Summary: Harry and Draco have a problem; it turns out that neither of them want to be the enimies they were in the past. No, they were thinking a little more than friends! But they will need the help of their friends and some well thought out plans to make their dreams come true! This means late night rendezvous, secrets and lots of parties! But will their friends get more out of helping Harry and Draco than a 'Thank you'? Read and find out!

Pairings: Harry Potter / Draco Malfoy; Ron Weasley / Blaise Zabini; Hermione Granger / Theodore Nott; Dean Thomas / Pansy Parkinson; Neville Longbottom / Luna Lovegood

Warning: So yea, I did rate this M, and I'm betting it will end up that way but for right now it's not. I mean come on! You have to at least build up to the moment!

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Chapter 1: Blushing

Harry and Ron sat across from each other on the scarlet Hogwarts Express. It was the first of September and at ten to eleven, Hermione had yet to show up.

"I hope nothing's wrong! It's not like her to be late. Do you think I should...?" Ron rambled worriedly, but what he wanted Harry's opinion on, Harry would never know.

Harry had spent the summer with the Weasley's. After defeating Voldemort, no one felt it necessary that Harry return to the Dursley's, much to Harry's liking. So instead of spending his summer hiding from Dudley and his idiotic friends, he spent it playing Quidditch and exploding snap with Fred, George, Ron and Ginny.

But in the quiet times, Harry found himself daydreaming. Not about Voldemort or the war. Not about all of the lives lost trying to save his own. Not even about Dumbledore or his parents. No, Harry Potter found himself daydreaming about a certain blond, with silver eyes as deep as oceans and a very lean, Quidditch toned muscles.

But they weren't thoughts of hate or disgust, but thoughts of lust and desire. Harry had woken up many nights during the summer very aroused and wet from dreams of his once most loathed rival.

Harry had long since accepted he was gay. It started in fifth year when, after Quidditch practice, he found Dean Thomas watching him as he showered. One thing led to another and by morning Harry found himself to be no longer a virgin. Since then, Harry had had many relationships but all of them remained a secret. Even thought the Wizarding world was not as opposed to homosexuality, as they weren't as influenced by religions as the muggles were, no one felt it prudent to announce it to anyone.

So, other than the Gryffindor house, Harry's sexual preferences' stayed under lock and key, save a select few. Harry wasn't worried about his fellow house mates knowing though. Everyone in Gryffindor was loyal to each other, so there was a slim chance anyone would ever find out.

Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang were the only people not in Gryffindor who knew about Harry that he hadn't gone out with. The others were Terry Boot and Justin FinchFletchley. In Gryffindor he had gone out with Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnegan, Fred Weasley and Oliver Wood.

Harry sat staring out of the window, watching the ever-crazy platform nine and three quarters. He noticed a familiar mane of brown, bushy hair moving quickly through the crowd. He smiled. At least when she gets in here Ron will shut up. Harry though.

Harry had spent the better part of the summer trying to get Ron to admit that he like Hermione as he had already confessed he liked someone. Even though Ron denied it each time, Harry could see a blush on his cheeks which Harry took as a fairly obvious agreement.

Harry returned his focus to the platform. He felt the familiar tightening in his chest as he watched the students run to their parents for last minute hugs and kisses. He was taking his make-up seventh year and yet he was just as jealous as all of the other students as he had been on his first ever train ride to Hogwarts. They took the affections and reminders for granted. Harry could not see why they were annoyed by their parents for hugging them for just a little too long. Had he still had his parents, he would never have let go.

Mrs. Weasley did a good job of filling a part of the hole left in Harry's heart but still, it wasn't the same.

As the crowd started to clear, Harry saw Neville standing with Luna. But as they turned, his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he could clearly see Luna and Neville holding hands.

"Good on 'im!" Harry said, forgetting that Ron had still been talking.

"What?" Ron asked, clearly confused with Harry's extremely off-topic outburst.

