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This is Ianto talking to Jack after one particularly demanding call-out.

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A Basic Kind of Instinct

"I'm noticing my instincts a lot more than usual tonight Jack. Like the basic survival instinct to just get warm"

Ianto trudged through the snow with Gwen and Jack, mentally cursing the idiotic alien who decided to get lost on the one night that Cardiff was covered in a thick, impenetrable blanket of snow. As his boots crunched through the glistening banks of powder he pulled down his dark woollen hat, not caring if it made his hair messy, and plunged his hands deeper into his pockets. He attempted to hide from the biting wind by snuggling into his scarf until only his eyes showed.

He didn't care if Jack or Gwen laughed at him. He just craved the heat.

"And the instinct to run. That raw, primal part of human nature that escapes at the first sign of terror"

Ianto heard Jack's manipulator bleep as they passed a particularly big snow bank. Three beams of eerie blue torchlight zoned in on the pile of snow.

Jack said something, but it was muffled through the layers of fabric protecting Ianto's ears.

The snow bank exploded in response as a gigantic bear-like creature erupted from the freezing snow.

Ianto yelped in shock and stumbled back, falling over. The creature zoned in on him and roared at him.

He suddenly forgot everything that he had learned as the most basic of instincts yanked at his stomach. He scrambled backwards in terror just craving to get away from the monstrosity.

"And finally that instinct, and this is my favourite one, the instinct that occurs after a long, hard night being chased by a Baroolium before giving it a hot water bottle and directions to the nearest warm planet. The part of your mind that whenever you see a field of churned up snow with one patch of glistening white remaining untouched turns you back into a six-year-old. That basic kind of instinct that means you can't help but run at it and jump in it"

Jack smiled at him, "I like that instinct"

Ianto grabbed his hand. "Me too"

And the two men who spent every day saving the world raced towards the smooth white snow bank before leaping into it with loud whoops of joy.

"You know, there's this other basic kind of instinct," said Jack, his breath clouding in front of his face.

"Yeah?" asked Ianto.

"Yeah. It's the instinct that makes you look so damn hot when you're cold"

Ianto laughed, "I like that instinct too, but just now I'm still obeying the one telling me that this snowball is destined to land in your face"