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Chapter 5

Fighters or Lovers?

I returned to my cave with mixed feelings about saving the Xenomorph. Perhaps I really am weak, I thought to myself. I had made the snap judgement decision to save the creature almost instantly, not even stopping to think about the possible consequences of my actions.

Ruffling bushes just outside the cave roused me from my thoughts and I slowly advanced toward the cave entrance, forgetting about my previous musings. I had yet to unsheathe my blades when a strong force knocked me to the ground and sent the wrist band containing my blades flying. I was lying on my back, my arms pinned to the ground and a heavy weight on my chest. My assailant.....was the Xenomorph.

Rage welled up inside me and I roared. I saved your life, and this is how you repay me!? I tried to move my arms but the creature was much stronger than it looked. I tried my legs, but the creature was sitting on my chest, and flailing my legs had no effect. The Xenomorph lowered its head toward mine and I knew I was as good as dead. That......was when something very strange happened.

Instead of sinking its teeth into my neck, it leaned down, running its muzzle over my forehead, then my cheek. It opened its mouth, the smaller mouth within it beginning to nip painlessly at my neck. I was confused; what was it doing? It nuzzled the side of my face and neck, and a strange purr escaped me. It was an unusual sensation, but one that I found-to my horror-I liked. The creature hesitantly let go of my arms, obviously unsure of how I would react; I stayed still. I pulled myself up so that I could lean against the wall, and it let me, easing its body off of my own until it was sitting in my lap. It leaned in and licked the inside of my mandibles with its small mouth; I could feel myself losing control.

I couldn't believe that I was being aroused by such a beast, yet that is exactly what was happening. Its clawed hand was resting against my chest, and it wandered downward. It slipped it's claw under my fine mesh suit, and I could feel it tracing over my muscled stomach and pectorals. Its claws roamed over my body, and back down until it found my belt. It made an unusual chirping noise, its hand falling on the metal loincloth I wore, before it made its way back to my belt, where it tugged, whining playfully.

I could not control my actions as I reached down and undid the belt, a strange urge edging me on. I made my own sound, a slightly high pitched moan, as my girth was freed from the tight confines of the loincloth. The creature seemed amused by this, and slipped its claw under my now slack belt, grasping at my reproductive organ. I let out a strangled groan this time, an unusual sensation of pleasure overwhelming me. It ran its claw up and down my shaft and I groaned louder; the feeling was so good. I heard it screech in approval and it's claw moved faster, pushing me over the edge.

The groping was over soon, and I was disappointed. The creature went back to nibbling on my neck and a distressing thought suddenly entered my mind. The only Xenomorphs I had ever seen were all male, did that mean I was being romanced by a male of a different species?! A feeling of horror washed over me and my whole body went rigid. That was when I noticed the creature's chest heavy against mine. I reached out, running a hand over its chest, noting the large mounds my hand ran over.

Thank the Gods, this species was female.

It was strange; the only female Xenomorph I had ever seen or heard of was the Queen. I had never seen a drone female before and wondered how I had not noticed this earlier. The creature squeaked when it felt me touch it, drawing back slightly, however I wrapped a hand around its waste and pulled it closer toward me, growling deep in my chest. My hands strayed over the creature's back of their own volition, and I noted that-unlike the males-this creature was devoid of long shoulder spikes. I grasped it's thick tail, which currently swung back and forth lazily. The creature squeaked again, but I could sense it's feeling of pleasure. My hand trailed over it's backside, and I suddenly noticed how this Xenomorph was much more slender, smooth and defined then any other of it's species.

Then again, I had never touched one of her species in this way before.

I almost didn't notice that I was letting off the musk of a Yautja ready to mate, one that would only entice the one causing it. My hands found their way back up to her chest, and I hesitantly placed a hand over one of her breasts. She reared her head back and squealed in pleasure, and I continued to fondle her. It was strange; there were no teats on her breasts, just smooth, almost leather-like skin.

There was an unusual scent in the air, and my eyes were suddenly drawn from her chest, to her inguina. I sniffed, and the overpowering aroma caught in my nostrils; it was intoxicating, and I wanted more. My hand slipped from her chest, over her stomach, and to her sex. I slipped my fingers into her folds, careful not to scratch her with my own claws. She screeched, not expecting the contact, and I quickly pulled my hand away. She had enjoyed the feeling however, and grabbed my hand in midair. She pressed it against her own stomach, and led it back down to it's previous position, murmuring gently as she did so. Again, I slid my two fingers into her and she let out a gasp of air.

I smirked to myself, beginning to move my fingers in and out of her. She screeched in elation, and I continued to pleasure her. After a time I pulled my hands free from her, experimentally licking the clear liquid from my fingers. It was a flavor I had never tasted before: sweet and tangy and stimulating; I was ready for the next step.


I lunged at the Yautja male before he could even make it out of his cave, knocking him to the ground. His eyes conveyed first shock, then anger, as he knew I was the one he had saved. He roared loudly and struggled against me, trying to move his arms, but I had him pinned with my own powerful claws. He tried to kick me off of him, but I was kneeling against his chest, and he could not move me. I could see the rage behind his eyes, and I lowered my head toward his.

