Hey people. Haven't updated in a while so, I though I'd start fresh with a first ever Alien vs Predator fic. I've become addicted to both movies,

and have watched Predator, Predator 2, Alien, Aliens , Alien vs Predator and Alien vs Predator Requim in the past few weeks (I loved all except

Predator 2 and AvP Requim). Now, before I start, I just want to put something out there: the description of my Alien character is not meant to

prove that girls are better than boys (at least not in our species). Being a girl, I joke about girls being better with my friends, however that is

not actually how I feel. We are all equals! Anyway, after the random preaching, on with the fic! Oh, and I don't own Alien, Predator, or

anything else involved in the making of movies. But I do own my alien and predator OCs.

Chapter 1


I had been banished from the city. Banished for a reason I was not sure was really worth being banished. It had not seemed to matter that I did not want to be a hunter, they had banished me anyway. I trudged through the thick undergrowth of the forest surrounding the city now. The only weapon I carried were the set of long double blades on my arm. They had stripped me of my helmet and armor, taken my camouflage device, and confiscated my spear.

It was my own fault, I guess. Why must I be so weak?

When I was young, I had of course wanted to become a hunter, as every young Yautja child does. However as I grew, the thought of an exciting life as a hunter diminished in my mind, and I decided I would rather be something else. I was still fairly young, though much older then I had been when I was just a pup. I was most likely considered either a young adult-if I was respected-or a juvenile-if I was not. Now, it was not abnormal for one of my species to not want to be a hunter, as not all Yautja are hunters. But my father.....I had not wanted to disappoint him. He had always told me that I would make a great hunter some day. He said that I would surpass the talents of some of our species most feared and skilled hunters.

I had always agreed; I did not want to dishearten him. But that is what had led to my downfall. When a friend of my fathers had offered to take me on a hunting trip, he had jumped at the suggestion, immediately sending me off to go hunt with a group of older, experienced hunters. We were to track down an Xenomorph that had escaped from the containment area. Things had been gong fine, until we came across the one we were hunting.

The very thought of one of those loathsome beasts caused my blood to boil, and I swore loudly in my own language. It had been caught in a trap, one of the many set up in the surrounding forest, and I had been ordered to kill it. I had raised my spear and been about to thrust it through the creature's chest cavity, when pity overwhelmed me. The thing had been screeching and making an awful racket. It had already been wounded by the trap, it's arm stuck in the sharp teeth, and I had lowered my spear, unable to end the monster.

The four older males currently surrounding me were outraged by my weakness, and had dragged me back to my father. They told him that I should be banished from the city, that I was a disgrace to the Yautja kind. Despite his desperate hopes of his son becoming a great hunter, my father was not ashamed of me. He did not beat me or call me names; he loved me, and he had not agreeded with the old hunters; he did not want his only son banished. However it was not his decision, it was the decision of the High Council, and they ruled that I be banished.

'He is too weak,' they had said, 'to weak and filled with empathy and pity. He is not worthy to stay in this city.'

And now here I was, sulking through the jungle swearing as I went. If I ever saw one of those creatures again, I would surely take my rage out on it. I would not kill it right away, but torture it. Make it suffer the same way I had suffered. I kicked a nearby log, though it was heavy, and it only moved slightly. He is too weak.....those degrading words ran through my mind, and a sudden and uncontrollable rage took me. I kicked the log again-hard, and this time, it went flying. Adrenaline pumped through my veins and I stabbed my double blades into a nearby tree, sap and resin dripping over my hand.

I saw movement, and stabbed at a nearby bush, hearing a loud yelp as I did so. I reared my head back and let out an ugly roar, one that shook the very forest.

I was already beginning to calm down, my breathing was heavy, though I was no longer as infuriated. I looked in the direction of the small bush, the one I had made yelp. I pushed the bushes aside and saw a large rabbit; it's mouth was open, it's dead eyes staring up at the sky blankly, a large hole in the place of it's stomach. I did not feel pity for this animal, as it would serve as my dinner.

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