here? I thought you were Andrew?" Serena shocked at seeing him and at her own words.

"Well this is our room I do have a right to be here. I'm still your husband Serena and I love you with all my heart I'm sorry," he looked at her with his puppy dogs eyes like a dog begging for forgiveness.

"I don't know if I can?" Serena whispered but he still heard her and put his head down to the ground and started to cry. Kneeling on the floor he shot up and said.

"I'm not going to give up on us Serena we are meant to be with each other. What about our future child Chibiusa? Do you want to give up on her too?" As soon as he said that Serena stood there shocked at his words. She had totally forgotten there future child and let a tear run down her face.

"I can't help that (paused) You're the one who chose this path." Serena whispered it and let out another tear.

"I know, but I'm sorry you know I would take it back if I could and have watched my drink, no I actually wouldn't have drunk to begin with..." she cut him off.

"No Darien I DON"T KNOW that! How can I? After you deceived me like this HOW CAN I POSSIBLY know?" She cried and yelled letting all the tears run down her face. Darien just stood there not knowing how or what to say all he wanted was to hold her and comfort her but knows that he can't.

"Darien I'm staying with Andrew. I don't know how long but for now can you tell my mother and the scouts that for me? Also tell them that don't expect to see me for a while I need to clear my head and think for a while. So don't come after me other wise you're the one giving up on us!" She spoke normally and went out the door. Seeing Andrew sitting on the floor in the hall way. He looked too sad and depressed Serena thought. Why does this all feel like it's my fault?

Andrew couldn't stop thinking about what he heard. In a way he was like Go Serena kick his ass beat the Sh#T outa him! But then like can't help but feel bad for Darien knowing that he loves her just as much as he did. Andrew stopped thinking as soon as he saw Serena in the hall way with him sitting right next to him. He could see the tears and knew that she would be in a lot of pain and guilt came across him. Okay I need to make her happy if Darien can't/wont then I will. He put his arm around Serena, as soon as she noticed she grabbed him in a hug leaning her head on his chest letting all the tears out.

Darien opened up the door and saw them in the hallway sitting on the floor, thinking I wished this never happened. Also I'm glad Andrews the one comforting her since he knows Andrew doesn't like Serena in that way and only as a sister. (OMG HE IS SO WRONG SORRY CONTINUE)

Maybe Andrew was playing us? Maybe he was after Serena the whole time and got the girl to put it in my drink? Na Andrew would never! Why doubt him now? He's been my friend for 10 or more years. I can't believe I would doubt him. He looked at them and saw Andrew stare at him with a little bit of an angry face, probably for hurting her like this, but I didn't mean to oh my god I sound like a child.

"Well Serena why don't we get your things and go, does that sound good to you?" Andrew asked leaning her closer and lifting her chin to look at him completely. She just nodded and got up.

"Okay thanks Andrew." Serena gave him another big hug. Darien felt so Jealous that Andrew was that close to her he was burning with rage.

"Okay well I'll see you some time then and don't forget that I love you and that I always will and also if you really do decide to not be with me then I want you to finish me alright." Serena just spun around in shock looking at Darien he was serious he wanted me to kill him.

"Darien I would never do that! I could never kill you and I don't know still about her we will see alright but don't do anything rash okay and don't think you can use that against me." Serena had an angry look and a concerned look on her face.

"Well Serena how can I live in a world when I don't have the two people I love the most the two people who are the most precious things in the world knowing that one is leaving and one will never exists? I might as well be in hell." Darien looked at Serena and saw her let out a couple of tears. Andrew just had a confused look on his face he didn't know what they were talking about because Serena never told him before.

"Well we will have to wait and see it's not the end yet Darien now good bye I will see you when I see you so not good bye forever but good bye for now." Serena did a fake smile which Darien could tell and smiled a small smile.

"Okay Serena good bye my queen." He bowed to her and left. Andrew bowed at him before leaving then Serena pulled him up from bowing because yeah she didn't think it was right and she didn't want him to treat them different.

Andrew felt a little stupid for bowing at him now. As soon as he saw Serena's face he blushed slightly thinking it was a little bit silly but then again he is king you know? They were back at Andrews house and out all Serena's things in the living room.

"Hey Serena I have a spare bed room if you would like to stay in there if not you can have my room?" Andrew just sat there on the couch.

"Well I 'll see the spare bed room first shall we go see?" Serena got up and pulled Andrew off the couch and walked with him in the hall way and he pointed to the room. It was huge and had a great view, a huge bed, huge wardrobe with girls clothes in it and some were Serena's size yay she thought to her self. The room was light green colour with pictures of the beach hung up well there was 1 huge one on one of the walls, the room even had a small t-v.

"Andrew are you sure this is your spare bed room?" She looked so unsure and didn't know what to think.

"Yeah sorry about the clothes in the wardrobe they were my cousins you can keep the ones that are your size if you want? She wont be coming back for them." Andrew just smiled at her seeing her face sparkle at his words. She jumped to the wardrobe getting all the clothes that were her size they were beautiful dresses of all colours and shorts, a couple skirts, 1 tank top and 4 T-shirts.

"Wow thanks Andrew you're the greatest and a life savour." She jumped up and gave him a big hug and a peck on the lips. When Serena took her face away and saw how close they were all she could do was look in Andrews light blue eyes. They both let go of each other when they noticed they were both staring right at one another and blushed especially since they sort of kissed?

"So.. well I'm glad you like the room I'll just grab your stuff and put them in here for you be right back." Andrew left the room and Serena just jumped on the bed and giggled at how wonderful the bed room was and at what happened between her and Andrew. She just laughed at her self thinking that was a close one if we were together any longer she probably would have done something more and might have regretted... She then blushed at what she just thought.

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