I ran my face over his large forehead, and could sense his surprise at my action. My face then ran over his cheek, and a burrowed my head into his neck, enjoying the heat he gave off. I began to nibble at his neck with my inner mouth, and could hear a soft purr coming from his throat. I let go of his arms and slowly eased away from him; I was not sure he really wanted me and was afraid he might kill me on the spot.

To my relief however, he did not kill me, only propped himself up against the cave wall for support. I made my way back over to him, kneeling in his lap. Closing the distance between us, I leaned in closer, using my inner mouth to feel around the inside of his strange, mandibled jaw. I could feel him relaxing against me, and it only made me want to go further. I rested my claw against his chest, letting it trail over the front of his body. My nimble fingers found their way under his unusual mesh suit, and I used my claws to trace gentle patterns over the rippling muscle of his chest and stomach.

My claws found the tight belt he wore around his waist and I chirped curiously. I tugged at the belt, but it would not come free. I let out a frustrated whine and continued to tug at it, unsure how to get it off. Moments later, the Yautja male had undone the belt, letting out a strange moan as he did so. I grinned to myself, sliding my hand under the strange piece of clothing he wore. My hand grasped his manhood and I felt myself growing warmer inside. The male let out a surprised groan, and I almost subconsciously began to stroke his member.

His breathing quickened, and my claw moved faster as I screeched enthusiastically. I stopped pleasuring him and he seemed disappointed. My mouth went back to his neck, and there was a sudden change in his mood. He seemed surprised......disgusted, and I was not sure why. His body tensed, and his hand was now against my chest. I let out a pathetic squeak of surprise, pulling away from him, however his other hand was suddenly around my waist and he pulled me toward him, letting out a feral-yet somehow non-threatening-growl. I let him hold me and could feel his hands running over my back.

His one hand grasped at my tail and I let out another squeak as it trailed over my backside. He was so warm, and was now giving off a strange musk that only made the heat in my loins grow. His hands were back against my chest now, and he began to stroke and fondle my breasts almost nervously. I let my head fall back and squealed, unable to control my emotions. The one arousing me stopped suddenly, sniffing the air, then letting his hand go to my womanhood. He probed at me and I jolted in surprise, causing him to pull away. But the reaction had only been out of surprise. I grabbed his hand, leading it back to it's previous position.

He gently pushed his two fingers into me, and I screeched in total and utter ecstasy. He moved his fingers more quickly now, and I knew I was ready. As I watched him remove his hands from me and lick his fingers curiously, I rolled off of him and leaned against a relatively smooth section of cave wall. Unlike the males of my species, I lacked sharp shoulder spikes, so it was easy for me to lean against the wall. He was confused at first, looking over at me in surprise. Though he suddenly realized what I was playing at and was kneeling over me in seconds. I looked up at him, and-though I was slightly bigger than he was-noted how much bigger he looked now, towering over me.

He seemed nervous, slightly unsure of himself, and I cooed to him encouragingly. This seemed to relax him, as he suddenly and without warning, plunged into me. I shrieked in pain, never expecting the process to be as painful as it was. He pushed himself deeper into me and I stifled another screech. Staring up at him, I noticed how he seemed pained as well, but that couldn't be right. He was a strong male, and he must have mated with many of his own species. Yet, his expression said differently.

He was just as nervous as I was, and I was quick to figure out that I was not the only one who had never mated before. He thrust into me again, and I was unsure I could take the burning pain. The Yautja seemed worried, and was about to pull away when all at once, I came; the agonizing pain replaced with an intense pleasure. I opened to him completely, wrapping my strong legs around his waist and pulling him closer to me. He seemed relieved as he growled contentedly, his movements becoming more free and filled with zeal. He let out an almost passionate roar, and I screeched in unison with him, arching my back against the wall, digging my claws into the foliage covered floor beneath.

He plunged into me again and again, and the pleasure was almost too much; yet I needed more. I soon noticed that his movements had begun to slow; but I wasn't done with him yet. I released a cloud of pheromones from a patch of skin just above my tail, watching as the Yautja caught the pungent smell, and continued his thrusts with renewed vigor. I bucked my hips involuntarily, letting out a deep groan as his seed, mixed with my own essence, ran down my thighs and I reached my peak.

I am not sure for how long we performed the reckless and rapturous task, but neither of us could go on forever. I was at the edge of my strength, as was he. His movements had become less and less erratic, and more and more predictable. But even with his slow movements, I was tiring. I gently pressed my claw against his chest, whining quietly. He seemed to understand, as he nodded, and slowly withdrew himself from me. He rolled over and lay on his back, in the soft foliage that lined the cave floor, while I slid down the cave wall and fell to the floor.

I had never experienced anything like that in my life.