"Look! There, Neville and Luna!" Harry pointed at the couple now moving towards the train.

Ron moved closer to the window, momentarily forgetting what he was talking about.

"Blimey! Well, I guess we shoulda' seen it coming."

The boys were pulled out of their thoughts on this new topic by a not-so-subtle cough.

"Sorry to interrupt, but if you're done spying on people, could you move your trash off of the seats so I can sit?" Hermione said looking at her two best friends.

Hermione had changed during the summer. Her hair was still long and a bit bushy but it hung nicely, framing her face. Her chest had filled out and her legs had grown longer. All in all, she had turned into a beautiful young woman.

"You look great 'Mione!" Harry complimented.

Hermione smile. "Your stuff." she reminded them motioning to the seats again.

"Why don't you just sit on Ron's lap? It'd save us all the trouble." Harry smirked evilly.

Ron blushed a deep shade of crimson and shot his best death-glare at Harry while Hermione rolled her eyes and smirked. She shoved some of Harry's things to the floor and sat down.

"How were your summers? I'm sorry I couldn't visit but my parents said I needed a break from anything magical. So guess what we did? We went to Italy! It was gorgeous! The art was so beautiful-". Hermione was cut off by Seamus and Dean coming into the carriage.

"Top o' th' mornin'!" Seamus exclaimed loudly. "Shove over Freckles!" He flopped down next to Ron cuddling up to the red head and running his hand up his thighs to Ron's crotch.

Much to everyone's amusement, Ron turned bright an even darker shade of red and squeaked, running over to Hermione for protection.

"Awww, what's wrong Freckles? I don't bite! At least not where people can see!" Seamus winked at Harry suggestively, who also blushed.

"Oi! You lads are a right bunch of poofs, ya know?!" Dean laughed.

"Am not!" whined Ron with his hands on his hips. One look at him and the remaining members of the compartment burst into hysterics.

Once they had calmed down and Ron was seated safely beside Hermione, normal conversation started. Well, as normal as you can get with five eighteen year olds, three of with are gay and one is a girl!

The whistle blew and the Hogwarts Express started off.

Hermione and Ron left for Head Girl and Boy duties. Originally, Harry had been offered the position. He instantly declined the offer though, saying he'd had enough responsibility for one lifetime. Only he and McGonagall knew of this and Harry intended to keep it this way.

Eventually Luna and Neville showed up. Harry smiled knowingly and opened his mouth to say something but Neville mouthed later before a sound could come out so he let it drop... for now.

Harry turned to the window once again. He was thinking of how people would react to him this year. He had decided that now the war was over and he didn't need to fear Voldemort that it was time to come out of the closet. All of the girlfriends he'd had in the past were just to divert people's attention. Cho knew and was very co-operative with the whole situation. The whole break up was just some quite talented acting. In truth Harry and Cho were good friends, just secretly.

The first name he thought of was Ginny. She would be just about the worst person to deal with this year. All summer she had been trying to get them back together. Just that morning she had tried to kiss him! He had been a bit harsh telling her she was defiantly not his type but she had to be stopped. He never technically went out with her. They just spent so much time together and she managed to kiss him once that everyone just said they were dating, and that fit nicely into Harry's "straight lie". But of course Ginny had to let it go to her head and now she was going to be a very big problem for Harry.

Ron. Ron had gotten over the fact that half his friends were gay but he still had issues. At least he didn't freak out Harry touched him anymore.

Draco. Harry wasn't sure when he started thinking of him as Draco but it hadn't been for long. He guessed it might have been around the time he saved Draco from the fiend fyre. When they were both on one broom, bodies pressed tight together, fighting for their lives. Harry hadn't told anyone about him fancying Draco but he guessed he wouldn't be able to keep it a secret for long.

Harry fell asleep against the window, imagining the welcome feast that was soon to come, and a certain blond he just couldn't wait to see.

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