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"Okay then lets get her back." Seiya said so we all made a plan to see her and get her back but before that Chibiusa came out and properly introduced her self as the princess of the Moon and Earth. Everyone was by Chibiusa's side all there for her and accepting although Andrew looked kind of broken.


"Oh Diamond this place is beautiful, is this where the wedding will be?" She looked at Diamond excitedly.

"Yes it is, I'm glad you like it." He smiled at her and they walked around taking a look at the Dark Moon Kingdom, which Diamond changed to make it beautiful. There was no one there, the place was desserted only Serena and Diamond were the only living beings besides one other person. He was a preist from Earth who had been brain washed to conduct the ceremony.

Serena clinged to Diamonds arm and Diamond held her tightly.

"I'm never going to let you go." He smiled at her, all Serena could do was smile back and nod at him. They were so happy, what once was a depressing week became such a lovely one to the two love birds here. It was like they never knew anything that happened that week which was the point.

Back at Dariens place they were all dressed and ready to put there plan in motion.

"Are you sure this will work?" Lita said stressed that what if something unexpected hurt one of them.

"Yes it will believe me." Amy said with a smile.

"Yeah you are meant to be the smart one after all." Mina laughed as she said this. Then they all started laughing, Amy just pouted and Taiki was staring at her thinking how cute she was. Yaten was also laughing and becomming closer with Mina hoping to be able to be close to her and be with her. Mina and Amy sighed together knowing what they were up too.

"Yaten and Taiki I just want to make this clear we are in happy relationships and we don't want to hurt you guys please understand." Amy said looking at the ground. Taiki and Yaten just hugged them and nodded.

"Okay lets do this." Darien said like he was Arnold-sworstnega/(soz for the spelling). They all used a teleportation teqnique. the Sailors used there usual one and the Star Lights used rings. Darien used his staff and held it in the air and made a portal for himself and Andrew bursted through the door and ran through Dariens portal before it closed.

They all just landed there not knowing who was following them until Dariens portal closed.

"Andrew we told you to stay behind." Darien said sternly.

"Well I'm not going any where super powers or not." Andrew persistence with Darien, went on for a while till Darien gave up. There main priority was Serena nothing more except the saftey of everyone of course.

Diamond and Serena were sitting on a log together watching the sun set while eating Diamonds home cooked food and Serena made some for him too. They put food in each others mouths content with each other they had a hard time looking away. Serena looked so happy then she has in a long time probably since before she became a sailor scout. Diamond was pleased with how everything panned out and how much they loved each other.

"Serena." Diamond whispered in her ear. Serena took advantage of the moment and pulled Diamond in for a kiss, Diamond was most please with this and kissed her back.

"Oh Diamond." Serena said through kisses.

"Get your hands off of her." Darien yelled looking quit angry.

"Never she's mine and she wants to be with me." Diamond said while Serena clung to him wearing a white silky dress for her soon to be wedding.

"Serena it's me please try and remember and stop and resist the brain washing." Darien cried.

Serena let go of Diamond and walked half way out not to far from Diamond and not too far from the others.

"Leave I don't know you nor do I want to leave now." Serena said with a stern voice.

"But Serena we love you." Rei cried and almost fell to her knee's. Serena walked a little closer to them and sighed.

"I won't say it again you guys need to stop and leave there's nothing for you here I'am happy and when I try and think of who you guys are a feel sad so please leave." Serena walked back to Diamond and held him as he did to, he put his hand around her waist.

The Scouts, Darien, Star lights and Andrew just stood there all knowing the pain in which she was talking about all ashamed of them selves but the Star lights weren't so much because they didn't do much.

"Serena you can't say that you feel sad when you look at me do you?" Taiki said and then Yaten walked up by Taiki.

"Same for me you don't feel sad when you look at us right?" Yaten said in a cheerful voice.

"Hmm no not really I sense a sort of friendship come here." Serena and Diamond stood there waiting for Taiki and Yaten to come closer to them. Taiki and Yaten walked slowly toward them and went by Serenas side.

"Will you be my bride maids?" Serena asked almost beggingly and sweetly but in a whisper.

"Hmm I duno I want to but I don't think this is right Serena 3 of these guys over here love you and I'm sure one of them you love as well, why did you let him brain wash you?" Yaten whispered.

"Because I I.. felt selfish I only let him brain wash my memory and I am happy now those three men all I can think of is sadness and more sadness and all I want is to be happy so please reconsider being my brides maid." Serena whispered almost beggingly again which made Yaten and Taiki want to say yes even more.

"Serena," Andrew screamed Serena turned to him and froze she felt like he was the sun running towards her but had a light sad feeling when seeing him. He ran all the way to her "Serena I'm sorry for saying I love you but its true that moment that we shared was like a dream I love you soo much and for soo long please Serena don't do this." Andrew went down to the ground right in front of her.

"No no no no noooooo ...... please don't make me please!" Serena went down to her knee's also and cried balling into tears. She kept crying and Andrew went up and held her while Serena tried pushing him away but he wouldn't let go. She kept crying and in the end gave in.

"I love you Serena." Andrew whispered in her ear. All she had was shock in her face memories started flowing back and she screamed and kept screaming heaps loudly.

"Please don't make me remember please Andrew please." She cried more into his shirt while everyone just watched there queen and her pain. Darien just had an ashamed look on his face knowing he had caused this by saying one little sentence and had now broken her. A few tears went down his face then Lita and the scouts held Darien to ease his pain.

Diamond picked up Serena from Andrew's grasp and Serena looked up at Diamond. Diamond held her chin and wiped the tears away, then cupped her cheek. Serena and Diamond kissed, Serena opened her mouth willingly and Diamond went in, for them it was like they were both kissing angels that had fallen through the sky. Everyone just looked at them shocked and Andrew just looked down at the ground. Diamond finally let go and released her from his grasp.

"What is your decission my queen?" Diamond whispered as he kissed her again gently on the lips.

"Thank you Diamond but I'm sorry." Serena looked down then Diamond went in for another deep kiss and then let go.

"As you wish." He gently said against her ear. She felt the vibrations again except slowly tears ran down her face. When it was over with the vibrations she hugged Diamond and kissed his ear and said thank you. Serena looked at everyone and then bent down to where Andrew was still facing the ground. She lifted his chin and kissed him and held him close, Andrew shocked just kissed her back and held her tightly then lifted her up and swung here in to a baby carry.

"My hero." Serena yelped as he dropped her in his arms. They went in for another kiss and smiled at each other. She then hopped down and walked over to everyone but first went to Darien.

"Darien." Serena hugged him. "Darien I think I'm pregnant." Serena whispered in his ear. He looked shocked and then hugged her more tightly. "Darien I want to be with Andrew though but I want us to still be friends for Chibiusa's sake." she looked at him so sweetly.

"Okay sounds good." He swung her around in the air and then bent down and kissed her stomach. Serena then ran and hugged all of her friend. Then she walked over by Fighter.

"I'm sorry." Serena let a few tears down.

"Thats alright I'm still here for you as a friend if you need me." She smiled at her / (fighter is a girl so yeah i said she lol )

Serena went in for a hug. Andrew just watched her and then he saw her running at him and he catched her. Andrew held her in the air and watched her smile.

"I love you Andrew." She said then kissed him now he was the shocked one.

"Andrew will you do the honour of marrying me." She went down on one knee and held out a ring that Diamond gave her.

"I will." they kissed and they all walked off into the portals and to be awaiting Chibiusa or so they thought.


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