She rolled off of me suddenly, going to lean against part of the cave wall. I did not understand her antics at first, though almost immediately, I was hit with realization. I crawled toward her, positioning myself over top of her. She looked so small compared to me, though I knew she was actually slightly bigger. The sudden realization that I had never mated before-not even with a female of my own species-suddenly hit me, and all at once, I had no idea what to do. I kneeled over her for minutes, doing nothing. She made a soft cooing noise and that was what steadied me.

I impulsively shoved myself into her and she let out a wail of pain. I myself found it rather painful as well, though I knew she had it worse than I. I slowly pushed deeper into her, not completely sure she was all right. I could see her metallic teeth clenched in distress, and was about to pull free from her when I felt her walls loosen. She gasped, and I could feel her essence drench my currently submerged member. Her legs wrapped around my waist and pulled me in closer to her; I growled happily. I continued to shove myself into her, roaring in my indulgence, and she screeched along with me.

I was soon tired, but my female companion would not have it. There was a new aroma on the air now and-whatever it was-I knew it had come from her. It energized me and I charged on, the fervor back in each of my powerful thrusts; I had reached my climax.

It went on like this for quite some time, until we both became exhausted. I could feel my own energy sapping, and my companions strength was wearing thin. She pushed against my chest with her claw, whining quietly. I willingly obliged, pulling myself free from her before rolling onto my back, lying on the floor. I watched her slide down the wall and crumple to the floor as well, the both of us spent from our time as one. She glanced over at my with her faceless head, and a sudden feeling of disgust and dishonor took me. I had just mated with a creature my people thought were animals, that they hunted. I was.....a disgrace.

The female lying across from me seemed to read my mind, and I could tell she was both angered and saddened by my attitude. I cursed myself for being so selfish, though before I could apologize, the Xenomorph had risen and now stood on shaky limbs. She fell to her quadruped legs, let out a sigh and headed for the cave entrance, no longer wanting to stay with me.

Honestly, I did not want her to leave, and grabbed at her tail as she went to exit the cave. She, stumbled forward-my sudden tug surprising her-and looked back at me. I tugged on her again, more gently this time, and she stayed were she was. After a few moments, she slowly made her way back toward me. She lay against the soft foliage, her back to me; I could still sense her feeling of self-loathing. I shuffled closer to her and wrapped my arms around her waist, one hand resting on her belly. I ran my hand down toward her groin, listening to the soft squeaking sound she made. She was surprised by my actions yet again.

I stroked her gently and could feel her body warming up against me. I soon stopped, bringing my hand back up to her waist. She turned over so that she was now facing me and gave me a curious look. Somehow, I new she wanted my name.

"Oru," I told her, and she continued to stare at me. She opened her mouth and tried to mimic me, but could not manage.

"Oo-ru," I pronouced it for her more clearly.

"O-Ooooooo-rrrrrrru-uuuuuu," she managed, and I smiled.

"X....Xeeeeee-nnnnnno-oooooo," I was not sure what she had said this time, and it took me a few moments to realize that she was trying to say her own name.

"Xeno," I repetaed, and she chirped triumphantly. I pulled her closer toward me, purring in the back of my throat when I felt her nuzzle up against my chest. It was a position I never would have thought myself in; lying in a cave with a Xenomorph in my arms. Yet, I was over my 'disgrace'-as I had earlier thought it-and now only focused on the form curled up in my arms.

My Xeno, I thought. My mate.


He looked over at me suddenly, and I did not understand the strange look in his eyes.

He is ashamed of you, a voice in the back of my mind told me, and I was suddenly filled with a horrible feeling of loathing and self hatred. I was also angry and frustrated with him for his disconsideration of my feelings, as well as saddened by his sudden change in mood. I no longer wanted to be with him and stood up, my legs wobbling under my weight; I was not sure I would be able to walk after my experience with the male. I went down on all floors, slowly making my way out of the cave when a sudden tug on my tail stopped me. I stumbled forward, then looked back. The Yautja male was staring at me, an apologetic look now in his eyes.

He pulled at me again, and I stayed where I was for a few minutes before crawling back toward him. I lay next to him, though turned my back so that he could not look at me. However there was a sudden heat behind me and the Yautja's powerful arms were around my waits. The warmth of his body made me forget about the anger I had previously been harboring toward both myself and him, and I relaxed against him. I felt his one hand stray from my waist, to my stomach, then-once again-down my pelvis. I squeaked in amusement and let out a pleasured sigh; his hands were magic.

His hand was back on my waist soon and a I rolled over to face him. What is your name? My expression said to him and, somehow, he understodd.

"Oru," he said. I tried to repeat his name, but found it very difficult.

"Oo-ru," he repeated.

"Ooooooo-rrrrrrru-uuuuuu," I murmered, and he seemed happy. I wanted to tell him my name, but then, did I really have one?

""X....Xeeeeee-nnnnnno-oooooo," I hissed, and he seemed to understand.

"Xeno," he repeated my name, and I chirped. He pulled my closer to him and I snuggled up against his chest, hearing him purr. I felt so safe in his arms. My Oru is protecting me, I thought childishly, beginning to doze off.

My Oru, I thought. My Yautja. My mate.

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